Dr. Zuhdi Jasser incredulous at Hillary Clinton blaming the Middle East migrant crisis on Climate Change! II A Litany of Clintons’ Malfeasance (Crime!)

I Video newscast with Dr. Jasser on the self-serving, preposterous theories of Hillary Clinton and the benighted Left

M. Zuhdi Jasser ‏@DrZuhdiJasser

II Lest we forget …

THE WASHINGTON TIMES – October 19, 2015

1. Monica Lewinsky: Led to only the second president in American history to be impeached.

2. Benghazi: Four Americans killed, an entire system of weak diplomatic security uncloaked, and the credibility of a president and his secretary of state damaged.

3. Asia fundraising scandal: More than four dozen convicted in a scandal that made the Lincoln bedroom, White House donor coffees and Buddhist monks infamous.

4. Hillary’s private emails: Hundreds of national secrets already leaked through private email and the specter of a criminal probe looming large.

5. Whitewater: A large S&L failed and several people went to prison.

6. Travelgate: The firing of the career travel office was the very first crony capitalism scandal of the Clinton era.

7. Humagate: An aide’s sweetheart job arrangement. How close are Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton?http://www.politico.com/gallery/2013/07/how-close-are-huma-abedin-and-hillary-clinton-001048?slide=0

8. Pardongate: The first time donations were ever connected as possible motives for presidential pardons.

9. Foundation favors: Revealing evidence that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play back door to the State Department, and an open checkbook for foreigners to curry favor.

10. Mysterious files: The disappearance and re-discovery of Hillary’s Rose Law Firm records.

11. Filegate: The Clinton use of FBI files to dig for dirt on their enemies.

12. Hubble trouble: The resignation and imprisonment of Hillary law partner Web Hubbell.

13. The Waco tragedy: One of the most lethal exercises of police power in American history.

14. The Clinton’s Swedish slush fund: $26 million collected overseas with little accountability and lots of questions about whether contributors got a pass on Iran sanctions.

15. Troopergate: From the good old days, did Arkansas state troopers facilitate Bill Clinton’s philandering?

16. Gennifer Flowers: The tale that catapulted a supermarket tabloid into the big time.

17. Bill’s Golden Tongue: His and her speech fees shocked the American public. (How does $500,000 per pop sound?)

18. Boeing Bucks: Boeing contributed big-time to Bill; Hillary helped the company obtain a profitable Russian contract.

19. Larry Lawrence: How did a fat cat donor get buried in Arlington National Cemetery without war experience?

20. The cattle futures: Hillary as commodity trader extraordinaire. (Quick $100,000 for answering telephone!)

21. Chinagate: Nuclear secrets go to China on her husband’s watch.

Comment online by Butch12:

“Good list, but you left out a bunch, like the rape of Juanita Broderick, Orgy Island, Vince Foster, etc. And the very first one is not correct. While Monica Lewinski is one of the factors in the impeachment, dwelling on this fact plays along with the Lying Liberal Media myth that this impeachment was just about Bill’s sexual exploits. In fact, the impeachment was about lying under oath in a SEXUAL HARASSMENT case where Paula Jones was the victim. There is a heck of a difference between sex (with a very young intern, whose well being had been entrusted to the most powerful man in the world ), and sexual harassment, especially for a Democrat who claims to be looking out for women.”

Of course, the list is genuinely endless and could fill books and has.

Surely, you don’t really plan to vote for this pair — No matter how much your knee-jerk hatred of  Republicans?

Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor


Zuhdi Jasser is an MD specializing in internal medicine and nuclear cardiology in Phoenix, Arizona. Jasser is a former lieutenant commander in the United States Navy, where he served as staff internist in the Office of the Attending Physician of the United States Congress. In 2003, with a group of American Muslims, Jasser founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) based in Phoenix, Arizona  and in 2004 he was one of the founders of the Center for Islamic Pluralism. Most important – he is a genuine American Muslim Patriot as his record proudly proclaims.




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