A politically incorrect, uncensored, video concerning Israel, Jews, the US and the World featuring the brilliant political analyst, Melanie Phillips.

 Diaspora Jewry – Paying the Price for Gaza?

Review and Commentary by Jerome S. Kaufman

Melanie Phillips is a British journalist, commentator and author. Among her multiple academic honors, she was awarded the Orwell Prize for journalism in 1996. She is the author of, All Must Have Prizes, an acclaimed study of Britain’s educational and moral crisis. Her book Londonistan, describing the Muslim take over of London, was published in the US and UK in 2006 and immediately became a best seller. Her latest book is The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth and Power.

Ms. Phillips began her discussion by advising the Israeli audience that it was a great privilege, a blessing to be addressing them here in Israel – despite the rockets, the constant tension and the surrounding enemies hell bent upon Israel’s destruction. Here Jews no longer have to be on their knees begging for mercy. Nor do they have to go begging someone else to defend them, which has been an exercise in degradation and futility. Instead, the Israelis are justifiably proud to defend themselves with perhaps the best army, pound per pound, in the whole world and to finally have their destiny in their own very capable hands. That is indeed, G-d’s blessing.

What the western world still fails to understand or appreciate is that Israel is the one defending them against barbarism and inhumanity from a monstrous enemy dedicated to destroying the Western world. The current Islamic Nation (ISIS) is no accident. The Muslims hope and pray this to be the beginning of their Grand Caliphate, their return to world domination. Unfortunately, they have in Barack Obama a better enabler and compatriot than they could have ever imagined.

Phillips spoke of current hate attacks agains Jews throughout the United Kingdom, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the rest of Europe and even Australia. The convenient issue used to trigger these attacks is Israel’s war in Gaza. Israel’s right to defend itself against thousands of rockets indiscriminately rained upon its civilian population is ignored or challenged and minimized. The world’s haters are enraged and chagrined that more Israeli lives are not lost and the fact that Israel is again overwhelmingly winning, with G-d’s great help, yet another war initiated by its mortal enemies.

These acts against Jewish citizens are just the usual sick, cowardly acts of obscene hatred against defenseless Jewish citizens at their places of business, synagogues, their rabbis and religiously garbed Jews. For some inexplicable reason local police and the involved governments have been deliberately lax in defending their Jews. Attacks against Jews in Britain have gone up 500%. Even on New York City’s East Side, a Jewish couple was attacked by hoodlums proudly carrying a Palestinian flag!

The source of all this is clear cut. The world is once again using its easiest fall guy to mask its own problems and failures. Just blame the Jew. Revive anti-Semitism, which is unfortunately, an absurdly simple ploy to use successfully.

What should we Jews and Israel do about all this? Should we use the age old Jewish ploy of hiding in the cellar, using our great powers of rationalization by pretending the haters don’t really mean it, the Cossacks are really not there and will surely soon go away or the government will protect us? Unfortunately, literally millions of dead Jews have proven that strategy dead wrong.

Despite this indisputable fact, Melanie Phillips accuses British Jewry of continuing this delusion. They are denying any relationship with or responsibility for Israel and again present the ridiculous pose that they are the “good Jews” and are really just another group of uninvolved British citizens. Are the American Jews that far behind?

According to Melanie Phillips, the latest attacks against the Jews revolves around three elements — separate but interconnected:

1. The Muslim problem – Muslims are greatly overrepresented in the current mindless hatred and the numerous physical attacks against the Jews —particularly on the streets. The Muslims are deliberately sending a strong threatening message to the non-Muslims of Britain, France, Europe and the rest of the world. They are attempting to intimidate people with fear and their raw exaggerated power — that they own the streets. They deliberately use extreme violence and are perfectly willing to employ suicidal attacks with total disregard of human life even that of their own wives, sons, daughters and certainly the rest of the population.

They also use the clever ploy of projection. They accuse the Jews and the Israelis of the very crimes they themselves are committing. It is an ancient inversion and projection bought into by an uninformed and already well prejudiced, indoctrinated West.

