319 square miles, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) gave Hillary over 2 million more votes than Trump, thus the popular vote lead

 319 square miles, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) gave Hillary over 2 million more votes than Trump — thus the popular vote lead for Hillary’s only plus


I didn’t fully understand the vital importance to the nation of the Electoral  College until learning these statistics, and why the Electoral College should never be changed. 

“Subject: 319  Square  Miles

In their infinite wisdom, the United States’ Founders created the Electoral College to ensure the STATES were fairly represented.

Why should one or two densely populated areas speak for the whole of the nation?

The following list of statistics has been making the rounds on the Internet. It should finally put an end to the argument as to why the Electoral College makes sense.

Please share this. The nation needs to know these facts and understand the significants of President Trump’s victory.

There are 3,141 counties in the United States.

 Trump won 3,084 of them.

Clinton won 57.

There are 62 counties in New York State.

 Trump won 46 of them.

 Clinton won 16.

Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

In the 5 counties that encompass New York City, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)

 Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.

 The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.

When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.) DO NOT and SHOULD NOT speak for the rest of our country!  Especially since these counties have the greatest proportion of welfare recipients, non-productive and totally dependent upon the largess of the government for their continued existence.

 And…it’s been verified and documented that those aforementioned 319 square miles are where the majority of our nation’s problems exist.

Please pass this information along so that the rest of the nation understands what is happening to us under the so-called “Liberal” agenda.

“Do You Understand the Electoral College?” – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V6s7jB6-GoU

“The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College” – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LXnjGD7j2B0

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From the Parsha of the week: God, in the Torah, the Hebrew bible, dictates the basis for world morality.


From the Hebrew bible, Book Shemos (Exodus), Parsha Yisro (Mose’s father-in-law)

Verse 20 (1-18)

God spoke all the Ten Commandments in one single utterance. He then went back and specified each one individually

1. The Jewish people responded (“Yes” to the positive commands and “No” to the prohibitions)

2.”I am God, the God for every one of you, Who took you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

3. You shall not possess an idol of other deities.

4. You shall not make for yourself a sculptured image or any picture of that which is in the heavens above, which is on the earth below or which is in the water beneath the earth

5. You shall not bow down before them nor worship them for God, your God, am a God who is zealous to enact punishment . Who visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons, upon the third and the fourth generation of those who continue in their father’s ways to hate Me.

6.”But, I am kindly to those who love Me and to those who keep My commandments for two thousand generations.

7. You shall not take the name of God, your God, in vain for God will not absolve anyone who takes His name in vain.”

8. Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it.

9. Six days may you work and perform all your labor

10. But the seventh day is a sabbath to God, your God. You shall perform no labor, neither you, your son, your daughter, your manservant, your beast nor your convert who is within your gates

11. For in six days God made the heavens, the earth and the sea — and all that is in them — and he then rested, so to speak, on the seventh day. Therefore, God blessed the Sabbath day by causing a double portion of manna to fall on Friday and sanctified by not bringing the manna on the Sabbath.

12. Honor your father and your mother, in order that your days will be lengthened on the land that God, your God, is giving you”

13. You shall not murder.

” You shall not commit adultery.

“You shall not steal (people i.e. kidnap).”

” You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

14. You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, his manservant, his maidservant, his ax, his donkey, or whatever belongs to your neighbor.”

15. All the people could see the sounds (which God spoke), the torches, the sound of the shofar, and the smoking mountain. The people saw and they trembled and they withdrew backwards the full length of the camp.

16. They said to Moshe, ” You speak to us, and we will listen, but do not let God speak to us lest we die”

17. Moshe said to the people,”Fear not, for God has come to promote your reputation throughout the world and in order that having seen his awe, you shall know there is no other than Him so that you will not sin”

18.The people remained a long way off. Moshe drew near, first through the darkness, then to the cloud and deeper still to the fog, where God was. .


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Saying ‘Good-By’ to Bipartisan Support for Israel. Democrats missing in action.

By Sara Lehmann

January 23, 2019

Is there such a concept as chutzpah in government? Opponents of BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against Israel)? I hope not. After failing three times to pass through Congress, anti-BDS legislation aimed at granting federal protections to states now sits languishing on the Senate floor.

Democrats blocked the bill from coming up for a vote, claiming the government should reopen before doing business. But is the bill really a casualty of the government shutdown or of something far more nefarious?

The BDS legislation, part of a larger bill called S.1 that includes sanctioning the Syrian regime and granting military aid to Israel, was dead before arrival to the Senate Chamber.

Essentially the bill would permit state and local governments to boycott companies that boycott Israel. Proposed by Senator Marco Rubio, it hit a brick wall of opposition by Democrats intent on preventing the building of a different kind of wall. But it became obvious fairly quickly that it might be the content of the bill and not the timing that irked too many Democrats.

As if on cue, Senator Bernie Sanders immediately tweeted the Democrat progressive slant of the bill. “It’s absurd,” he said, “that the first bill during the shutdown is legislation which punishes Americans who exercise their constitutional right to engage in political activity.”

Representative Rashida Tlaib’s comments were all the more shocking for the silence with which they were received by fellow Democrats. Tlaib is the Michigan congresswoman who was sworn in wearing a traditional Palestinian robe and who displayed a map on her first day with a note posted over Israel that read “Palestine.”

She slammed the BDS bill as being “anti-First Amendment” and tweeted, “They forgot what country they represent. This is the U.S. where boycotting is a right and part of our historical fight for freedom and equality.”

Unlike Republican colleagues who immediately and roundly reprimanded Rep. Steve King last week for his white supremacist remark, Democrats did little to counter Tlaib’s Jewish smear. It was Rubio who slammed Tlaib’s dual loyalty canard, calling it “a typical anti-Semitic line.” He suggested that “a significant number of Senate Democrats now support BDS and Dem leaders want to avoid a floor vote that reveals that.”

Rubio might be onto something. Minnesota Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar, who accused Israel of “evil doings” and of being an “apartheid regime,” continues to openly advocate for BDS. Forget a reprimand. For that she was rewarded by Democrat leaders with a spot on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Are politics eclipsing anti-Semitism? Senator Gillibrand dumped her support for anti-BDS measures, claiming it infringed upon free speech. And Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, who only last year labeled BDS as “unquestionable anti-Semitism,” commented that it was “unfortunate” that Republicans “have decided to use Israel to play politics.” Perhaps it’s closer to the truth to say Democrats have decided to use politics to play Israel a dirty trick.

