Hillary’s Junk Yard Dog


The Vice Presidential Debate Oct. 4, 2016

Hillary’s Junk Yard Dog

Immediately upon watching the ugly performance of VP Candidate Sen. Tim Kaine relentlessly interrupting and mindlessly attacking Gov. Mike Pence, I could only think of the term, Hillary’s Junk Yard Dog.

And, from almost all reports, most of the TV audience felt much the same way. It is obvious that the Hillary crowd has absolutely nothing of substance to offer in the way of Obama/Clinton accomplishments over the last 71/2 years —Quite the contrary.

As a result the only thing left is to attack the numerous gaffs of Donald Trump. Unfortunately for the Democrats in no way can that detract from the basic facts – the terrible damage Barack Obama has done to this country with Hillary as his willing enabler and heir apparent.

They are on exactly the same page and there should be no voting dilemma for an informed, patriotic American.

Jerome S. Kaufman
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