Donald Trump and the Duplicity of the Palm Beach Post

Finally, I went tilt. All these months I have been stomaching the Palm Beach Post —pretending that it is a politically informative and objective newspaper.

In fact, in each daily paper the Post goes so far as to have a specific page entitled Balanced Views. Under that master heading are two different equally sized 1/2 page columns proudly listed as From the Left and From the Right respectively.

How wonderful! Right! Only one problem, the column on the Left is written by dedicated, over the top, card-caring Leftists while those writing on the Right  do not seem to understand  the designation given to them, tongue in cheek, by the Post.

Instead,  those on the Right use their columns to berate the Republican Party with concerted direct attacks on the Party’s  presumptive nominee for President —Donald Trump.

The Post is also kind enough to diligently list those columnists weekly that will appear as Right or Left.

For the Left is listed at the moment:

Paul Klugman – columnist New York Times who has been called, “The Prophet of Socialism who has been consistently wrong.” His March 28 column was titled, Cruz Policies out on fringe – as those of GOP elite.

Mary Sanchez  – Long time columnist for KC Star. On Oct 28, 2014 Columnist Judy Thomas wrote of Sanchez:. In her never-ending zeal to bludgeon the Catholic Church … She is also an ardent feminist that routinely “bludgeons” Donald Trump as arrogant, encourages physical violence and loathes woman — No less than one would expect from a consistent Leftist.

Maureen Dowd – called by columnist Ariel Levy “the most dangerous columnist in America—on her own, very female terms.” She also spends a great deal of her columns ragging on Donald Trump. Her column April 6. 2016 began a hatchet job with the title, Trump keeps on doing things his way and only his way

Thomas Friedman If you really want to despise someone, this guy is a perfect candidate — arrogant, factually distorting and politically manipulative in his reporting. He is also a life-long self hating Jew who invariably takes the Arab side against the Israelis — whatever the dispute.

More on the list of the Post’s dedicated Left-wing columnists include Leonard Pitts, E. J. Dionne Jr and Gail Collins. Is there any dispute as to their political identity?

On the other side of the page are those supposedly on the Right.

What strikes my eye immediately are the names of the renown Chas. Krauthammer and his buddy George Wills. Whatever thinking to the Right these men may have had in the past is now overwhelmed by their intense hatred of Donald Trump. Anyone truly to the right would immediately understand that the alternate to Trump will be Hillary Clinton. Criticizing Trump is thus a path only leading to the continuation of the nationally suicidal policies of Barack Hussein Obama enhanced by the gargantuan personal greed for money and power of the Clintons.

Examples of the Krauthammer/Wills about-face that have appeared in the Post:

Krauthammer’s columns

April 30, 2016 “The World according to Trump is a confusing place”

April 9, 2016 “Trump vs. Cruz has GOP headed for train wreck”


George Will’s  columns are truly astounding for one designated to the Right:

George Will tells Fox News the GOP should nominate Merrick Garland because God only knows “who Trump might put on the Court”

George Will unloads on “coward” Trump:  This Conservative icon calls him “a presidential aspirant who would flunk an eighth-grade civics exam”

George Will May 1, 2016:  Conservatives must fight Trump (and lose the election) With Eye to Future


The other great disappointment supposedly on the Right is Mona Charens.

Charens  seemed to know what is truly going on in the political world.  As a matter of fact, earlier in her career, she was the author of two best-sellers:

Useful Idiots: How Liberals Got it Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America First (2003)
Do-Gooders: How Liberals Harm Those They Claim to Help – and the Rest of Us (2005).

I don’t know what happened since then to Charen except maybe she finds presenting the views of the Left or alternately criticizing the Right is a far better way to increase the number of newspapers carrying her syndicated column and thus a better way to pay the bills. Some of her recent columns in the Post include:

Trump’s vicious character isn’t reflective of a leader.
Why are GOP candidates talking about GW Bush?
Why Trump likes bullies like Corey Lewandowski

The list of other suspect supposedly Right wing columnists featured by the Post include: David Brooks of the New York Times, Michael Gerson of the Washington Post, Ross Douthat of the NY Times. Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post. The very fact that these people work at the NY Times and Washington Post is glaring evidence enough of their suspect identity as being on the Right.

As a result of all of the above —The Post, in its carefully delivered approach, has it both ways – Promoters for the Left appear on the Left column and Critics of the Right appear in the Right column! So, where indeed, are the opinions of those really on the Right?

How convenient and effective with the uninformed, naive reader.

Then, let the uninformed reader beware. Become more informed and carefully weigh the source of these confusing conflicting designations before swallowing the bait so cleverly presented.


Redacted from multiple sources

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Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor/Publisher
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