No wonder most Jews don’t vote for Trump. They receive double Fake News.

I had the misfortune of running across a copy of the Jewish Journal which advertises itself as the “Largest Jewish Newspaper in the Nation.”

Briefly, Here is what I found in the Feb 19, 2020. This edition is distributed to Palm Beach Central.

page 4 – AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Comm. apologizes for two Facebook ads calling some DEMS “radicals” pushing ‘anti-Semitic’ anti-Israel policies.  And, of course, that is exactly what Democrats Reps. Rashida Tlaib of MI, Ilhan Omar of MN and Betty McCollum of MN do. 

AIPAC was forced to apologize for this obvious truth by pressure within the Left wing Democrat Jewish community, acting, as usual, against their own self-interests.

Page 7  Jewish Groups brings lawsuit against President Trump’s Executive order imposing a freeze on immigration from certain countries until such time as better screening for possible terrorists is in place. Nine of the countries were Arab nations from which the majority of Islamic terrorism incidents occurred in the United States and throughout the world.

Page 9 – Article praising the work of the ADL (Anti Defamation League) against White Supremacists, which is all well and good but ADL, with a large budget, does no work against Islamic Terrorism. Many American political analysts feel calculated Islamic invasion of this country is a far greater threat to our way of life.

Page 22  Then, the piece de resistance article:

Two politicians produce a dead-end peace plan

By Rabbi Bruce Warhal

Commentary in Italics – Jerome S. Kaufman

(At this point, reading the Jewish Journal, I got really excited. I thought ‘Oh good the rabbi is going to write about the peace plan of Mahmoud Abbas (whose PhD thesis was based upon Holocaust denial and former PM Ehud Olmert, whose chief accomplishment was being the disgraced ex-Israeli prime minister released July 2, 2017 from prison after serving 16 months of a 27-month sentence for fraud and bribery.)

No such luck! The rabbi was writing totally negative things about the PM Netanyahu and President Trump, two huge friends of Jews and Israel, Peace plan. Incidentally, the  vast majority of Israelis consider President Trump the best US president they have ever had! President Trump’s Israel approval rating is 71%.) jsk

(Back to the Rabbi’s article)

Trump’s (or Jared’s) Israeli-Palestinian peace plan arrived one month before elections in Israel and during Trump’s impeachment trial. It’s obviously a political ploy for both Netanyahu and Trump. In Thomas Friedman’s pithy words, it’s a “diversion for two dirty leaders.”

(Somehow, this Rabbi considers Tom Friedman, a notoriously anti-Israel writer, a legitimate political commentator)

Witness the ceremony at the White House: According to Reuters, “The atmosphere felt more like a celebratory Mar-a-Lago gathering, bringing together really good friends, rather than the usual somber, staid event one might have otherwise expected at a Middle East peace plan rollout.” 

(It was indeed a “celebration” of Israel’s genuine friends, not enemies, celebrating the fact that President Trump had made Israel an exponentially safer place to live and eliminated any possibility of a, guaranteed to be, terrorist state in its very back yard)

The Palestinians were not invited. Netanyahu was in attendance as well as Trump’s buddies: Sheldon Adelson, who contributed $20 million to Trump, and Alan Dershowitz, who made a fool of himself at Trump’s impeachment trial. (the Rabbi’s bizarre tainted opinion) Everyone present applauded Trump.

Let’s look at the actual plan. You can read the 181 pages on the Internet, but the first 40 pages really describe the whole plan. The following 12 bullets provide an overview:

•All Israeli settlements remain in the West Bank.  (Great!)

•There will be no new settlements during the next four years so that the Palestinians have time to respond to Trump’s plan. But this is a distortion. Read the wording on page 38: no new settlements in the land apportioned to the Palestinians, but in the portion annexed to Israel, new settlements will continue to pour hundreds of thousands of Jews into the West Bank. Great!

Based on security considerations, Israel will annex the Jordan Valley contiguous to the Hashemite Kingdom. Contrary to Israeli conventional wisdom, this is not needed. Modern early warning systems can detect military buildups as far as 50 miles away. Land acquisitions are not necessary for security, unless you want to isolate a Palestinian state.