Charges of dual loyalty have long been convenient code words indicating anti-Semitism is at play. Some on the left have taken to branding AIPAC, for example, as a “Jewish lobby.” Leftist Democrats, eager to condemn the Israeli “occupiers,” have distanced themselves from the AIPAC convention, which used to be a political rite of passage. Sanders skipped the convention last year and more Democrats are expected to follow suit this year.

This trend stands in stark contrast to other ethnic groups in America. Leftists have long been ramming the dual loyalties of every national and cultural type down the collective American throat in an effort to divide and conquer. Progressives have discovered the power of the hyphen, and have transformed a country of Americans into a country of African-Americans, Arab-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and Native-Americans.

But the same multi-cultural crowd that celebrates Cinco de Mayo won’t be marching down Fifth Avenue in the Israel Day Parade. The Women’s March, while finally being rejected by the DNC, remains a powerful political force of resistance, incapable of resisting anti-Semites like Farrakhan. And political activists on the left, while denying that they are anti-Semitic, shut down dissenting opinions, especially in the media and on college campuses, and especially when it comes to Israel.

Suddenly, BDS supporters who silence Israel advocates are crying foul about free speech. Had Rubio introduced legislation protecting the rights of Muslim, African or Hispanic countries, chances are that the Democrats would have defied the shutdown to vote yea. Not so for protecting Israel from legal warfare.

Marc Greendorfer of the Zachor Legal Institute, which has taken the lead in the legal battle against BDS, is not surprised. In a conversation, he points to “Democrats politicizing the BDS provision, an enactment of common-sense anti-discrimination laws, in order to appease their increasingly radical, left wing, pro-BDS, anti-Israel base.” Greendorfer says, “Democrats have utterly abandoned fighting anti-Semitism and are promoting it with their support of BDS and their refusal to condemn the legions of Democrats who embrace anti-Semitic groups.”

Zachor’s research has been cited by U.S. governmental and non-profit organizations and the Israeli Supreme Court, and Greendorfer’s fight against BDS activity has been instrumental in enacting U.S. anti-discrimination laws. He believes things are only going to get worse. “I think that Tlaib is absolutely the face of the new Democrat Party.”

Greendorfer’s disturbing commentary rankles because of the truth behind it, especially as one leftist Democrat after another troops into Iowa ahead of the 2020 election. Any excuse that extremists among the Democrat Party are a minority is belied by the majority’s refusal to condemn them. And it underscores the urgency to fight back, lest another government official post a note over Israel on his map too.

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Black Intellectuals Embrace Anti-Semitism!?

Black Intellectuals Embrace Anti-Semitism —Despite years of dedicated support by Jews and their organizations


A Worrying trend is emerging

By Rafael Medoff, AMI MAG


Many Jewish organizations and news media outlets have been focused on the activities of anti-Semitic white supremacists, and some pundits even have accused President Donald Trump of encouraging such bigots. But in recent months, the most significant anti-Semitism in America actually has been emanating from a very different source: African-American intellectuals.


A number of America’s most prominent black thinkers, writers, and political activists are blaming Jews for the slave trade and climate change, accusing liberal Jewish organizations of being secretly racist, and publicly praising notorious anti-Semites such as the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam movement.

It’s a startling trend that could reshape our understanding of contemporary antisemitism in America in the years ahead.


American Jews have played a significant role in assisting the African-American community throughout the past century. Jews played a central part in creating the NAACP (in 1909) and similar organizations. Jewish philanthropists built more than 5,000 schools for rural African Americans from 1914 to 1932. And many thousands of Jews were active in the black civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, including at least half of the movement’s volunteer attorneys.


Despite that record of Jewish assistance, a streak of anti-Semitism has always infected the African-American community, says Dr. Harold Brackman, a historian of Jewish-black relations and consultant to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Brackman told Ami that American Jews and blacks initially worked together in the struggle against racial oppression, but then black anti-Semitism emerged, as many African Americans “no longer want to play secondary roles to Jewish patrons and sponsors.”


Going back to the 1800s, black churches often propagated standard Protestant religious canards against Jews and Judaism. Early black folklore—which was popularized in the mainstream American black press—was filled with stories in which Jews appeared as thieves, liars, or economic exploiters.

Many widely-admired African-American figures in the early 1900s harbored hostility toward Jews. Educator Booker T. Washington, the most prominent black leader prior to World War I, was, according to his biographer, “full of misunderstandings about Jews”—even though Washington’s famous Tuskegee Institute had many Jewish financial backers.


Historian W.E.B. Du Bois, in his classic 1903 book Souls of Black Folk, railed against “shrewd and unscrupulous Russian Jews” who supposedly exploited black farmers in the South. Later in life, Du Bois would renounce his earlier anti-Semitism, but much damage was done in the meantime.

Author and speaker Marcus Garvey, leader of a Harlem-based black nationalist movement in the 1920s, admired the Nazis and blamed “the Jewish judge and the Jewish prosecutor” when he was convicted of mail fraud in 1923. Garvey often quoted from the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zipon.


Such anti-Semitic rabble-rousing likely added fuel to the fire when riots exploded in Harlem in March 1935. Aroused by false rumors about the beating of a shoplifter, African-American mobs targeted Jewish stores as they rampaged through Harlem, smashing windows and looting. More than 200 stores were attacked during the night-long violence.


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The “Anyone but Bibi Bluster” (Sound familiar?)

By Ruthie Blum

January 13. 2019

 When Tzipi Livni and her ilk try to promote the idea that Netanyahu is a greater danger to Israel than Islamist missiles and butcher knives covered in Jewish blood, most of us just sigh and yawn.


 In a typical tirade against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu on Tuesday, Hatnua Party chair Tzipi Livni said, “No leader in Israel has the right to destroy everything we have built here for his own personal needs.”


