Dear Mr. Trump, Please Nominate Newt Gingrich to be your VP


July 5, 2016

Dear Mr.Trump,

Please do yourself and the whole country a huge favor and nominate Newt Gingrich to be your running mate. There is no one even close to him in knowledge, brains, political experience and know-how with speaking and debating ability, presence, confidence. He will destroy anyone the Democrats use against him, especially both Clintons.

He will enhance your ticket immeasurably and bring all the above to your side and add to your own expertise and give you the knowledge and background to deal with any political or international problem that will come your way.

No one else comes close and to nominate some regional person for election purposes is nonsense. You must look at the bigger picture and nominate a nationally known respected person that has been on the political scene for years with a demonstrated wealth of knowledge, experience, good judgment and an American patriot.

Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor/Publisher

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