(That is a total lie. There is  no such thing as a true warning system that would be effective with your sworn enemy a block away. Land acquisitions are absolutely necessary for security and growth. That is exactly why Syria, Iran, Iraq, China, the Kurds, the Russians, the UK are vying and dying for every small piece of territory they can gain or retain)

•The plan envisions a Palestinian “state” fully surrounded by Israel, with no access to any other country. Israel would have complete control of its borders. That’s a South African Bantustan, not a real country.  Great!

•No Hamas member or its surrogates can be part of the Palestinian negotiating team, which must be a “body acceptable to Israel.” No negotiations until Hamas is wiped out of Gaza. (page 10). Serious leaders know that you must deal with enemies to achieve peace, and you can’t pick who your enemies are. Hamas is here and they’re not going away. This provision alone kills the whole “peace plan.”  (Great!)

•Palestinians want the right of return of their refugees to Israel, which they know they won’t get, but at least they would want the right to repatriate their refugees to their new state. But page 33 gives Israel the right to determine how many Palestinians can return to their country – an outrageous provision.  

(The Palestine “Right of Return” is a farce consisting of 3 or more generations of Arabs that have never seen Israel and were deliberately kept in “refugee” camps for over 60 years as an ultimate source of terrorists against Israel. All this occurred while Israel re-settled over one million Jewish refugees from Arab states where they had lived as dhimmis, second class citizens, since the Roman Conquest of 70 AD and the Spanish Inquisition of 1492 plus plenty of pogroms in between) jsk

•The maps attached to the plan indicate that the Palestinian state would be a group of non-contiguous pieces of land connected by bridges and tunnels. This is a country?  (I hope not)

•“Security challenges make the building of a port in Gaza problematical in the foreseeable future” (page 27). If such a port would be built, it “will be used only for cargo ships.” This means that Israel would continue to determine who enters or leaves the Palestinian state. Palestinian territorial waters would also be under Israeli sovereignty. (page 13) (Perfect)

•Only after five years following the signing of the peace agreement, could the Palestinians build an airport limited to small aircrafts. (page 29) This further freezes contact with the outside world.  (Great)

•The biggest human rights sin: At the suggestion of Netanyahu, the plan provides that the Israeli Arab cities and villages in “The Triangle” (a part of Israel that would be on the border of the new Palestinian state) would be transferred out of Israel into Palestine. This means that more than 200,000 Arab Israeli citizens would be thrown out of their own country.   

(Much more charitable than the 600,000 Jews that were thrown out of Arab countries in which they had lived as second class citizens for hundreds if not thousands of years) jsk

•Jerusalem remains totally in Israel. The plan denies the Muslim world symbolic sovereignty over the Temple Mount, where the holy Al Aqsa mosque is located. 

(The Al Aqsa Mosque was deliberately built by the Arabs over the ancient Hebrew Temple and the Arabs have been trying unsuccessfully to destroy all signs that the Biblilcal Hebrew Temple built over 2000 years before so-called Palestinian Arabs ever existed.  Unfortunately, The outer Western Wall of the biblical Temple is all that is left at which Jews pray but new archeological evidence of Hebrew domination is found every day.

•Israel would have the right to determine the contents of the Palestinian constitution, their school texts, and the structures of their financial institutions. (page 34). 

(Nor true but a good idea. The Palestinians have been teaching Israeli and Jew hatred to their children from birth with their first diapers fashioned as suicide vests and their school yards training grounds for future terrorists)

Obviously, it is not a serious or doable peace plan. It remains to be seen whether it will help Netanyahu on March 2 in the Israeli elections. For Trump, it was his pitch to American Jewry to entice Jewish votes next November.

It also remains to be seen whether the Jewish establishment in this country is wise enough to repudiate this fraudulent peace plan. 

Au Contraire: It remains to be seen if American Jewry will finally wake up, vote in American and Jewish and Israeli self interests and help in far greater numbers to re-elect President Donald Trump)

Rabbi Bruce Warshal’s article also appeared in the Florida Sun Sentinel, a like-minded Fake News paper that matches up nicely with NY Times. Wash. Post, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of anti-Trump Fake Media

Jerome S. Kaufman, Publisher/Editor

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