Addressing the “Palestinian” Narrative and the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel

Video shown on Aug 1, 2016

“In The News” Itamar Marcus with host, Mark S. Golub.

Itamar Marcus, Founding Director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), discusses various war like actions by the Palestinian Authority and explains why it is wrong to consider Mahmoud Abbas a “moderate.”

By Jerome S. Kaufman

Our synagogue was recently privileged to have as scholar in residence Israeli political activist Itamar Marcus. He is the founder and director of an important and successful working organization called Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). And that is exactly what the organization does —It watches and translates Palestinian Media with a staff of Arab language experts.

As you may know, Arab spokespeople routinely tell the world one thing and their domestic audience something often completely different and the truth is never a consideration in either discussion.

The primary source for such dishonest, factually impossible propaganda is the Arab successful invention of a people (the “Palestinians” and a state (“Palestine”) that never existed in history but nevertheless was cleverly proclaimed by Yasir Arafat about 1964!

Under this completely false Palestinian narrative the Israeli Jews have no right to be on”Arab land” and consequently any action taken against them is completely justified and demanded by Yasir Arafat and now the delusion has been cleverly enhanced by declaring that the false concept comes directly from Allah making it a religious imperative.

This supposed Israeli lack of right is of course a complete lie. The Jews (Hebrews at the time of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) had possession of the land over 2000 years before Muhammed (born 570 CE in Mecca, died 632 CE-in Medina) ever existed, let alone fabricate his world’s most famous bit of religious plagiarism — Islam.

Muhammed simply combined whatever self-serving portions of Judaism and Christianity he chose along with his own personal tastes for the use and treatment of women and children. And, despite the obviously false impossible time frame and origins, the complete lie of an earlier Palestinian people and nation continues to grow.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government has done virtually nothing to counteract this basic lie. Even worse they have contributed to the narrative by making self-destructive concessions turning victories into defeats in a pathetic desperate attempt to make peace with an enemy that never had and never will allow anything that recognizes Israel’s existence.

The Koran says as much in its many verses. Any person not Muslim must live as a second class citizen, a dhimmi, under Muslim rule if he lives at all. Any nation not Muslim shall be made to become Muslim by force if necessary.

Israel’s multiple errors all began in biblical history itself.

Biblical students know that G-d in his ultimate wisdom and foresight told the Hebrews to totally destroy the Canaanite idol worshipers upon crossing the Jordan River some 40 plus years after the Hebrews crossed the desert escaping from Egyptian bondage. The Hebrews in a moment of supreme weakness did not follow G-d’s commands and have suffered the consequences ever since.

Centuries later, G-d gave the Hebrews (Israelis) another obvious chance to solidify their hold on the land. In the Six Day War, June 6 -12, 1967 G-d was kind enough to grant the Israelis an overwhelming victory over the surrounding Arab nations Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia Iraq that had amassed far superior forces on their borders to destroy Israel completely.

In a moment of rare clarity Israel initiated a defensive pre-emptive strike and completely destroyed these enemies regaining the territory that was supposed to have been theirs in the first place — Jerusalem, all the territory west of the Jordan, the Golan and Gaza.

Keeping those territories intact would have made Israel, with their superior armed forces and ongoing technical expertise virtually invulnerable unless some major power wanted to lose thousands of their own military in an act of unwarranted aggression.

But the Israelis were self-destructive, as usual. On the very day of the victory in Jerusalem, General Moshe Dayan elected to immediately turn over the vitally important historical Jerusalem Temple Mount to Muslim control under Jordan,  It covers 35 acres of Jerusalem and is revered by Jews as the place where God gathered together the dust to create Adam and where Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac.

In utter disbelief, the Muslims, who expected to be immediately eliminated from their false possession quickly took control, banned Jews from praying on their ownTemple Mount. The Arabs then proceeded to dig out out truck loads of archeological evidence  that proved the Hebrew origins of theTemple Mount that for centuries has existed beneath the Arab El Aqsa Mosque. And, the Israeli government has inexplicably passively watched with their thumb somewhere else.

The Israelis later perpetrated another flagrant act of self-destruction in 1982. In the Lebanese war Israel was forced to attack Yasir Arafat PLO entrenched positions in Southern Lebanon that constantly rained missiles upon Israel’s agricultural settlements

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) quickly defeated the PLO and drove them out of Lebanon to the relief of the Lebanese The US and the rest of the world could not tolerate another Israeli victory and diplomatically forced Israel to allow Arafat and a smattering of his defeated forces to escape to Tripoli where Arafat lived as a powerless former tyrant.

