Commentary from a brilliant, erudite Viet Nam veteran

This letter to me is just too full of factual material, much of it beyond my knowledge or comprehension, to simply discard. Many of you will get far more out of it than I.


By Jerome S. Kaufman

Dear Dr. K:

Commentary from a brilliant, erudite Viet Nam veteran

Hoi An, south of Danang middle of N/S at mouth of Cua Dai River (discovered in 15th-16th century by Portugal), would be worth seeing it any time but I have not gone back to Asia even to Hong Kong in South China Sea (also home of Paracels and Spratly Islands – specks for which the People’s Republic of China bullies Philippines and Vietnam and all countries resource-hungry for oil that we never discovered before 1975 American pull out from RSVN).

Carmen and I watched the film, Exodus again on PBS and remembered Otto Preminger for his boldness then in casting Paul Newman with Eve Marie Saint romantically and Ben Caanan(sp?), actor Lee J. Cobb, as Paul’s father of Irgun brother(—–) against Haganah brother (Paul). (The book, Exodus was written by Leon Uris.)

It was emotional how Israel was re-formed from the British Mandate by Zionists as a country after WWII from (erroneously – designated ) “Arab” land of a Palestine leader/land owner of a nearby Kibbutz, who was killed by orders of the Grand Mufti (with crypto-Nazi help) for dealing with the Jews.

The British were well remembered by General Allenby and his aide, Peter Lawford, an American playing anti-Semitic U.K. general’s aide. Lawford says to Newman that he can spot a Jew from afar as Newman asks Lawford to help remove cinder from Newman’s eye. (Who could blame Peter Lawford for not figgering Paul Newman was a Jew – jsk). So you have two Americans – Newman and Lawford – playing respectively, a Sabra and a Britisher.  The Sabras won.

I have now integrated my views of Obama by stories of Dinesh D’Souza (see Israel Commentary, A Terrifying Analysis – and Jack Cashill and Janny Scott. You know of him first and his logical connection of son to father.  

Second is author of thesis that Bill Ayres was author of Obama’s “auto” biographies, another researched Cashill theses.  Janny Scott takes NYT feminist research approach to mother of Obama. She (Scott) gives her devotee friendly perspective of Obama’s mother. I think you will find an interesting composite of the three with what you obviously know/see/think evidenced by the large amount of pertinent material found on your Israel Commentary blog.  I still have Netanyahu’s powerful address to Congress as televised from your blog. (

An octogenarian friend introduced me to Louis L’Amour and I accepted after resisting.  This is to my benefit as it prevented me becoming an Obama/Anthony curmudgeon.  I recommend Louis L’Amour’s memoir, Education of a Wandering Man, after you have read any other work by him.  Daniel Boorstin writes preface to L’Amour’s memoir so even academia recognizes L’Amour. I would speak of Shakespeare and Michener and L’Amour in the same paragraph except that I find myself being presumptuous and limiting by my own praise.

In any event, I am smiling not crying, notwithstanding the gripping (to whom?) Casey Anthony saga, overwhelming our misguided except commercially, media. The Anthony family lends new meaning to the term, ‘dysfunctional,’ making it an understatement from hyperbole.

Dan Corbett



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