Good News – Hebron disaster averted

Good News – Hebron disaster averted


Yehudit Tayar

Designated spokesperson Judea and Samaria

Bet Horon, North Judea

Israel 90935 

November 24, 2018

B”H (Baruch Hashem = Thank G-d)

Shavua tov (Have a good week)

In the end these MK monsters were not allowed to have the “meeting” to discard and abandon Hebron. But their efforts to destroy our Nation do not cease – the lies- the false reports against our brave defenders and the deliberate erasing the biblical and present amazing history of our Nation.

They ignore the fact that just now – a few days ago because we believe in the importance of human lives, Arabs who are ill who came into Israel for medical treatment  and our security discovered that they were enlisted by the Hamas to find terrorists and tell them how to get weapons in order to carry out terror attacks in Israel.

These people who were brought in to receive medical treatment in our hospitals- we pay for this- are so terrified of the Hamas that they are willing to do this and enlist terrorists to murder innocent Israelis. Our people  who are paying out of their pockets for these sick Arabs from Gaza. It is interesting (but predictable) to note that these medical treatments are never ever mentioned in the news – only the lies about the brave defenders of Israel.

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