Referring to Netanyahu’s televised address to the nation on Monday evening, Livni—still stinging from her sudden ouster by Labor Party leader Avi Gabbay as head of the Zionist Union opposition bloc—added, “That’s what he does on prime time.


Livni was not alone in lambasting Netanyahu for causing the country to spend three hours speculating about the “dramatic announcement” he was going to deliver, and then treating viewers to a complaint that he is not being given a fair shake by the legal system.


 It was a disappointing display. Rumors had been rampant of imminent war, the possible release of Israelis in Hamas captivity or potential U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The letdown, then, was enormous.


More importantly, it provided “anybody but Bibi” politicians and members of the media with the perfect opportunity to accuse Netanyahu of hijacking the airways to make a case for his innocence in a number of corruption cases for which he is being investigated. Channel 10 went as far as to cut off the prime minister’s remarks in the middle and resume its regular news broadcast.


II  The Golan Heights


By Victor Sharpe


On Sunday, January 5th, 2019, Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, requested visiting U.S. National Security Advisor, John Bolton, to seek Washington’s long delayed recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. In doing so Netanyahu stressed the vital security importance of the Heights. He told Bolton that, “When you are there, you’ll be able to understand perfectly why we will never leave the Golan Heights and why it is important that all countries recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.”



Indeed, those of us who have stood on the Golan’s 1,700 foot steep escarpment, are struck by its immense strategic value overlooking Israel’s fertile Hula Valley and the beautiful harp shaped lake below, called in Hebrew, Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) because of its unique shape.


Syria had occupied it for 44 years during which time no agriculture of any significance or restoration of its terrain ever took place.


Instead, the Golan was a Syrian army artillery encampment whose sole purpose was to deliberately rain down an endless barrage of shells upon Israeli farmers, fishermen and villagers .


 Israel’s liberation of the Golan in 1967 has lasted 52 years. Ask yourself then, who has possessed the Golan the longest and who has millennial historic, religious, Biblical and post-Biblical attachment to it? And it is that last reference to the ancestral and Biblical attachment to the Golan that must be included as an imperative and crucial component of Israel’s and the Jewish people’s claim.


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From Proud Americans – Somehow missing in the New Left, especially in the American Congress

OLDIE Pin drop stories
Tue, Jan 15, 2019 10:32 am
An oldie but still a goodie.
If we had these kind of people in government instead of  the shit the Democrat Party dumped on us this country would be the way it used to be.
Once upon a time when our politicians did not tend to apologize   for our country’s prior actions, here’s a refresher on how some of our former patriots handled negative comments about our great country
These are good
Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60’s when
DeGaulle decided to pull out of NATO.
DeGaulle said he wanted all US military out of
France as soon as possible.
Rusk responded, “Does that include those who are buried here?”
DeGaulle did not respond.
You could have heard a pin drop.
When in England , at a fairly large conference,
Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury
if our plans for Iraq were just an example of  
’empire building’ by George Bush.
He answered by saying, “Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders.
The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”
You could have heard a pin drop.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
There was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American.
During a break, one of the French engineers came back into
the room saying, “Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done?
He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims.
What does he intend to do, bomb them?”
A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly:
“Our carriers have three hospitals on board
that can treat several hundred people;
they are nuclear powered and can supply
emergency electrical power to shore facilities;
they have three cafeterias with
the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day,
they can produce several thousand gallons of
fresh water from sea water each day,
and they carry half a dozen helicopters for
use in transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck.
We have eleven such ships; how many does France have?”
You could have heard a pin drop.
A U.S. Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference that included Admirals from the U.S., English, Canadian, Australian and French Navies
At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with a large group of officers that included personnel from most of those countries.
Everyone was chatting away in English as they sipped their drinks, but a French admiral suddenly complained that, whereas Europeans learn many languages, Americans learn only English.
He then asked, “Why is it that we always have to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?”
Without hesitating the American Admiral replied,
“Maybe it’s because the Brit’s, Canadians, Aussie’s and Americans
arranged it so you wouldn’t have to speak German.”
You could have heard a pin drop.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane.
At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in
his carry on.
“You have been to France before, monsieur?”
the customs officer asked sarcastically.
Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.
“Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.”
The American said, “The last time I was here,
I didn’t have to show it.”
“Impossible.. Americans always have to show their passports on
arrival in France !”
The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look.
Then, he quietly explained, ”Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on,
D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country, I couldn’t find a single Frenchman to show a passport to.”
You could have heard a pin drop.
If you are proud to be an American, pass this on!
If not, delete it.
I am proud to be of this land — AMERICA
I am proud to be an American.

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Congress Fiddles As The Left Ramps Up Censorship Of Conservatives

Congress Fiddles As The Left Ramps Up Censorship Of Conservatives

Big tech and progressive companies are now working hand-in-hand with the Democrat Party to censor, blacklist or de-platform all influential nationalist and conservative thinkers. This is no longer even debatable.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress squandered their chance to do anything about this before the Democrats will assume control of the House in January. For the next two years, the crackdown on conservative speech and thought will continue to grow unchecked as a result.

If you don’t think conservative voices large and small are being censored, here are some of the most recent examples we’ve learned about. This should send a chill down the spine of any conservative or, for that matter, any civil libertarian who cares about freedom of speech.

Tucker Carlson hosts the number two show on all of cable news, a close second only to Sean Hannity in overall ratings. But advertisers are suddenly fleeing from Carlson’s program over his factual statements about immigration.

This was not some grassroots effort in which customers were outraged and called advertisers to cancel their sponsorship of Carlson’s show. The effort is being led by The Huffington Post.

The Huffy leftists are coordinating with liberal political action committees and “community organizers” to specifically call Tucker’s sponsors. These leftists, who probably didn’t use any of Tucker’s sponsors to begin with, are screeching at the top of their lungs that these private companies shouldn’t “support hate.”

And the private companies are caving. We don’t know the full extent of financial damage that The Huffington Post’s boycott of his show yet. So far, Tucker has lost 16 corporate sponsorships due to a leftwing censorship stunt.

Vox Day is being de-platformed by YouTube for posting videos that are literally history lessons. Vox, for those who haven’t heard of him, is one of the top authors listed in Amazon’s “Political Philosophy” section.