2. The British and Europeans are themselves complicit. Why do they believe and re-enforce with their populations the entire, patently false narrative against the Jews and Israel which presents them as the aggressors rather than the obvious victims of a Muslim culture whose only object is to destroy them? Of course, part of this acceptance of the Muslim narrative is age-old anti-Semitism going across party lines, Left and Right, without ever allowing the facts and truth to get in the way.

It is also possible that some governments need a cop out of their own to relieve themselves of their own responsibility for their bankrupt economies, unemployment, graft, prejudice, lawlessness, political incompetence and moral depravity?

In addition the Muslims and Western civilization haters deliberately portray Israel as an exploiting residual Western colonial power. The fact that of all peoples, the Jews are the most indigenous to their land dating for over 3000 years and predating the birth of Muhammed by some 2000 years, never reaches Western consciousness.

The only reason millions of Jews have not lived in Israel over all these centuries is that they were expelled by the Romans in 70 AD and have been kept from returning by all the forces of history. In the meantime, they have been used as the world’s primary victim with millions slaughtered in the Diaspora in which they have been frequently forced to live as a displaced and despised minority.

3. What about those of the Jewish Diaspora?

What has been the response of US and UK Jews to this outrageous attitude and action of Obama and the UK? Phillips is kind and says it is “deeply problematic.” UK Jews have spent most of their time, instead of vehemently protesting, hiding their heads under the bed proclaiming that they are British Jews that have no loyalty to Israel and should not be responsible for Israel’s reprehensible behavior in responding to thousands of missiles fired at their civilian population from Gaza. These ignoramuses have evidently not learned that Adolph Hitler and all the other anti-Semites of the world are not impressed by this convenient loss of Jewish identity.

Phillips then addresses Israel’s foreign relationships.

Israel has a genuine problem with its ostensible allies, the UK and US governments. Not surprisingly cooperation between Israel and their respective military and intelligence gathering people is at a high level of cooperation. Israel is respected as a valuable, irreplaceable source of skills and experience in dealing with Islamic terrorism. Israel is also the source of unique analytical hardware of great use to other nations to deal with this terrorism and this equipment is eagerly gobbled up along with Israel’s expertise.

At the same time, The UK and US governments publicly express great support and affection for Israel but simultaneously, militarily and politically, kick Israel in the head. Recently both the UK and Obama threatened Israel with withholding vital military supplies if Israel escalated its attack upon Hamas forces in Gaza and would punish Israel in other ways.

Even worse, it is no secret that both Obama and the UK would love to make a deal with Iran allowing them to continue their enrichment of uranium and the creation of a nuclear bomb that the Iranians have bragged for years they would use as soon as possible, to permanently eliminate the Jewish State.

Ms. Phillips speaks regretfully of the “sustained malice” of Barack Obama against Israel. She says he professes to have Israel’s back but it is his history that he, in fact, has a knife in Israel’s back. The Obama administration has repeatedly leaked out vital information to the Arabs undermining Israel’s security and any plans Israel may have to wage war against its dedicated enemies.

Obama/Kerry have insisted Israel make suicidal concessions to Mahmoud Abbas while they ignore Abbas’ failure to fulfill any of his or Hamas’s obligations under the many cease fire and previous long established agreements. Neither have the UK or American governments ever challenged Abbas and Palestinian Arab statements that they will never accept a Jewish State nor give up on their demand that the Israelis allow three generations of so-called PA refugees to emigrate to Israel. At the same time Obama continues to cozy up to Israel’s mortal enemies – Qatar, Iran and Turkey.

But, never mind Israel and the Jews. Will the US, the UK and the rest of the Europeans finally wake up to their own peril? Will they finally genuinely understand that Israel is their point man in the Middle East and their main bulwark against the Islamic Caliphate already declared and enlarging before our very eyes?

Have they not heard the Muslim cry that Israel is the little Satan to be eliminated and the US is the Great Satan to be eliminated next? Maybe that is finally sinking in. The Islamic State with its beheadings, flagrant deliberate killings of Christians and other minorities and killing of non-conforming Sunnis and all Shiites may wake them up?

Finally, it is the UK, US, and European oxen that are being gored. What happens next is conjectural but with Barack Obama in the mix, I don’t like our chances.

By Jerome S. Kaufman, Publisher/Editor Israel Commentary

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