Frank Gaffney again warns us. The goal of Sharia law is to eliminate us and our way of life.

See video below:  Frank Gaffney explains the Jihadist War against America.  (Wake up US and change the Party driving the bus)

I’ve spent my entire professional life fighting for America’s security.

For years now, I’ve sounded the alarm in particular about shariah– the supremacist Islamic doctrine and the global jihadist movement it has spawned to spread this brand of hateful repression worldwide, including here. In countless meetings, articles, congressional testimony, interviews and individual conversations, I’ve explained need to counter this menace.

All too often, my warnings went unheeded. Until recently.

Suddenly, the emergence of the Islamic State (also called ISIS or ISIL)and its reign of terror has awakened Americans to the danger posed by such shariah-adherent jihadis.

The Islamic State invokes shariah to justify the horrific beheadings you and I have witnessed on television and the internet. They have said this is just the beginning. They want Americans to know they have plans to harm our nation. There is reason to believe they are preparing to do so.

I wear a pin on my lapel to start conversations about shariah and those seeking to impose it on the rest of us – including the millions of Muslims who do not practice their faith in accordance with its horrific rules. The pin bears this symbol ن. It’s the Arabic letter “N” that is spray painted on Christian homes by Islamic State fighters to mark them for plunder, rape or murder. “ن ” stands for Nasrani, Arabic for Nazarene – a believer in Jesus of Nazareth, a Christian. These days, under the pall of shariah, it stands for death.

With the emergence of the Islamic State and its explicit pledges to attack us here at home, it is no longer possible to ignore what shariah portends for the freedoms and people you and I hold dear.

Please join me in exposing the ideology of the Islamic State and its ilk – and to arm Americans with information they need to defeat it.

Authoritative reports indicate that the Islamic State is currently training to kill Americans on our own border. Inside the USA, terrorist cells associated with al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and other jihadist franchises are said to be in place, and preparing for violence against us. The average American is unaware this is taking place.

Please join me in my effort to educate our countrymen and women about the very real and present danger the Islamic State and other global jihadists pose to our great nation.

For a small donation to support the efforts of the Center to build awareness, I will send you a Nazarine pin of your own.  To make a donation visit

While it may seem like a small action, the lapel pin I wear generates curiosity and interest, and ultimately, an opportunity to share information about the Islamic State and the global jihad of which it is a part. This is where we must start if we are to understand and defeat this growing threat.

Frank Gaffney
President and CEO
Center for Security Policy



Twitter: @israelcomment






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