He’s written books like “Cuckservative: How ‘Conservatives’ Betrayed America,” “SJWs Always Lie” and most recently, “Jordanetics” – a vicious takedown of moon-bat Canadian sociology professor Jordan Peterson’s messiah complex.

Vox also happens to be of Native American and Hispanic ancestry and identifies fiercely as an American nationalist.

What was his crime in YouTube’s eyes? He posted a history lesson on the Huns invading Europe in 372 AD. To sum the video up, the Huns quickly crushed the Alans and the Ostrogoths when they began their rampage across Europe.

Some 200,000 Christian Visigoths, including men, women and children, fled from the Huns and stopped at the Danube River. There, they pleaded with the Roman emperor Valens to be allowed in as refugees.

Vox asks, sarcastically, “Who among you could be so heartless, so cruel, to deny hundreds of thousands of desperate women and children refuge from some of the most savage warriors ever to slaughter the innocent in the recorded history of man?”

Valens let the refugees in and lay dead at their feet along with an army of 50,000 of his best soldiers just six years later. 38 years after Valens took the refugees in, Rome itself was sacked by the Goths.

Vox’s video about this was literally a history lesson. Any parent could comfortably share the video with their Fifth Grade to learn more about ancient history.

And it has been permanently banned by YouTube because it might cause people ask obviously uncomfortable questions about the parallels to our current globalist immigration and refugee policies.

And then there’s talk radio giant Michael Savage. Mr. Savage is the second-largest talk radio personality in America, trailing only Rush Limbaugh in total listeners.

Savage is also fiercely pro-American, pro-Trump and anti-globalist. In a move that literally makes no sense, Westwood One is reducing Savage’s three-hour show to one hour in length, starting next month. In another three months, Savage will be taken off the air completely.

Westwood One plans to promote Ben Shapiro to take over Savage’s time slot. Savage’s pro-American sentiments cannot be allowed to pollute the airwaves, so Westwood One is replacing him with the “conservative” Ben Shapiro, who the New York Times helpfully informs us is in the intellectual mold of John McCain, Mitt Romney and Jeb! Bush.

Those three examples don’t even include the countless conservatives, nationalists, alt-right supporters and patriots who are being banned or kicked off of Facebook, Twitter and other leftist platforms.

The silencing of conservatives is accelerating right before our eyes. What’s Congress doing about it? Playing the fiddle, unfortunately.

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The Nation of Islam, The House of Representatives and the Democrats

The Nation of Islam and the House

By Jeryl Bier

The Wall Street Journal

January 4, 2019

Donald Trump has repeatedly faced calls to disavow anti-Semites, but Democrats have their own anti-Semitism problem. The new House majority leadership includes several lawmakers with ties to the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan:


• James Clyburn of South Carolina. Mr. Clyburn, first elected in 1992, will hold the No. 3 post, majority whip, as he did in 2007-11. Mr. Clyburn is also a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, which in September 1993 entered what then-CBC Chairman Kweisi Mfume called a “sacred covenant” with the Nation of Islam.

The pact was ostensibly dissolved in February 1994, after it emerged that Farrakhan aide Khalid Abdul Muhammad had given a speech in which he called Jews the “bloodsuckers of the black nation.” But in July 2000, Mr. Clyburn, then CBC chairman, formed a partnership with Mr. Farrakhan’s Million Family March.

In 2005 Mr. Clyburn became chairman of the Democratic Caucus. The same year, photojournalist Askia Muhammad reported that “practically all 43 CBC (Congressional Black Caucus)  members” (including then-Sen. Barack Obama) met Mr. Farrakhan in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March.

In 2011 Mr. Clyburn again joined Mr. Farrakhan, for a town-hall gathering in Pittsburgh titled “The Disappearing Black Community.” Mr. Clyburn told the Final Call, the Nation of Islam’s newspaper, that he was “not bothered in the least bit” by criticism of the appearance.

• Barbara Lee of California. New York’s Rep. Hakeem Jeffries narrowly defeated Ms. Lee to become chairman of the Democratic Caucus, the No. 4 leadership position. Mrs. Pelosi then named Ms. Lee a co-chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. Ms. Lee was at the 2005 CBC meeting with Farrakhan, where she posed for a group photo.

In January 2006, she and other CBC members met privately with Mr. Farrakhan in New Orleans. video shows Ms. Lee embracing Mr. Farrakhan, who calls her “my sister.” Not until March 2018 did Ms. Lee say: “I unequivocally condemn Minister Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic and hateful comments.”

• Maxine Waters of California. The new chairman of the Financial Services Committee was also a member of the CBC delegation that met Mr. Farrakhan in 1993 and announced the “sacred covenant.” Ms. Waters appeared at 1997’s Million Women March and attended Mr. Farrakhan’s February 2002 Savior’s Day address, in which he expressed sympathy for Palestinian suicide bombers.

In July 2002, Ms. Waters attended a Farrakhan briefing to the CBC on his “peace mission,” which included a stop in Iraq. Ms. Waters appeared in the 2005 group photo with Mr. Farrakhan and was in New Orleans in 2006, where she told Mr. Farrakhan she’d like to meet with him to plan a strategy for getting post-Katrina New Orleans on the national agenda. (Ms. Waters’s office has declined to say whether such a meeting took place.)

CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted last February, “The difference between Louis Farrakhan and some members of the Alt-Reich,  whose heinous bigotry has received a lot of attention this past year,” is that “Farrakhan has a much larger following and elected officials meet with him openly.” Another difference is that with a few exceptions such as Mr. Tapper, the media don’t seem to care.

(“Alt-Reich: Nation,” is a  Facebook group  wherein members post disparaging material about African Americans and other minority groupsTrump Haters, by a great stretch of their imagination and encouraged by Democrats, attribute  this sort of malicious identity politics to President Donald Trump.

In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth as evidenced by Trump’s very positive attitude toward Blacks and Hispanics and the resultant great improvement in their employment and financial status.  This technique used by the Democrat Party against Trump is simply a form of deliberate pathological “Projection” ) jsk

Mr. Bier is an accountant and freelance writer.