Then in 1993, the perfidious Shimon Peres with his far left co-conspirator, Yossi Beilin met in secret sessions with Arafat and rescued Arafat from his exile in Tripoli. He was brought back to Israel as some sort of conquering hero and later entered into the infamous 1993 Oslo Accords which recognized the newly created Arab “Palestinian” people and gave Arafat the beginnings of genuine nationhood.

This farce was sanctimoniously agreed to and signed on the White House lawn Sep. 13, 1993 with PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Shimon Peres and U.S. President Bill Clinton congratulating themselves on this act of supreme stupidity.

Arafat behind closed doors immediately re-assured his followers that he would never abide by the PA side of the agreement and he would continue his every attempt to destroy Israel. He and his successor Mahmoud Abas have kept their word.

Arafat responded to this insane Israeli largess as any realist would predict – He initiated constant acts of brutal terror against Israel and the world, randomly attacking civilians, blowing up buses, restaurants, synagogues, school houses along with international air flights where-ever.

In his long term domestic program Arafat began an intense indoctrination of Arab youth in hatred of the Jews and Israel. The children got an early start with proud PA mothers dressing their newborn babies in suicide belts. That soon progressed into children’s military training camps for young boys and girls teaching them to kill Israelis civilians and their soldiers eliminating all Jews and, of course, eliminating the State of Israel.

A “Two-state solution” Are you kidding? This is only a figment of the imagination and wishful thinking of the Israelis and a knee jerk uninformed anti-Semitic solution by the US State Dept. and the UN Security Council Arab sycophants.

In the meantime, on a world-wide level, the Palestinian Arabs have done whatever they can conceive to damage Israel. Their latest ploy is the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel — An economic movement easily promoted with the anti-Semitic people and nations of the world.

So where does Itamar Marcus and his group come into all of the above? His group is trying desperately to present Israel’s case to the world. He monitors the PA every move and has even successfully reversed several European Governments in their agreements to boycott Israeli goods and universities.

Unfortunately Mr. Marcus has an impossible task. Wave upon waves of dedicated brain washed Palestinian terrorists and their spokespeople are born every minute and will be there for Mr. Marcus’s grandchildren to contest, if Israel has sustained the relentless, dedicated onslaught at all.

What is required is also virtually impossible. There must be a complete cultural change.The concept of a genuine Palestinian people with a separate nation must be destroyed. The Israeli government must finally wake up to the task.

There is absolutely no room for two different nations in that sliver of land —certainly not one whose only raison d’être is to destroy Israel. Netanyahu’s concept of a de-militarized Arab nation on Israel’s borders is a total self-delusion or misdirection ploy and surely he must know it. The Arabs will never accept the idea.

So, we are left with an extremely difficult plan to change, at it’s roots,  Palestinian culture. They must be taught peace not war. They must not be allowed to continue indoctrinating poison against Israelis in their youth nor live with the delusion of nationhood. They must go back to being Arabs not parade as “Palestinians” that were conveniently invented with the re-birth of the State of Israel in 1948.

An impossible task? You are right. Then the Israel has only one viable option — the one that I have been advocating for the last 50 years — complete dominating military power and the Israelis must discard the usual Jewish reluctance to use it. Timidity and false delusions as to peace with this mortal enemy has not worked and never will.

Instead of hiding in shtetl cellars under Ehud Barack’s naively vaunted Iron Dome,  the IDF has been given the power to completely eliminate Hizbollah missiles in Lebanon and those of Hamas in Gaza in one fell swoop and use two if necessary. Let the Arabs worry about their own Iron Dome. Let the IDF destroy all their weapons on and beneath the ground. Permanently impress upon them the futility of trying to eliminate Israel.

What else about the Arabs? Do you think if they had Israel’s fire power they would take longer than five minutes to wipe Israel off the face of the earth? Is not Iran planning exactly that?

If Israel does not wake up immediately, it’s luck may well run out, Hashem forbid, faster then ever imagined.

Only divine intervention, as usual, can save the Jews. As Professor Ruth R. Wisse so accurately points out in Jews and Power (Random House 2007), Diaspora Jewry lost the ability to use power since the time of the Hebrew Bible when G-d constantly intervened on their behalf.


Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor/Publisher

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