For those confused with Special Council Mueller’s investigation of “collusion” please read background below

Article: Liberal Media spin Deep State Trickery against Trump
and support Special Counsel Mueller’s Witch Hunt

By L. Brent Bozell III

Media Watch, January 2018

In the real world, when a crime is committed a prosecutor is appointed to gather the evidence and prosecute the person who committed the crime. In surreal Washington, with the Trump- Russia “collusion” case, no specific crime was observed but a special prosecutor was appointed anyway to go look for one.

It’s like saying, “We’re investigating President Trump for murder.”
Who did he kill? “We don’t know of anyone yet … but give us time.”

The liberal media never explain exactly what Trump-Russia “collusion” is but they claim Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign somehow acted with Russia to tip the election and rob Hillary Clinton of the presidency. That has been the liberal media drumbeat, and it has only intensified (to absurd degrees) with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Along with not really explaining what “collusion” is or what crime Trump allegedly committed, the leftist press also downplay the machinations of the Deep State, which despises Trump, and the shenanigans of Mueller, who has “investigated” far and wide and indicted several people for actions that had absolutely nothing to do with the 2016 campaign.

Mueller is a prosecutor in search of a crime; he is on a witch hunt. The Media Research Center is documenting and exposing the leftist media’s shameful promotion of that witch hunt and related news developments. In so doing, the MRC is uncovering countless facts the leftist press doesn’t report and raising many questions liberal journalists should be asking but won’t because they, like the Deep State, want Trump removed from office.

We can’t present all the points the press should be pursuing but here are some of the more important ones that reveal the press’ bias by omission:

Former FBI Director James Comey said he wrote a memo to himself about Trump asking him to drop the Michael Flynn investigation. Why hasn’t that memo been released to the public? Was Comey’s removal of that memo from the DOJ to his home a crime.

Comey was appointed by President Obama in 2013 to succeed then-FBI Director Robert Mueller. Comey and Mueller are good friends, described by the Washington Post as “brothers in arms.” Isn’t this a conflict of interest for Mueller, now the special counsel working with the FBI to investigate Trump, who fired Comey in May 2017?

Both Comey and Mueller oversaw a bribery and money laundering case that involved Russian penetration of the U.S. uranium market, at a time (2010) when the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of the Uranium One company to Russia, giving Vladimir Putin control over 20% of U.S. uranium. Is this Clinton-Obama collusion with Russia?
Investors in Uranium One donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 in 2010 by a Russian bank with investments in Uranium One. Is this Clinton-Russia collusion? Why are the liberal media ignoring the two congressional investigations into Uranium One?

FBI informant William Campbell was threatened with imprisonment by Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2015 if he spoke with Congress about the uranium case, the bribery he witnessed, and information that “involves the Clintons.” What information does he have about the Clintons and why are the liberal media ignoring this story?

The prosecutor in the uranium case was Rod Rosenstein, who is now the deputy U.S. attorney general who appointed Mueller to investigate Trump-Russia collusion; the lead FBI agent in the uranium case was Andrew McCabe, who just recently escaped by resigning, the deputy FBI director; the FBI director at the time overseeing the uranium case was Robert Mueller.

In 2015, shortly after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illicit use of a private server was reported, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe urged Andrew McCabe’s wife, liberal Democrat Jill McCabe, to run for state senate. In summer/fall 2015, a McAuliffe PAC and another Democratic PAC paid Jill McCabe $675,288. In early spring 2016, Andrew McCabe, under FBI Director Comey, was assigned to oversee the investigation of Clinton’s server.

Why did Comey select McCabe and didn’t the Democratic payments to McCabe’s wife present a conflict of interest? Why did McCabe not recuse himself from the Clinton case until one week before the 2016 election?

One of Andrew McCabe’s lead investigators in the Clinton case was FBI counterintelligence expert Peter Strzok who, as texts between him and his mistress Lisa Page reveal, is pro-Clinton and vehemently anti-Trump. Strzok interviewed Clinton — no recording, no transcript — for the server case.

After FBI Director James Comey wrote a statement describing Clinton’s server use and mishandling of classified documents as “grossly negligent,” Strzok changed those words to “extremely careless.” Did Strzok change the words to protect Clinton?