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The ‘Top 10’ Global Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Incidents of 2018

The ‘Top 10’ Global Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Incidents of 2018

This is the shocking list of the worst anti-Semitic, anti-Israel incidents the Jewish world has encountered in 2018, with figures showing a concerning trend. 

By: Jewish News Service (JNS) United with Israel Staff

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), which dedicates itself to combating post-Holocaust anti-Semitism, has presented its list of the 10 worst anti-Semitic and anti-Israel incidents that occurred over the course of 2018.

It was “a year where anti-Semitism showed disturbing signs of growth worldwide,” the anti-Semitism watchdog noted.

1. The Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

The deadliest attack in American Jewish history: Eleven worshippers were shot and killed during Shabbat-morning services on Oct. 27 at the Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha Synagogue.

“How could this have possibly happened in the United States? Why now? With hate crimes on the rise in the US, including a 57 percent rise in anti-Semitic incidents, the shooting in Pittsburgh illustrates the dangers of a society in which openly espousing hatred and intolerance on social media – and in the real world – are no longer taboo,” SWC wrote.

2. Louis Farrakhan’s Use of Nazi Propaganda to Dehumanize of Jews

During a speech in October in Detroit, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan slammed those who call him a Jew-hater: “I’m not mad at you because you’re so stupid. … So when they talk about Farrakhan, and call me a hater, you do what they do: call me an anti-Semite. … Stop it, I’m an anti-termite.”

“The vile Farrakhan continues to draw accolades from the founders of the Women’s March on Washington, many elected officials and members of the entertainment community. The mainstream media has largely turned a blind eye to Farrakhan’s longstanding hatred of Jews,” SWC charged.

3. Swastikas on Multiple US Campuses after the Pittsburgh Tragedy

Swastikas were found at Duke University, University of Illinois, Cornell University, Stanford University and other higher education institutions in the aftermath of the deadliest shooting in US Jewish history.

“Members of extremist groups, like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), created hostile environments for Jewish students by posting quotes on social media like, “Let’s stuff some Jews in the ovens” and “every time I read about Hitler, I fall in love again,” SWC noted.

4. The Jeremy Corbyn-led British Labour Party Mainstreams Anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom

“Multiple photos of Corbyn embracing members of Middle East terrorist groups added to the fears of many Brits well beyond the Jewish community,” SWC stated.

5. UNRWA’s School Curriculum that Wipes Israel Out of Existence and Venerates the Mass Murderer of Jews

According to SWC, “Hamas effectively controls the UNRWA teachers’ union and teachers resort to social media to promote terrorism against Israelis and to ‘stab Zionist dogs.’”

6. Airbnb’s Discrimination Against Israelis in Judea and Samaria

There is no indication that Airbnb, who claim to oppose BDS, is extending its interventionist diplomacy to Cyprus or the scores of other disputed territories around the world.

The Wiesenthal Center is urging its 400,000 members to book their travel elsewhere.

7. German Bank’s Association with Leading BDS Group

In 2018, the Bank for Social Economy insists on doing business with the radical “Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East,” which strongly endorses boycotting the Jewish state.

8. Episcopal Bishop’s Wholesale Fabrication of Non-Existent Israeli Atrocities against Arab Children

During a speech in Massachusetts last July, Bishop Gayle Harris reported that she witnessed an Israeli soldier arrest a three-year-old Arab child on the Jerusalem Temple Mount and gun down a 15-year-old Palestinian teen in the back. After SWC exposed the claims as fabrications, Harris, the #2 Episcopal clergy in the state, backtracked, saying that she had only heard the stories from a third party – a Palestinian.

9. Prestigious Swedish Hospital’s Refusal to Act against Overt Jew-Hatred in its Top Ranks

The head of neurosurgery at the Karolinska Institute has systematically discriminated against three Jewish doctors, blocking them from helping their patients and even hindering continued research at the Institute.

“We are shocked by the lethargic response of Karolinska to the cancer of anti-Semitism,” SWC’s Rabbi Abraham Cooper said. “So far, powerful bigots have been protected and life-saving Jewish physicians are left twisting in the winds of hate.”

10. Roger Waters Using Concert Venues to Spread Vitriol against the Jewish People

There are few performers whose anti-Israel vitriol can match that of Roger Waters. Despite his protests to the contrary, for years the co-founder of the iconic band Pink Floyd has crossed the line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

2018 has been a busy year for Waters. While in Germany, he heard Munich’s Mayor, Dieter Reiter, explain why the city would not rent any venues for his performances. “Waters has made increasingly unacceptable and anti-Semitic comments,” Mayor Reiter said. “I want to make it unequivocally clear that Waters’ anti-Semitic rabble-rousing is not welcome in Munich and will not go unchallenged.”

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Female genital mutilation [FGM] isn’t someone else’s problem. It has come to America.

Female genital mutilation [FGM] isn’t someone else’s problem. It has come to America.

Hundreds of thousands of women and girls in America are in danger of FGM. 

FGM is a brutal exploitation of females that is sanctioned by Sharia.

It exemplifies the Sharia doctrine that women are property. 

Elizabeth (Liz) Yore has spent 30 years in legal child advocacy. 

She now serves as the head of the much-needed initiative “End FGM Today”.

Learn what you can do to eradicate FGM – Criminalize – Train – Indict – Convict!

Listen Online Friday 1/4 7 PM EST 


Or call 319-527-6706 to listen via phone – press #1 to join the conversation

An Proud Affiliate of The United West


Nikki Haley left the UN with this epic speech. I cannot imagine the new nominee filling her shoes. Pray I am wrong.

Nikki Haley left the UN with this epic speech

By Leah Rosenberg – December 23, 2018 


Israel will never forget what Nikki Haley did for them in the UN.  In just 2 years, she completely changed the norms of how the United States talked to the world about the Middle East.

She understood that the only way to deal with the UN from the seat of the US Ambassador to the UN is to use strength.  The UN is filled with one country after another that spreads lies about Israel and the United States.  Israel is basically the world’s punching bag at the UN.  Nikki Haley changed all of that.  And she did it in a classy way that made her popular – even among her opponents.

