How the Goyim (Gentiles) treated the Jews over the centuries

(A most abbreviated chronology)

Compiled by Jerome S. Kaufman from many of the weekly entries in the Jewish Press posted by columnist Jeff Reznik plus italicized additions and commentary by Jerome S. Kaufman

After Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) I like to publish a reminder of how the Gentile (Goyim) world has treated the Jews over the centuries. Unfortunately, this same treatment is now being repeated in many ways but, this time by militant Muslims invading Europe and easily finding a fertile ground from which to expand their hatred.

Israel is, in fact, used to mask militant Islam’s true intention to create a Sharia world.  The re-birth of Israel in 1948 is used as the excuse for venting militant Islam’s  awful hatred and their fear of world progress which could eventually dismantle their own archaic, self-destructive centuries-old misdirection.

And again, this ploy is gleefully enjoined by the same mindless, hate-filled, jealous non-Jews that participated in the Holocaust throughout Europe before, during and after WW II

To follow  is a very partial list of important dates in the history which barely scratches the surface. Also, please note that when it comes to recording the dates of events in ancient history, there are major  discrepancies between various biblical and temporal sources. But, no matter. The end results are the same.

By the way:

Israel’s official calendar is the Hebrew one based upon a lunar rather than solar year. According to this calculation, on September 21, 2017, Rosh Hashana eve, we entered the Hebrew year 5778, that is – the supposed year since the earth was created, by G-d, on Saturday night, October 6, 3761 BCE!

Winston Churchill Memorable Quote:  “Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.”

G-d in the Bible told the Israelis to occupy the land all the way from Euphrates River to the Great Sea (Mediterranean) — a land mass hundreds of miles greater than the amount of land the League of Nations and later the United Nations, in their ultimate wisdom? reluctantly designated for a Jewish Homeland after WWI and WWII.

As we are well aware, there is nothing new about anti-Semitism. Successive Gentile and now Muslim generations continue to use the Jew as a useful tool to blame for their own inadequacies — frequently when there is not a Jew  within thousands of miles to shoulder the blame!

Now to a small smattering of important dates:

3631 BCE Cain killed his brother Abel
2000 BCE – 1700BCE Period of the Hebrew Biblical Patriots
2121 BCE Jews entered biblical Canaan, their promised homeland, fulfilling G-d’s prophesy
2105 BCE Noah’s arc ends its journey landing on Mt. Arafat marking end of the flood
1812 BCE – Abraham, founder of the Jewish people, was born
1696 BCE – Abraham, with complete dedication to the command of G-d, took his son, Isaac,  to Mt. Moriah, bond him and prepared to sacrifice him following G-d’s instructions. Mt. Moriah was the future site of the Hebrew Holy Temple in Jerusalem

(This Hebrew Temple is the same one that the Arabs built over and called their own dating to their conquest of the land some 2300 years later. They, with the usual figments of their imagination, describe themselves as the original occupants! This gross lie continues and aggrandizes to this very day while the Israeli government watches with their thumbs in their mouths, not effectively challenging this obscene, gross historical lie.)
1652 BCE – Rivkah, wife of Isaac,  gave birth to twins Jacob and Esau with Jacob holding on to Esau’s heel on the way out.
1568 BCE – Reuven, Jacob’s first son was born to Leah
1556 BCE – Jacob left his father-in-law Laban’s home, the father of Rachel and Leah. Labron had taken advantage of Jacob for 14 plus years after Laban’s staged marriage of Jacob to Leah
1555 BCE Birth of Benjamin, Jacob’s last son to his wife Rachel
1532 BCE Joseph, the second last son of Jacob, was released from Egyptian prison beginning the history of the Hebrew’s eventual exodus from Egypt to establish Israel’s homeland in Canaan
1392 BCE – Birth of Moses who  lived for 120 years
1312 BCE Egyptians smitten with plague of darkness. One of the 10 plagues assessed upon them by Hashem forcing them to let his people go, as  commemorated at the Passover service.
1312 BCE – Moses ascended Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah
1311 BCE – Moses sent spies to report on the lay of the land in Canaan
1280 BCE Jews left Egypt – (Big debate over some of these BCE dates, which obviously don’t always correlate.)
1274 BCE Death of Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron, age 126
1273 BCE Jews crossed Jordan to Jericho to receive G-d’s gift of Canaan to later become Israel, homeland of the Jews.
1274 BCE Moses Sister Miriam dies at age 126 childless – some conjecture due to thoughtless criticism of her brother called lashon Hora
1243 BCE – death of Joshua, Moses successor
1005-965 BCE King David rules for 40 years in Judea (Israel)
928 BCE – 586 BCE Duration of First Temple. First Jewish (Hebrew) Commonwealth
722 BCE Assyrian conquest of the 10 Israeli Tribes of North and their disappearance — the 10 lost tribes.  Judah remained as the Southern kingdom and from which all subsequent Jews are descended
586 BCE First Temple destroyed by Babylonians, The siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar in 588 BCE, End of First Commonwealth

