Gov. Mike Huckabee and Cong. Michelle Bachman address National Zionist Org of America Convention Nov. 24, 2013

900 plus ardent Israel Supporters attend

I Cong. Michelle Bachman

ZOA Board Member James Pollack introduced Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who said that, if either Mike Huckabee or Michele Bachmann had been elected president, the security situation of Israel, the United States and the world would be very different today. No-one in Washington, he said, is more focused, more supportively intellectually or more knowledgeable about Israel than Michele Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann opened by saying that she was absolutely thunderstruck at the events in the world of the past few weeks and especially last night in Geneva, when the hinge of history turned. A spiritual darkness has descended on our world with this decision of the P5+1and Iran, a decision with the import to change the world. Yet I think this agreement has more to do with Israel than with Iran. Israel may be forced now, when abandoned by the world, not to strike Iran even if Iran continues its march towards a nuclear bomb.

I served on the House Intelligence Committee. There have been intelligence leaks regarding Israel’s preparation to deal with Iran in the event that it has to do so, leaks that Israel might be planning to strike in the next 2-4 months, Israel investigating the possible use of airbases in Azerbaijan. Many of the secrets coming up would be secrets known to only about ten people in the whole country. Every leak puts Israel in a more dangerous position than it has been in before.

Meanwhile, Iran has obtained six months in which to continue its deceptions and preparations to become a nuclear power. Prime Minister Netanyahu will be forced to make a decision to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. One can’t believe the Iranian regime is serious about this agreement. Ali Khamenei made a vile speech attacking Jews and crowds in Tehran have been chanting ‘Death to America’ — this, at a time you’d think they’d be trying to put their best foot forward. Where has the Senate been? Where has the House been? Where have the pro-Israel organizations been, besides the ZOA? Where are they all at a time like this? Meanwhile President Obama is permitting Iran to keep on keeping on. Iran has been made to give up nothing or next to nothing.”

II Gov. Mike Huckabee

Sheldon Adelson, in his introductory remarks for Governor Huckabee, said that “I think few Jews are as true Zionists as former pastor and governor Mike Huckabee.”

Governor Huckabee than addressed the crowd saying, “The Land of Israel was promised to the Jews by G-d. The division of Jerusalem is unimaginable. You don’t negotiate with those who don’t want you to exist. I support a Palestinian state — outside Israel … The ZOA is the strongest Jewish voice for Israel on the face of the planet. Other Jewish organizations are sometimes afraid to ruffle feathers. Mort Klein and ZOA are prepared to pluck the chicken.

It is time for the others get over their throat colds and speak out as well.” Turning to the deal with Iran signed in Geneva, Governor Huckabee said, “This is the equivalent of giving them a shot of whisky, the keys to the sports car and telling them to go out and impress their girl.” Yet Secretary Kerry spoke, in fact, he is still talking, about what a good deal this is.

This is the time that we need a Churchill and instead we have a Chamberlain. It is Israel that has a Churchill in Benjamin Netanyahu. It is also time that we took the jack hammer to the United Nations, disassemble it, and let it float out into the East River. The UN takes our money and insults us … Our relationship to Israel is not organizational, it’s organic.

The greatest gift of G-d is to be free, and Israel is free and its borders are not set by the UN or the Balfour Declaration, but by G-d Almighty … Israel cannot talk peace to people who deny it the right to breathe. The U.S. should be saying, ‘You cannot attack Israel. An attack upon them is an attack upon us’ … Israel has been revived. The dry bones that Ezekiel saw have been revived because G-d’s hand is upon her. Standing with Israel is standing with G-d’s Chosen. G-d has never abandoned Israel and he’s not about to start and I don’t want to be on the wrong side of history … Never, never, never, never again — that is the true basis for peace.



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