Challenges Ahead

There is good reason to assume that in the coming years – or months – the United States will make bold moves on the world stage.  Nikki Haley has set things up at the UN so that the world understands well where the United States stands.  Will President Trump make some bold moves on the world stage.  I think he will.  But, if he doesn’t need to, it will be thanks to tough rhetoric backed up with action.  That is the key to a calm and successful foreign policy.  Talk tough, mean what you say, and be willing to act on your convictions.

Political Future

Nikki Haley did not enter the world stage at the UN as a sworn supporter of President Trump.  She made a wise and calculated move that if she joined in with the Trump administration at this juncture for a short span of time, she could build up her international reputation and help reign in President Trump while pushing his positive agendas.  That is exactly what happened.  The two worked very well together.  If there was friction on policies, they succeeded in glossing over them.  On the big issues, Nikki Haley was the perfect spokeswoman for President Trump on the world stage.

She has set a high standard for all future US ambassadors to the UN.

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Another view relative to President Trump’s Syrian withdrawal

Mark Langfan, Dec. 24, 2018


While many pundits have gone hysterical over President Trump’s Syrian pullout, President Trump really had no choice but to employ his own “Samson Option,” one in which he knocked over everyone’s toys and theories. 

Firstly, President Trump isn’t “gifting” Putin a “Christmas present,” but rather is hanging a deadly Syrian Albatross on Putin’s neck. Without American forces east of the Euphrates and American dollars helping Syrian reconstruction, Putin faces an Iranian victory in Syria, and a Russian loss. In fact, Russian rapprochement with Israel is a direct result of American withdrawal. Now, Russia has only Israel to help keep Iran’s gobbling up of Syria in check. If Putin looks to Turkey to check Iran, the unacceptably high payment will be Turkish ownership of Northern Syria. 

 Putin is now hopelessly up a Syrian creek without a paddle.

 Secondly, President Trump told all the the Arabs in Iraq and Saudi Arabia: Either fight Iran yourselves and pay for the fight yourselves, or bow as slaves to your new Persian masters. America can’t afford either the money or the blood to fight the Arab war of liberation against the Persian colonialist Iran. The training wheels are off. America will help at the edges, but the fight has to be an Arab fight against Iranian Persian hegemony.

 Thirdly, President Trump’s message to the Pentagon is: You can spend hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars in a year fighting and dying in foreign wars, but you can’t afford to or are legally barred from physically defending the American border, or pay for a defensive wall to slow the migrant invasions? Charity and defense begins at home. If America’s home base isn’t secure, nothing is secure. 

 To make matters worse, the Pentagon just “missed” an “accounting error” consisting of spending 331 million dollars paying for Saudi refueling over Yemen, but nobody at DOD can find a single penny to pay for the wall? You’ve got to be kidding me.

 Fourthly, President Trump’s message to the world is: America can’t afford to protect you any more. President Trump, the businessman, is looking at the total American budget, the deficit and America’s debt, and concluded: A bankrupt “world policeman,” is a defeated America that can’t defend itself or anyone else. America’s current military projection is financially unsustainable. The world had better quickly budget for its defense, because America can’t continue to foot the bill.

 Fifthly, President Trump’s message to Turkey is: You’ve told me ISIS is defeated, America’s allies are terrorists, and you were going to attack American forces in Syria; well, goodbye and good luck. Trump didn’t believe a word Erdogan said, but Trump believed his intelligence that Turkey, an alleged NATO ally, was scheming with Russia behind America’s back on Syria. Now, Erdogan will now have to deal with the Kurds, Russia, ISIS, and Iran all by himself. Have fun. Without America propping up the Kurds, Turkey might actually realize the truth that the Kurds are Turkey’s greatest natural ally against Iran and ISIS.

 Sixthly, President Trump’s unintended message to Israel: If you give up an inch of the Judea and Samaria aka”West Bank” under my crazy “Deal of the Century,” you’re stupider than a rock. Relying on a Trump “Peace” deal is like riding blindfolded on a Trump banana peel on an MBS/Saudi skate-board against traffic on a six-lane Iran super-highway. Syria isn’t just Iran’s pathway to Lebanon, but to any “West Bank” Palestinian Arab State. Israel better solidify its hold of the “West Bank” quickly because the next American President (either sooner or later) will likely be an Israel-hating BDS-supporting democrat who will overtly call Israel an Apartheid State.

In fact:

Trump is cleverly seeing to it that Russia needs Israel to keep Iran at bay – or lose Syria to the Iranian octopus.

He is also sending other messages to the Middle East Arab countries.

 President Trump was faced with a no-win situation, and decided to be a modern-day American Samson, and knock everybody down.

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How America (i.e. President Donald Trump) Broke OPEC

Lessons from the U.S. rise to be the world’s largest oil producer.

By Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

Dec. 14, 2018

(The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) 

Founded in 1960 in Baghdad by the first five members (IranIraqKuwaitSaudi Arabia, and Venezuela), and headquartered since 1965 in Vienna, Austria. As of September 2018, the 15 countries accounted for an estimated 44 percent of global oil production and 81.5 percent of the world’s “proven” oil reserves, giving OPEC a major influence on global oil prices that were previously determined by the so called “Seven Sisters” grouping of multinational oil companies.)

Remember when America’s political class fretted about “peak oil” and dependence on foreign energy? So much for that. The U.S. the other week for the first time in 75 years became a net petroleum exporter as the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries wrangled over how to respond to America’s growing energy bounty.

U.S. crude production has surged 20% in a year and nearly tripled in a decade thanks to advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. American output is rising at the fastest rate in a century. Earlier this year the U.S. eclipsed Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest oil producer.

For nearly six decades OPEC has dominated oil markets by setting production quotas among its 15 members. In late 2014, OPEC flooded the market with oil in an effort to break U.S. drillers who were burning cash on mounds of debt. As oil prices fell below $40 a barrel in 2015-2016, many wildcatters folded or were absorbed by larger producers.

But the survivors became more efficient. Technology—including drones with thermal imaging to detect leaks along with improvements in horizontal drilling—boosted productivity. Over the last five years production per rig has more than tripled in the Permian Basin and quadrupled in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale. While the Bakken rig count has fallen by 70%, output has increased by a third.

