Haftorah portion of the week: Hashem tells Jacob, Not to Worry.

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Haftorah portion of the week: Hashem tells Jacob, Not to Worry.
16: “And, you son of man, take a piece of wood and write on it: ‘For Yehudah and his fellow Israelites,’ and take another stick and write on it: ‘For Yosef and his son Efrayim (and the other tribes) the whole house of Israel with him’

17 “Bring them close to one another, so they (resemble) one stick and they will (miraculously) join in your hands to be one

18 “When your people say to you, ‘Tell us what these mean to you.

19 Say to them, Almighty God says, Observe! I am taking the stick of Yosef which is in Efrayim’s hand, and the tribes of Israel with him, and I am placing the stick of Yehudah on it. I will make them one stick and they will join in My hand.”
20 The sticks on which you have written should be in your hands before their eyes.”

21 “While you are holding the sticks tell them, ‘This is what Almighty God said “I wiIl take the Jews from among nations where they have gone. I will gather them from (all) around and bring them to their Land.
22 I will make them one nation in the Land, in the hills of Israei, and all of them will have one king. They will no longer be two nations (of Yehudah and the other tribes), and wiIl no longer be divided into two kingdoms.
23 They wiIl no longer be defiled by their idols, their abominations and all their sins. I will save them (from where they are lost) in all the communities where they sinned, and I will purify them (from their sins). They will be My people (who believe in Me and observe my mitzvos), and I will be their God (to save them and help them).”
24 “My servant (Mashiach, a descendant of David, will be king over them and they will aIl have one shepherd. They will follow My laws and guard my statues in their hearts), and fulfill them.

25 They will settle in the Land that I gave to my servant Yaakov, the Land where their ancestors lived. They and their children and their grandchildren will live there forever and David my servant will be their leader forever.”

26 “I will make a covenant of peace with them, and it will be an eternal covenant withe them. I will establish them there forever and cause them to multiply, and I will place My Sanctuary among them (so it stands) forever.

27 My Divine Presence will be among them. I will be their God (to help them and save them), and they will be My people (to believe in Me and keep My mitzvos).”

28 “The nations will know that I am God Who sanctifies Israel, since My Sanctuary will be among them forever “

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