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My American friend and his Israeli wife made aliyah from Michigan several years ago and have been ecstatic in their new surroundings, despite the constant terrorist attempts by Arabs to drive them from their land.

Geffen and her musical group performed at the main ceremony of the city of Maale-Edomim (near Jerusalem) commemorating Israel Memorial Day for its lost soldiers.

She is in 11th grade and she and her musical group represented her high school “Space and Aviation Ort High-School” which is under the sponsorship of the Israel Air Force. Twenty-thousand people attended the ceremony – many of whom lost a family member in the Arab wars or as a result of terrorist attacks.

Here is a very rough translation of the song from one of our readers

The sand will remember

Lyrics: Natan Yonatan
Music: Nachtshe Hyman

The sand will remember the waves but remember no foam
Except with those who have passed since the night wind
Their minds, he will never erase.

Everything will return to the abyss except the white foam.
Candles of the night was winding down. Friendship love
Youth who came suddenly to an end
Youth who came suddenly to an end.

So is the beach hearts faint vibration then something
They write in the sand, when the moon passes
Foreign face suddenly lit up and smile weakly.

Everything will return to the abyss …

There were empty shells roared a lament of the sea
And a cemetery on the hills
Past two silent
Among the graves and squill and sycamore.

Everything will return to the abyss …



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