A word of advice to PM Netanyahu: His job is to withstand Obama and UN pressure to destroy Israel and the US

II Hebrew Bible Parsha of past week

I  A word of advice to PM Netanyahu

By Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis

August  21, 2014

Let’s not fool ourselves: The very same Arab leaders who are rooting for us in our conflict now with Hamas and consider the regional concerns they share with the Jewish State to be of magnitudes greater importance than their true interest in the Palestinians will set this all aside when attending an international conference dealing with Palestinian affairs.

Have an international conference and to a man they will support the Palestinians and oppose us. Ditto for the Europeans, the Russians and I don’t care to speculate what Washington will do.

Foreign security forces deployed in the Gaza Strip will be driven by a clear hierarchy of interests:

#1. Completing their tour of duty in one piece.

#2. Serving their own national interests.

#3. Performing the role assigned to them subject to #1 and #2.

The one certain outcome of the deployment of foreign security forces in the Gaza Strip is that the so-called “Security Forces” will  become human shields for terrorist activity while at the same time Israel is subject to severe restrictions on its ability to either monitor or react to developments in the Gaza Strip.

It is mind boggling that the same week that we learned that the PA security forces were unaware of the existence of a huge Hamas operation in the West Bank to overthrow Mahmoud Abbas there are people suggesting that we can somehow rely on the efficacy of the same clueless PA security forces in the Gaza Strip. Huh!

And what of international involvement in demilitarization?

It is clear from the Lebanon experience that the most that foreigners in the Gaza Strip can be realistically expected to do is document the destruction and/or removal of contraband that is willingly relinquished by Gazans. The challenge in this case would be to create circumstances that compel the Gazans to hand over contraband.

Simply put: it is one thing to have some foreigners with clipboards signing off that some numerical quota or goal for contraband destruction was met. It’s a fantasy to expect foreigners to take the initiative and effectively search for contraband rather than just go through the motions and file reports that no contraband has been found.

As tempting as it may sound, we simply cannot afford to subcontract our security.

II  Parsha of the week: Third Haftorah of Consolation for Parsha R’eih
Isaiah 54: 11- 17

11 Unhappy storm-tosses one, uncomforted! I will lay carbuncles as your building stones and make your foundations of sapphires.

12 I will make your battlements of rubies, Your gates of precious stones. The whole encircling wall of gems.

13 And all your children shall be disciples of the LORD. And great shall be the happiness of your children;

14 You shall be established through righteousness. You shall be safe from oppression, And shall have no fear from ruin, and it shall not come near you.

15 Surely no harm can be done without my consent: Whoever would harm you shall fall because of you.

16 It is I who created the smith to fan the charcoal fire. And produce the tools for his work; So it is I who create the instruments of havoc.

17 No weapon formed against you shall succeed, And every tongue that contends with you at law you shall defeat.

Such is the lot of the servants of the LORD, Such their triumph through Me declares the LORD.

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