A Belated List of Suggested Trump/Pence Transition Appointees

By Jerome S. Kaufman,

As you know, your miraculous, G-d given, victory has presented us with many golden opportunities! In fact, to my mind you individually saved the Republican Party and the United States of America. You have become the main obstruction from the US following the total demise of the European Union and the resultant ascendancy of Islamic fanaticism.

As to the golden opportunities: I see that your transition changes are being well orchestrated by extremely capable Vice President Elect Mike Pence. But, please excuse me for having the temerity to make suggestions to you that I am sure you and VP Elect Pence have already considered.

First, please get rid of absolutely all the people remotely involved wth Obama. As you know better than I, Obama has never had anything more in mind than the destruction of the West,  the removal of the US as an exceptional nation, to remove us as a world power and leader of the free world. And … he has invariably appointed people to further that agenda.

Please also make massive in-house cultural changes in most of our major institutions. They are frequently run by Democratic Party hacks, replete with Left wing theology, devoid of talent and disloyal to the purpose of their own jobs — except for the pay.

There must be a complete housekeeping. You have already zeroed in on the Veterans Administration. Also under the immediate gun should be the EPA. the Dept. of Labor and the State Department that has been corrupt and yes, virtually anti-American for generations.

The State Department always seems completely under its own marching orders, frequently having nothing to do with the best interests of the United States. The President seems to have no impact, except with Obama, of course, because his far Left ideology coincided with their own.

By the way, On a personal note — the current State Department, as you know, is still defending the flagrantly traitorous acts of Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey! For that reason alone a thorough housekeeping is indicated and, under your rubric, “YOU’RE  FIRED”

In fact, the list of institutions that need complete overhaul as a result of their direct contamination by the minions of Barack Obama appointees is endless.

But you know all of the above.

Thanks to G-d, you are surrounded with some truly beautiful, highly intelligent, patriotic, dedicated, loyal, well spoken proud Americans who must be used to their maximum capability

Quickly come to mind are people you know very well and our now considering. Dedicated patriots like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Ben Carson, John Bolton, Dinesh D’Souza,. Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Ann Coulter, Oliver J North,  Dinesh D’Souze, Anthony Napolitano.  Please excuse the many inadvertent omissions.

Finally, here come my belated suggestions:

Rudy Giuliani – An obvious choice for Director of Homeland Security

Dr. Ben Carson – Head of the Health System and in charge of elimination of Obamacare and formulation of new health plans

Mike Huckabee– Coordinator on all faith involved decisions

Dinesh D’Souza – A brilliant relatively unknown neglected guy but with great understanding of our domestic and world politics. He could be a top diplomat or media liaison or whatever else the job is called.

Oliver North -Head of Veteran’s Administration

Judge Andrew Peter Napolitano Supreme Court Justice or Attorney General of the United States. He has served as a New Jersey Superior Court Judge and as a visiting professor at Brooklyn Law School. He has written nine books on legal and political subjects. He is well known now as Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News Channel. He is a dedicated constitutionalist and would be a legitimate replacement for the great Constitutionalist Anton Scalia who died under suspect circumstances that were not remotely investigated by the Obama Administration nor the Republican Party.

Or, he could replace Attorney General  Democrat partisan Loretta Lynch, chief co-conspirator of Bill/Hillary Clinton and hatchet woman for Barack Obama, who gently supervises  urban riots and the killing of police officers because “Black Lives Matter.” Never mind White.
Ambassador John Bolton — Secretary of State He is a former Ambassador to the UN and was forced out by the fanatics on the Left after he had done an amazing first year job. Unfortunately, the weakening pusillanimous President George W.Bush succumbed to the mindless Left and withdrew his nomination.

Ambassador Bolton knows the nations of the world upside down and backwards. He needs no on the job training And, he is no fool. He is a patriotic American who knows all the machinations of our many adversaries.

And most important, do not allow to remain anyone from the H W Bush State Department who often continued on to the Bill Clinton’s State Department. These are the same people that were part of the State Department when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. These are the people that promoted the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal.  Need I say more?

Unfortunately, the State Department has most often taken a decidedly anti-Israel mode frequently defending the positions of our enemies rather than the best interests of own country. The State Department has had a plethora of anti-Israel members —many of whom were self-hating Jews, as usual attempting to impress the greater society. They were the stars of the Pres. HW Bush Administration and then Bill Clinton’s State Dept. (both of these gentlemen, you may remember, were not exactly supportive of you in this past election!)

What is truly amazing is that these clever chameleon former State Dept. people are still hanging around, still parading as foreign policy experts. Also amazing is that, with the usual political legerdemain, they have all managed over the years to fall into important diplomatic jobs.

I refer specifically to former State Dept. leaders Dennis Ross, Aaron David Miller, Richard N. Haass who were mortal enemies of Israel at their time in the Department. They will certainly not help you come to the correct conclusions relative to Israel or anything else.

By additional “coincidence” another one of their birds of a feather has re-surfaced —the duplicitous Martin Indyk, who may be the worst of the bunch. No doubt they are all looking for prestigious jobs but here is one bunch I much prefer stay on food stamps.

In any case, very best wishes to you and Vice President Elect Mike Pence in the selection process. And please excuse my tardiness. You moved far quicker than I ever expected and I can only hope that these suggestions may still have time for some positive impact.

Jerome S. Kaufman, Publisher/Editor
Israel Commentary

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