523 BCE – King Achashveirosh endorses Haman’s plan to destroy all the Jews of Persia. Queen Esther thwarts the plan and has Haman executed in the same manner he planned to eliminate the Jews. Celebrated in holiday of Purim

520 BCE Second Temple completed. Begun 537 BCE when King Darius of Persia allowed the Jews to return to Israel  Beginning of Second Commonwealth , terminated with Roman Conquest of Hebrews 70 AD, Third Hebrew Commonwealth to begin with re-construction of Third Temple. in State of Israel But Israeli government too confused and obtuse to understand Hashem direction.
515 BCE Esther meets King Achashveirosh and saves the Jews from extinction by Haman (Celebrated in the Jewish holiday of Purim)
165 BCE – Victory of Maccabees over Romans, Commemorated by Holiday of Chanukah
4 BCE death of King Herod in Judea  (King 37 BCE – 4 BCE).He was the Roman King in power at the beginning of Christian Era,  at the time of Jesus’s Christ reputed Crucifixion.
Following the creation of Christianity, the organized, dedicated persecution began in earnest with purpose and aforethought.
70 CE – Romans destroyed the Second Temple and forced Jewish Diaspora from their biblical homeland. The return of the Jews finally began officially with Israel’s War of Independence from Britain, May 14, 1948. But, in fact, the Jews have remained in Israel throughout  the centuries, always constituting the majority in Jerusalem.
100CE – 220CE Period of recording of the Mishnah (Oral Law) Early Talmud Period
354-430 CE  St. Augustine Confessions, 12.14: How hateful to me are the enemies of your Scripture! How I wish that you would slay them (the Jews) with your two-edged sword, so that there should be none to oppose your word! Gladly would I have them die to themselves and live to you!”
(Hmm… No wonder Christians grew up to hate Jews for centuries and participated with such enthusiasm in the Holocaust!) jsk

3rd Century to 500 CE – Later Talmudic Period
300CE-500 CE Gemara – Commentary on Oral Law (Later Talmudic Period
– Late 4th Century – Christianity became state religion of Roman Empire
418 Jews were prohibited from holding office in the Roman Empire
5th CE Persia – Religious persecution prevented Jews from saying their daily prayers
640 CE – 1028 CE
7th Century Mohammed defeated Jews for first time in battle of Khyber
732 AD The Muslim Army that was moving on Paris was defeated and turned back at Tours , France, by Charles Martell.
1045 Rashi, the foremost Torah scholar of medieval France, was born in a northern town Troyes. 1095 Nov 26, First Crusade began. (1096-99), which occurred toward the end of Rashi’s life.
Despite the French community’s initial fears, it was Jewish small villages in Germany that bore the brunt of the Crusaders’ wrath, with entire communities being slaughtered.

1096 Jews in Germany killed by First Crusaders as they plundered through Europe on way to Holy Land
1096 Crusaders kill 297 of the 300 Jews in German town of Eller in 2 day massacre
1099 First Crusade attacked Jerusalem
11th to 15th Century Early Rabbinic Period (Rishonim)
16th Century to Now – Rabbinic Authoritarian Period
1105 Death of Rashi, author of commentaries on the Bible and Talmud
1321 – Jews of Chinon, France accused of poisoning well to cause epidemic in Christian community.160 Jews burned at stake.
1135-1204 Time of Maimonides (The Rambam) Creator of Mishnah Torah – His code of Jewish Law,
1147 Second Crusade

1163  China – Kaifeng’s Jews built a large and beautiful synagogue, which was subsequently renovated and rebuilt on numerous occasions throughout the centuries. At its peak, during the Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644), the Kaifeng Jewish community may have numbered as many as 5,000 people. By the 17th century, a number of Chinese Jews had attained high ranks in the Chinese civil service, but along with success, came the blight of assimilation, which took an increasingly heavy toll on the community and its cohesion.
As a result, by the mid-1800s, the Chinese Jews’ knowledge and practice of Judaism had largely faded away. The last rabbi of the community is believed to have died in the early part of the 19th century, and the synagogue was all but destroyed by a series of floods which struck the city in the 1840s and thereafter.

