Hamas highlights the hypocrisy of the moribund, never was, “peace process” regardless of Obama’s and Netanyahu’s posturing and naive declarations

Hamas highlights the hypocrisy of the moribund, never was, “peace process” regardless of Obama’s and Netanyahu’s posturing and naive declarations

By Helen Freedman
Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI)

As President Obama was giving his speeches of “solidarity” with Israel on the second day of his visit to that country, five rockets slammed into Sderot from Hamas in Gaza. Thank G-d, nobody was killed, but much damage was done, and the trauma of living under fear of rocket attacks was revived.

This was a message from Hamas, some suggest, that Mahmoud Abbas is NOT the “partner for peace” for the idyllic “two-state solution,” but that indeed, the terrorist organization of Hamas is that partner. The absurdity of this picture simply underscores the absurdity of the ongoing talk about the absolute necessity for an “independent and viable Palestine” within Israel.

Anyone understanding the geography of Israel understands that rockets launched from Judea and Samaria into Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and all of Israel, can be done within spitting range once the unidentifiable “Palestinians” have their independent state.

It was undoubtedly nice for Obama to have his campaign style speech at the huge convention center in Jerusalem, where Arab and Jewish students from Ariel University were excluded. That University is “over the green line.” So he bathed in the warmth of his charm offensive on the youngsters gathered at the center. Would his remarks and greeting have been as warm if he had done the proper thing and addressed the newly formed Knesset with all of Israel’s dignitaries? How cowardly can one person be?

Governor Huckabee, in addressing the issue of Obama’s ME visit, stressed that the “Palestinians have zero interest in negotiations.” Will Obama address the threat of Egypt’s Morsi, or will there be more money, planes and tanks supplied to that Muslim Brotherhood government? Will Syria’s Assad and the “red line” he crossed by using chemical weapons on his own people go unanswered by Obama, thereby revealing the U.S. as the “toothless tiger that talks big but doesn’t back it up”? Huckabee raises these questions as we see Iran threatening imminent destruction of Israel and continuing on to America.

Below is the report from Arutz Sheva news service on the bombing in Sderot today.

Rocket Victim: We’re ‘Victims of Obama,’ And Nobody Cares

by David Lev

Hamas on Thursday denied that it or any other Gaza terror group had fired rockets at Israeli targets in the midst of U.S. President Barack H. Obama’s visit to Israel. “Israel has fabricated these reports in order to mar the reputation of the resistance forces,” a spokesperson for Hamas said.

A rocket fired at Israel from Gaza caused heavy damage to a house in Sderot Thursday morning. A second rocket hit an open area near the Gaza border, and two other rockets aimed at Israel fell on the Gaza side of the border fence. There were no injuries, but two residents of the house were treated for shock.

Israel, for its part, said that the attack would not go unanswered, and that Israel would “choose the time and place for its response.” Israeli officials said that it was possible that Hamas was trying to elicit an Israeli response to the attack while Obama was in the region, creating a diplomatic crisis when the President visits Palestinian Authority-controlled areas Thursday and Friday. If that is indeed their intent, the officials said, then Israel could expect more rocket attacks during Obama’s visit.

Israeli officials added that they were interested in seeing if PA chief Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attacks when he spoke with Obama Thursday afternoon, something he had not done at all during the period leading up to Operation Pillar of Defense, when Hamas and other Gaza terror groups fired thousands of rockets at Israel.

In an interview on Israel Radio, Yossi Haziza, whose house was damaged in Thursday’s attack, said that while physical damage — to houses and people — could be repaired, the real damage by attacks like these was to the psyche of the victims. Haziza’s wife and child were sleeping at the time of the attack, and the shock of the attack caused them a great deal of fear that he was unsure they would ever be able to overcome.

“It could be that Hamas is doing this in ‘honor’ of Obama, sending him a message before he goes to Ramallah that he had better not forget about them,” Haziza continued. “But so what? Because they want to send a message to the president we have to suffer? Are our children supposed to be sitting ducks for diplomatic reasons? (Or their attackers completely eliminated right now and forever?)



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