Hillary smoothly lays down the typical Con Job for Jewish audiences at the American Israeli Policy Conference (AIPAC) in DC and the Jews ate it up.


By Jerome S. Kaufman

It was a well polished performance. The poise, demeanor, posture, delivery with game face intact were perfect — truly presidential.  Unfortunately, it was mostly a pack of lies and then worse — some Israel-weakening  plans she promised once in office. (Hashem forbid)

Hillary started out with a giant whopper that laid the groundwork for the rest of the whoppers that followed. She began with “Whatever our (meaning herself and the government of Barack Obama) differences, we have always shared an unwavering, unshakeable commitment to our alliance with Israel and to Israel’s future as a secure and democratic homeland for the Jewish people.” Good luck with that. She, as Secretary of State and Barack as President certainly had a bizarre way of insuring that alliance and security.

She continued, “The next President will sit down to make plans for the security of Israel and our friends around the world.”  Well, that will be a novel idea and quite a task to achieve after the deliberate destructive havoc that she and Barack Obama, with the enabling of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Party have created in the Middle East and, in fact, in the rest of the world.

She then took a slam at Donald Trump’a previous position now vigorously and effectively reversed. “Unlike others in the race  although the turmoil in the Middle East presents enormous challenge and complexity, walking away is not an option.

What Hillary failed to mention was that “walking away,” ” leading from behind” was exactly the direction she, as Secretary of State and Barack Obama as President, had done, thus causing the awful state of affairs that now exists in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya. “Out-sourcing the solution to dictators (as Obama and Hillary have done) is not an option.” Really! Your administration is a little late in arriving at that obvious conclusion.

She then advised that “Today US and Israel face momentous choices:”

First – “We are prepared to take the US/Israel alliance to the next level” – Whatever that means?

“We will never allow Israel’s enemies to think a wedge can be driven between us.” Huh, evidently she does not think the Ali Khameni, the current Supreme Leader of Iran, thinks that, after Obama  signed a lethal agreement with Israel’s mortal enemy giving them $150 billion in spending money plus a virtually unencumbered route to develop nuclear weapons and the unlimited launching of missile tests designed to carry them, there is a “wedge between Israel and the US.”

She then bragged of her own great diplomatic accomplishments:  Her negotiating in 2012 with PM Netanyahu that produced a cease fire in Gaza. Of course, these “cease fires” are always negotiated after Israel has roundly defeated its enemy and is ready to complete the mop up. At these times, the US and the world rush in to stop the final coup de gras, keep Israel’s enemies viable and repeatedly snatch an Israel defeat from an unequivocal Israeli victory. The worst part is that the Israelis buy into this charade and simply plant the seeds for their enemy’s next try. The Israelis have only themselves to blame for the survival of enemies that should  no longer exist or at least have no desire or will to do further battle. That is not the case.

Hillary continued with the usual boiler plate comments about guaranteeing Israel’s ” Military Qualitative Edge”, even more cooperation between the US Silicone Valley and Israel’s Technical Wunderkindt, stopping the PA glorification of terrorists, stop educating Arab  children to hate, inciting to riot. Of course, the cooperative AIPAC audience applauded, on cue, these meaningless promises as if they were some brand new grand scheme of things.

She then got into the subject of Iran and how we have been concerned with Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon. She told the outrageous lie that she lead the policy of imposing “crippling” sanctions on Iran to force it to the negotiating table and she supported the agreement that has put a lid on its nuclear program! Huh! She went on to claim that Iran’s enriched uranium is all but gone, thousands of centrifuges have stopped spinning, Iran’s potential breakout time has been increased and new verification measures are in place to help us detect and deter any cheating. She concluded that she believed Israel, the United States and the world are safer as a result. But, surely she has got to be kidding! Maybe she did not hear Prime Minister Netanyahu’s assessment of the Iranian Nuclear deal. He and the Israelis consider it an unmitigated disaster.

She did admit that this deal must come with vigorous enforcement, strong monitoring, severe consequence for any violation and a broader strategy to confront Iran’s aggression across the region. She then made a laughable threat of force against Iran and more sanctions that the rest of the world will certainly ignore.

Then, we got a glimpse into the real Hillary and her plans for Israel. Unfortunately Hillary, the former Secretary of the State Department still believes US State Department nonsense and intrinsic anti-Semitism. The Department persists in the belief that the Israeli/PA conflict is at the heart  of all the problems of the Middle East!

Therefore, Israel must be strong enough to take bold actions for peace. “We will keep working for a negotiated peace or lose forever the goal of two states for two people. (For once there were no, on cue, AIPAC applause.) “Despite many set backs I remain convinced that peace with security is possible and that is the only way to guarantee Israel’s long term survival as a strong Jewish and democratic state.” (Maybe, some day, some one will explain this absolute non-sequitur)

“Inaction cannot be an option even though there is much doubt a peace partner even exists. Palestinians should be able to govern themselves in their own state in peace and dignity and only a negotiated two state agreement can provide those outcomes.”

Evidently, Hillary choses to ignore the fact that Israel has been there and done that — all its “bold actions for peace.” Giving up more Israeli land is not an option. Israelis no longer consider  A Two State Solution  an option. Maybe Hillary and the world has forgotten that Israel gave up all the Arab dominated population areas within Judea Samaria for Arab self government; they gave up the Lebanese Security Zone; they gave up all of Gaza and destroyed the beautiful agricultural  Jewish settlements of Gush Katif painfully developed there.

What has been the result? Terrorist regimes took over all these areas immediately – Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria that has never stopped the preaching of Jew hatred and terrorism.

No, Hillary. This is not a plan the Israelis will or should ever try again. The cost in Israeli lives has been far too great and every land give away has made the situation only worse for Israel. So, please stop parading as Israel’s friend. That is a complete lie. Maybe a lie that you learned from your Arab friend, Huma Abedin but actually long before that. We do not want you to continue promoting a State Department illusion of “peace.” Don’t send back John Kerry, please. He is a bad joke — not even a reasonable facsimile of a diplomat.

Originally, I was writing this because I was really mad at the AIPAC audience for being so naive and applauding so much of Hillary’s boiler plate special.

But then, a short time later, Donald Trump walked into the room and much to my surprise, the audience practically tore down the roof  welcoming him with thunderous applause and spent most of the time standing up while they listened. It was as if they had been anticipating his arrival and a breath of fresh air and a breath of straight talk from the master.

And they were not disappointed. The guy has genuine star quality. He attracts people that want to forget the country club Republican. They want to forget the starry eyed liberal that has become nasty and lost sight of reality a long time ago.

And, they also would love to elect a guy whose daughter, Ivanka, married a Jew and voluntarily became Jewish herself,  of all things,  and  is about, momentarily, to have a Jewish baby. And the grandpa Donald is very proud and that grandpa brought tears of pride and joy to the eyes of this one.


Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor/Publisher

Israel Commentary

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