Most American oil refineries have processed heavier crudes, which depressed prices for lighter, sweeter grades produced in the new wells. But in late 2015 the GOP Congress expanded shale-oil’s market by lifting the export ban on crude in return for Barack Obama’s demand to extend renewable energy tax credits. U.S. crude exports have since soared to 3.2 million barrels a day.

Many U.S. producers say they can turn a profit at $50 a barrel and even as low as $30 in the Permian’s most productive regions. Yet most OPEC members need prices ranging between $70 and $90 per barrel to balance their budgets. The cartel scaled back output in 2016, but shale producers roared back as prices recovered. America’s shale gusher has presented a quandary for OPEC and especially its largest member, Saudi Arabia, which faces large budget deficits as it works to contain Iranian influence in the Middle East.

Earlier this year, the Saudis obliged President Trump by increasing output to prevent prices from soaring with the reimposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran. Even so oil prices hit a four-year high in early October. But they have since declined 30% amid weakening world economic forecasts, sanctions exemptions and surging U.S. production.

OPEC and Russia last week agreed to scale back production collectively by 1.2 million barrels a day, but the meeting exposed the cartel’s cracks. Qatar quit amid hostilities with the Saudis. Small producers carped they were too insignificant to affect global supply. Algeria produces one million barrels per day, which is as much as U.S. output has increased in five months.

Saudi Arabia, Russia and allied producers agreed to shoulder the bulk of the cuts while Libya, Iran and Venezuela received exemptions. Some in the media claim the Saudis defied Mr. Trump’s pleas to keep oil prices low, yet U.S. shale producers are likely to benefit from OPEC’s cuts by capturing more market share.

One of the biggest constraints on U.S. production has been a distribution bottleneck. Hence West Texas Intermediate now sells at a $8 to $9 discount to Brent crude on the world market. But next year three pipelines capable of delivering two million barrels of Permian crude to the Gulf Coast are expected to come online. In 2020 two more pipelines that can carry two million barrels a day are expected to be completed.

Oil companies are also racing to build more export terminals to handle the supply gusher, which isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. The U.S. Geological Survey reported recently that the Permian’s Delaware Basin holds more than twice as much oil and 18 times as much natural gas as the heavier-drilled Midland region.

Barack Obama, hilariously, is now claiming credit for the shale boom. “You know that whole suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer . . . that was me, people,” he said last month at Rice University. But drilling leases on federal land declined 28% during his two terms amid new restrictions on land use. Drilling skyrocketed on private land, despite attempts by his regulators to block pipelines, slow down approvals, and impose higher costs on production.

The Trump Administration is expediting pipeline and terminal permitting and opening new federal land to drilling. Last year’s tax reform unlocked Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Interior Department recently scaled back needless Obama protections for the sage grouse, which will allow drilling on nine million acres in oil-rich states. Leases are being snapped up at auction, even in areas where recoveries are now low and expensive. As technology advances, many investors expect the break-even price of production to fall.

Politicians in the past have sought to secure American energy independence with price controls, ethanol mandates and the oil export ban. But they and OPEC should note that America owes its new energy prosperity to industry innovation, private property, and the free market.

How America (i.e. President Donald Trump) Broke OPEC

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Pro-Israel Voices Are Being Locked In ‘Facebook Jail’


Policing a community sounds like a good idea. But what sounds good in theory is not always so in practice. And in the case of the Facebook community, this device is being used as a cudgel against pro-Israel voices.

Zahava Englard Shapiro, a staunch pro-Israel activist and past executive director of One Israel Fund, told The Jewish Press that Facebook has banned her for allegedly offensive posts so often that she “can’t even keep track as to how many times.”

“The most outrageous time,” she said, “was when Facebook sent me a notice about a post I had written three years before where I referenced Arab Muslim terrorism, stating a factual account. They claimed it did not conform to community standards, which is the same type of message I receive each time I am banned.”

According to Statista, Facebook currently has 2.2 billion active monthly users, making it the most popular social media platform worldwide. Anyone on Facebook can report a post for including hate speech, fake news, or content related to violence, harassment, or terrorism.

If Facebook administrators believe a post violates the company’s standards, it places its author in “Facebook jail.” Access to his account is then either limited or completely blocked for up to 30 days at a time. Opportunities for redress are few to non-existent.

“I tried to fight the charges, but to no avail. My account was locked for three days,” said Izzy (Yisroel) Weiss regarding a post he wrote in response to a woman promoting BDS. Weiss, who works for former Assemblyman Dov Hikind in Brooklyn, said he has been put in Facebook jail on four different occasions.

“Facebook is a partisan platform,” he asserted. “They do not cater to those whose views they do not align with. It is very clear that on the Israeli-Palestinian issue they are clearly on the side of the Palestinian cause.”

“The truth apparently goes against Facebook’s community standards,” said Shapiro. But “Facebook has no problem allowing Jew-hating posts and pages that clearly explain – with diagrams – how to murder a Jew. Somehow, that isn’t contrary to Facebook community standards,” she said.

Alan Silver – who lives in Telzstone just outside of Jerusalem and runs a pro-Israel Facebook group with over 9,400 members – said he has been blocked “at least 15 times” since joining Facebook. He believes he has “been a target by organized Muslim groups” that bombard Facebook with complaints.

Dr. Elana Heideman, executive director of the Jerusalem-based The Israel Forever Foundation, told The Jewish Press that “Facebook jail represents two specific dangers to the ability to defend Israel in social media. First, it denies the right to freedom of speech specifically of those advocating for Jewish rights in Israel.

“Second, it indicates that there is a targeting system at work that is attempting to silence the voices of those advocates. Much like we see on campuses and in general social discussions, Facebook jail – like any blacklist or other means of censorship – is a perceived risk to potential activists who share their voice.”

She added, “Talking about Israel requires courage, confidence and resolve…. Knowing you can be ‘digitally jailed’ makes it harder for individuals to reach a wider audience and for organizations to increase their impact.”

Some are also hurt financially. Avi Abelow, executive director of the 12Tribe Films, told The Jewish Press that his pro-Israel company was removed from a Facebook platform that allows providers to earn revenue from advertisements. “This was a serious financial hit,” he said.

