Congress Fiddles As The Left Ramps Up Censorship Of Conservatives

Congress Fiddles As The Left Ramps Up Censorship Of Conservatives

Big tech and progressive companies are now working hand-in-hand with the Democrat Party to censor, blacklist or de-platform all influential nationalist and conservative thinkers. This is no longer even debatable.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress squandered their chance to do anything about this before the Democrats will assume control of the House in January. For the next two years, the crackdown on conservative speech and thought will continue to grow unchecked as a result.

If you don’t think conservative voices large and small are being censored, here are some of the most recent examples we’ve learned about. This should send a chill down the spine of any conservative or, for that matter, any civil libertarian who cares about freedom of speech.

Tucker Carlson hosts the number two show on all of cable news, a close second only to Sean Hannity in overall ratings. But advertisers are suddenly fleeing from Carlson’s program over his factual statements about immigration.

This was not some grassroots effort in which customers were outraged and called advertisers to cancel their sponsorship of Carlson’s show. The effort is being led by The Huffington Post.

The Huffy leftists are coordinating with liberal political action committees and “community organizers” to specifically call Tucker’s sponsors. These leftists, who probably didn’t use any of Tucker’s sponsors to begin with, are screeching at the top of their lungs that these private companies shouldn’t “support hate.”

And the private companies are caving. We don’t know the full extent of financial damage that The Huffington Post’s boycott of his show yet. So far, Tucker has lost 16 corporate sponsorships due to a leftwing censorship stunt.

Vox Day is being de-platformed by YouTube for posting videos that are literally history lessons. Vox, for those who haven’t heard of him, is one of the top authors listed in Amazon’s “Political Philosophy” section.

He’s written books like “Cuckservative: How ‘Conservatives’ Betrayed America,” “SJWs Always Lie” and most recently, “Jordanetics” – a vicious takedown of moon-bat Canadian sociology professor Jordan Peterson’s messiah complex.

Vox also happens to be of Native American and Hispanic ancestry and identifies fiercely as an American nationalist.

What was his crime in YouTube’s eyes? He posted a history lesson on the Huns invading Europe in 372 AD. To sum the video up, the Huns quickly crushed the Alans and the Ostrogoths when they began their rampage across Europe.

Some 200,000 Christian Visigoths, including men, women and children, fled from the Huns and stopped at the Danube River. There, they pleaded with the Roman emperor Valens to be allowed in as refugees.

Vox asks, sarcastically, “Who among you could be so heartless, so cruel, to deny hundreds of thousands of desperate women and children refuge from some of the most savage warriors ever to slaughter the innocent in the recorded history of man?”

Valens let the refugees in and lay dead at their feet along with an army of 50,000 of his best soldiers just six years later. 38 years after Valens took the refugees in, Rome itself was sacked by the Goths.

Vox’s video about this was literally a history lesson. Any parent could comfortably share the video with their Fifth Grade to learn more about ancient history.

And it has been permanently banned by YouTube because it might cause people ask obviously uncomfortable questions about the parallels to our current globalist immigration and refugee policies.

And then there’s talk radio giant Michael Savage. Mr. Savage is the second-largest talk radio personality in America, trailing only Rush Limbaugh in total listeners.

Savage is also fiercely pro-American, pro-Trump and anti-globalist. In a move that literally makes no sense, Westwood One is reducing Savage’s three-hour show to one hour in length, starting next month. In another three months, Savage will be taken off the air completely.

Westwood One plans to promote Ben Shapiro to take over Savage’s time slot. Savage’s pro-American sentiments cannot be allowed to pollute the airwaves, so Westwood One is replacing him with the “conservative” Ben Shapiro, who the New York Times helpfully informs us is in the intellectual mold of John McCain, Mitt Romney and Jeb! Bush.

Those three examples don’t even include the countless conservatives, nationalists, alt-right supporters and patriots who are being banned or kicked off of Facebook, Twitter and other leftist platforms.

The silencing of conservatives is accelerating right before our eyes. What’s Congress doing about it? Playing the fiddle, unfortunately.

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