FBI Director Comey drafted an exoneration of Clinton in April 2016 before she and 16 other key witnesses had even been interviewed. How can you exonerate people before you even talk to them?

Special Counsel Mueller selected Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page to work on the Trump investigation; Page, an FBI lawyer, previously worked for Andrew McCabe. Strzok’s wife, the pro-Clinton Melissa Hodgman, was promoted to Associate Director of Enforcement at the SEC by Obama in late 2016, after the FBI found Clinton emails on convicted felon Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Was Hodgman’s promotion designed to influence Strzok’s investigation of Clinton? Why did Hodgmann scrub her social media accounts after Strzok’s pro-Clinton sympathies were exposed?

Strzok texted Lisa Page on Aug. 15, 2016, “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s [McCabe] case, there’s no way he [Trump] gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.” What is Strzok’s anti-Trump “insurance policy”?
In an April 2, 2016 text to Strzok, Page wrote, “So look, you say we text on that phone when we talk about Hillary [Clinton] because it can’t be traced….” Where is “that phone” now and what information is on it? Why were they trying to hide their conversations about Clinton?

What communications did FBI Deputy Director McCabe have with Strzok and Page about Clinton or Trump?

Was either Strzok or Page subject to blackmail (and by whom) because of their extramarital affair?

In the texts, Page refers to Trump as an “enormous douche,” a “loathsome human” who “should go F himself.” Strzok says “F TRUMP,” he is a “f***ing idiot,” and his supporters are “PATHETIC” and “DOUCHEBAGS.” Page also says to Strzok, maybe “you’re meant to protect the country from that menace [Trump],” and he replies, “we’re both very fortunate” and “I can protect our country at many levels.” Why were such Trump-haters selected by Special Counsel Mueller? Did their hatred of Trump taint the Russia collusion case or the Clinton server investigation?

Former Trump campaign official Paul Manafort was indicted by Mueller for alleged illegal lobbying he did for Ukraine between 2005 and 2015, years before Trump announced his campaign or hired Manafort. Why is Mueller investigating and charging people for actions that have nothing to do with supposed Trump-Russia collusion?

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn was indicted by Mueller — based on a Strzok interview of Flynn — for lying to the FBI about aDecember 26 conversation with a Russian official about sanctions. Why is Mueller charging Flynn for post-election actions that have nothing to do with election collusion?

As part of the Mueller investigation, Democrat and top Clinton bundler Tony Podesta resigned from and dissolved his $24 million lobbying firm, The Podesta Group, which he had founded with his brother John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Why would he give up such a lucrative and influential business so quickly and why have the leftist press ignored this story?

The Russian “dossier” on Trump, which helped spark the collusion investigation and appointment of a special counsel, was created by Fusion GPS and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Did the FBI, under Obama, use the dossier to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump and Trump campaign officials? Why isn’t a special counsel investigating this?

Manafort was wiretapped both before and after the 2016 election by U.S. investigators under President Obama. Who ordered these wiretaps and why? Strzok reportedly offered dossier-writer Peter Steele, a former British spy, $50,000 to verify his sources. When asked by Congress about this, FBI Director Christopher Wray declined to answer. Did the FBI pay Steele and what is Strzok’s relationship with Steele?

Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr met with Fusion GPS personnel, and his wife, Nellie Ohr, “worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 election.” That’s a conflict of interest. What did Ohr discuss with Fusion GPS and why did Ohr try to conceal these meetings from Congress?

Mueller reportedly is seeking a potential obstruction of justice charge against Trump because Trump fired Comey. If that is true, then doesn’t Deputy AG Rosenstein have to recuse himself because he wrote the memo to terminate Comey?

This is an “investigation” that deserves criminal investigation.

These and many other questions need to be answered and reported to the public. Fox News, the MRC’s, MRCTV and NewsBusters, and a few other outlets are covering some of these stories. But the liberal media are ignoring these matters or dismissing them as conservative deflection. CNN’s JimAcosta, for instance, rejects questions about Mueller and the Deep State as a “right-wing narrative” fueled by the “conservative media.”

The leftist media do not want the American public to know the truth. But we do. The MRC is holding the liberal press accountable.

L. Brent Bozell III
Media Watch, Founder and President

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