Airport security performs invasive strip search on very attractive female Indian diplomat!

II Video below – Panel discussion by Indians and Americans of this horrendous diplomatic ongoing insult.

Airport security performs invasive strip search on very attractive female Indian diplomat!


Excerpt from the Palm Beach Post, March 16, 2014
“The Indian government expressed its displeasure with the US Justice Dept. for refiling criminal charges against a diplomat whose arrest in N. Y. Last year on charges of underpaying her domestic help caused a crisis in bilateral 

relations. The US attorney’s office in Manhattan on Friday issued a new indictment against the diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, just two days after a judge dismissed a similar indictment on diplomatic immunity grounds. Khobargade has returned to India and is unlikely ever to answer the charges in New York and she is unlikely to face extradition”

But, what is the background of this obnoxious counterproductive US government action designed only to alienate India, a huge nation with which we have had tenuous relations in the past.

The whole sordid tale began when Mrs. Khobraga was subjected to a complete invasive strip search by security guards for no tenable reason except possibly their own lechery.

Mrs. Khobragade immediately registered a complaint against these “guards” and instead of apologizing and backing off, the US government filed the ridiculous charge that the lady had not paid an adequate amount to her domestic help and had not filed employee benefit papers. By the way, under this charge, it is impossible to even imagine how many thousands of US households would be found guilty (not to imply the practice is legitimate)

The case went to court and the judge realizing how unfair and ridiculous the charges were, simply allowed the lady diplomatic immunity from US government charges — to which she was entitled.

Obama’s anointed head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder was still not satisfied and found another way to hurt US standing further in the world, especially with a very important ally. He two days later, re-instituted the same basic charges against this woman with Obama/Holder finding yet another way to discredit the United States of America on the world scene.

Hopefully we are able to survive 3 more years of these deliberate US destroyers and at least get their enablers Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and a cast of hundreds out of office. We can then attempt to undo the huge amount of damage they have done and try to regain our reputation as an “exceptional nation” — much to the chagrin of Barack Obama, et al.

Jerome S. Kaufman



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