Abelow tried to get reinstated but ran up against a brick wall. “They are not transparent and are very unhelpful,” he said. “When they removed us from their mobile platform, we asked why in the appeal process. They just sent a formal response with a link to a standards document of tens of pages.

No indication of what you did wrong and what you have to fix, just a generic ‘against our standards’ message with no assistance to know what to fix in order to be able to return to the platform.”

Not one to sit and complain, Abelow decided to fight back. “We started an initiative called ‘Don’t Shut Us Up,’” he said. Located online at dontshutusup.com, it is a “fast-growing, grassroots, international movement that uses social media, short video updates, petitions and PR to fight those who are silencing legitimate opinions online,” he said.

Abelow and his team are currently “compiling a list of all the cases of censorship” on social media to be followed by a push for action. They are asking anyone who experienced or knows about incidents of online censorship to contact them.

Facebook did not respond to numerous requests for comment for this story.

(Not much except maybe advise their advertisers that as long as they advertise on Facebook, you will no longer buy their products)  Jsk

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A guide for left-wingers to watching Fox News and avoid contamination

 A guide for left-wingers to watching Fox News

By Lawrence Solomon

December 14, 2018

Beware: You may find yourself learning something, or even straying right

Fox News’s Sean Hannity takes a little getting used to, so watch with care.

‘Very dangerous’: Donald Trump is accusing Google of rigging search results against him to favor ‘fake news’

Lawrence Solomon: How Obama lost the left

Fake-news patrolling may be next big Internet boom: Ryan Holmes

Ever wonder why Donald Trump hasn’t been impeached yet, given the mountains of evidence against him and all those convictions of his cronies? Maybe you were even surprised that he was elected president. And that the stock market immediately soared. And that manufacturing has come back to the United States. And that U.S. economic growth is again at levels many thought were a thing of the past.

Maybe you were also surprised that the Brits voted to exit the European Union, and that the citizens in other European countries are moving in the same direction.

And that the Paris climate accord has led to the discord torching Paris streets. Maybe you’re wondering why peak oil never happened, and why you stopped hearing about all those Pacific Islands that were going to be submerged by global warming.

If so, don’t blame yourself. Blame the mainstream media, which has misled you and so often left you clueless. But there is a way to recover your understanding of the world, so that current events don’t keep throwing you for a loop. The cure isn’t for everyone. But those who want to be in the know can take the medicine, strictly following instructions.

Lawrence Solomon: Americans still trust Trump more than the media—and they’re right to

Lawrence Solomon: Trump’s basically clinched his re-election thanks to those midterm results

Regulating fake news will only ensure that we only see regulated fake news

The medicine is called Fox News. If you are a progressive for whom a low dose is required, you must never watch Sean Hannity, certainly not in the first year, before you’ve developed antibodies. He’ll make your head explode.

Also on the DO-NOT-WATCH list are Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. If you do happen to stumble on one of them, the only antidote is switching to Shepard Smith’s 3 p.m. ET show at the earliest opportunity (maybe even TiVo him for use in an emergency). Shep will restore your equilibrium with some of TV’s finest Trump bashing, familiarly in the guise of presenting impartial news, just like they do on other networks.

For a fair and balanced Fox experience, start with Martha MacCallum’s 7 p.m. weekday show, The Story. You’ll be hard-pressed to notice any scent of ideology in her thoughtful questioning of brilliant guests, including many of the best legal minds in Democratic circles, such as Harvard University’s Alan Dershowitz and George Washington University’s Jonathan Turley.

MacCallum has no rough edges, she’s thoroughly likable, thoroughly prepared and fearless in asking disarming questions that elicit unscripted answers from her guests.

Super-smart and super-nice also describe Shannon Bream in her 11 p.m. show, Fox News @ Night, a mix of hard news and interviews, typically also of top legal minds of both parties. Bream, a lawyer and formerly Fox’s Supreme Court correspondent, is so unbelievably nice, in fact, that her guests and colleagues spontaneously gush, live on-air, at her unbelievable niceness.

Other shows that will impress left-leaners include Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace, a tough interviewer whose pro-Democrat biases rarely show, and Bret Baier  weekday 6 p.m. Special Report, which provides straight news and balanced analysis.

Unlike hosts on other networks, who can be counted on to downplay or altogether ignore news embarrassing to Democrats, the poker-faced Baier provides no such cover for wrong-doers of either party.

Fox News provides opposing perspectives, often articulated by their most accomplished advocates in head-to-head debates, letting you judge for yourself whose arguments best stand up to scrutiny.

Satisfyingly, these exchanges, and other interviews involving politics and law, also provide the civics lessons that schools today neglect. Crystal-clear explanations from the likes of passionate civil libertarians like Dershowitz are a treat to imbibe.

With so much of the news these days involving complex process issues — the Mueller investigation into Trump’s suspected Russian collusion, the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing, the rights of migrants to obtain refugee status — the need to understand the rule of law becomes paramount. By meeting that need, Fox makes its viewers smarter.

Fox attracts viewers across the ideological spectrum, with the proportion of Democrat and Independent viewers outnumbering its Republican viewers

 Because all viewers — Democrats, Republicans and Independents — feel empowered when they “get it,” Fox attracts viewers across the ideological spectrum, with the proportion of Democrat and Independent viewers outnumbering its Republican viewers and the Fox audience sometimes exceeding that of CNN and MSNBC combined.

There’s a danger for those on the left who watch Fox, however: They may not stay on the left. According to a study last year in the American Economic Review, watching Fox News as little as an additional 2.5 minutes a week will make someone likelier to vote Republican, while watching MSNBC for that amount of time has negligible effect.

The study further found that Fox News has been responsible for an increasing share of the Republican vote: “Our estimates imply increasing effects of FNC (Fox News Channel) on the Republican vote share in presidential elections over time, from 0.46 points in 2000 to 6.34 points in 2008.”

That suggests that without Fox News, John Kerry would have obtained more votes than George W. Bush in the 2004 election, and Barack Obama’s 53-46 per cent win over John McCain in 2008 would have looked more like a 60-40 landslide.

The existential question for those who lean left then becomes, “Is becoming knowledgeable on the issues worth the risk that I will lose my identification as a progressive?” In this era of identity politics, the answer won’t be obvious.


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