Favorable American Moves Shouldn’t Change Israel’s Red Lines

Weekly Commentary:
Dr. Aaron Lerner 30 November, 2017

If President Trump were to honor his campaign promise and move the American embassy to Jerusalem it would be the right thing to do.  But it wouldn’t change the fundamentals on what should and should not be acceptable for Israel in a “deal” with the Palestinians.

It would not even change the fundamentals on what concessions of a permanent nature Israel should and should not make to the Palestinians prior to such a “deal”.

And for good reason.

Whether the American embassy is in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv the fundamental problems with having a sovereign Palestinian state remain just that: fundamental.

A sovereign Palestinian state remains a sovereign state even if it openly declares the agreements that they signed as part of the package that facilitated its creation null and void.

And the Palestinians would be smart enough to find ways to trash the agreements without an explicit declaration.

And they would continue to be a sovereign state.

By the same token, permanent “pre deal” concessions that either cede control over parts of Area A or introduce a greater Palestinian presence in Area A can’t be justified as a quid pro quo for an embassy move or other favorable moves.

We are here for the long haul.

We simply cannot afford to fritter away our assets no matter how friendly or supportive an acting president may be.

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