Dick Morris has a frightening warning about Sanctuary Cities, the US and the Democrat Party

Hear What Dick Morris
Has To Say About Sanctuary States
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Dear Friends:

Sanctuary Cities and now Sanctuary States abound. Everyday we are bombarded with more and more bad news. Hoards of Central American’s are streaming to our borders, demanding asylum. Many of them are criminals in their own countries, who now want to prey upon us.

Don Rosenberg, an Angel Dad and a founder of the Fight Sanctuary State movement lost his son to an illegal from Honduras. Daily we’re told that these people are just victims of their crime-ridden societies. We’re told that illegal aliens don’t commit crimes. Yet, tell that to Don Rosenberg, who’s family just celebrated another Thanksgiving without their son.

With the takeover of the House of Representatives by those forces bent on protecting these illegals, we need a call to action.

Would you take a moment to click on this link   open the link and then click on it and video comes right up or …. simply watch the video above and watch Dick Morris explain the importance of fighting the Sanctuary State. Dick’s clear and concise view of the problem is our call to action.

Please, remember this holiday season that there are literally thousands of families who’ll have an empty chair at the their table, thanks to a criminal illegal alien who murdered their child.

Help us Fight the Sanctuary State.

It requires state and local law enforcement to attempt to verify the immigration status of arrestees suspected of being in United States without documentation and to notify federal and state agencies when arrestees appear to be undocumented.We are pursuing an aggressive ballot imitative that would effectively end California’s sanctuary state policies:

  • It prohibits local governments and law-enforcement agencies from preventing or limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities, setting criminal penalties and minimum $10,000 fines for noncompliance.
  • It prohibits automatic voter registration; requires an affidavit for voter eligibility.
  • It prohibits issuing driver’s license or identification card without verifying citizenship or immigration status.
  • It frees all California employers to use the federal E-Verify system when hiring.
  • California is just the start. Sanctuary is being proposed all over our nation. We must join together to stop this cancer before it spreads from coast to coast.
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