1189 London. Prominent Jews barred and attacked attempting to attend coronation of Richard Lion Hearted,  30 killed, began in Norwich Eng.  Some escaped to bishop’s castle.
1190 Crusaders arrived in Stanford, England on the way to the Holy Land where they brutalized Jews, stole all their money and murdered hundreds of the “Murderers of our Lord” officially called “Christ Killers” – en passant.
1209 Pope Innocent III launched a crusade against the town of Beziers, France. 200 Jews were killed
1221 – Jews of Erfurt Germany falsely accused of ritual murder, Jews given choice of conversion or death, tortured, killed, synagogue burned down. Jews tortured and killed.
1244 Pope Innocent IV – ordered 24 cartloads of the Talmud burned
1349 Black Death persecutions spread into oldest Jewish community in Worms,Entire Jewish community was sentenced to death blaming them for the Black Plague. The Jews were burned to death in their own homes.
1253 Pope Innocent IV allowed expulsion of Jews from France
1260 Jews expelled from England in 1260 and would not be allowed to return until 1656
1267 Jews of Silesia forced to wear skull cap in public appearances
1269 King Louis XI ordered all Jews in France to wear a yellow badge
1270 Oct 18 – Bloody Christian Crusades ended with treaty signed by King Louis and the Berbers.
1278 Jews were ordered to attend theological sermons, delivered by Christians, by decree of Pope Nicholas III
1283 Jews of France forbidden to repair their synagogues by decree of King Phillip the Bold
1290 Jews expelled by Edward I from England
1322 Jews expelled from France again
1348 Black Plague arrived in France. The Jews were made the scapegoat, accused of poisoning wells, and several communities were massacred.
1348 Jews of Zurich, Switzerland accused of ritual murder (that is the popular gross lie that Jews murder Christian children to make matzohs for Passover and people still  believe it!)  driven out and killed
1349, Jan. 17 Jews of Basil, Switzerland burned alive when refused to convert to Christianity
1349 Black death torture and killing of Jews in Germany
1349 Feb 14 – Jews of Strasbourg Alsace were falsely accused of poisoning wells. 2000 men, women and children were placed in a huge pyre and burned to death.
1369 Jews forced to wear badge indicating the awful designation, Jew, by decree of King Frederick III of Sicily
(Later Home of Marlan Brando Corleone)
1391 5000 Jews killed in Seville, Spain
1394 Jews expelled from France again by King Charles VI
1396  Jews in Austria have their civil rights suspended
1415 CE  Pope Benedict XIII – Papal bull condemning the Torah
1420 Dec. 23 Pope Martin V ordered an end to converting Jewish children under 12 to Christianity without permission of their parents.
1427  Jews expelled from Berne, Switzerland
1451 Pope Nicholas V banned all social contact between Christians and Jews.
1488-1575 Schuchan Aruch – Code of Jewish Law created by Rabbi Jos. Karo
1492 Jews expelled from Spain and Sicily (100,000)
1492 Aug. Christopher Columbus, many believe was Jewish,  sailed with many Jews  aboard, escaping the Spanish Inquisition. The navigators of the 3 boats were Jews — a profession to which Jews gravitated at the time.
1496 Jews expelled from Burgsdorf, Switzerland
1498 Death of Tomas de Torquemada, Leader of Spanish Inquisition
1516 Ghetto established for Jews in Venice, Italy

1516 – 2006 The Original Jews Of The Ghetto Title: Venice, The Jews And Europe: 1516-2016 Author: Donatella Calabi Publisher: Marsilio (distributed in the U.S. by Rizzoli)
Venice, The Jews And Europe: 1516-2006 is a fascinating summation of the five century history of the world’s first Jewish Ghetto, including its development, architecture, and life of its inhabitants.

1517 October 31 Martin Luther Protestant Reformation Day – Church of All Saints in Wittenberg. A failure by Luther (and later John Calvin 1536) to reform Christianity’s warped view of their spiritual brethren — the Jews. Luther initially had a benevolent attitude toward Jews, denouncing the church’s demonization of them. Later in life, however, Luther turned against the Jews with passion when they refused to bow to his new religion. His curses reigned upon them in direct sermons for centuries and I am sure laid the groundwork for the German Nazi genocide of the Jews — with the enthusiastic help of the nations of Europe , 400+ years later. (jsk).
1526 Maria of Hapsburg expelled the Jews from Bratislava, Hungary
1536 John Calvin – founder of Calvinism, published Protestant Systematic Theology in Latin. His comments on Jews: “Their rotten and unbending stiffneckedness (for not accepting Christ, evidently) deserves that they be oppressed unendingly and die in their misery without the pity of anyone. (How generous and F— you, Mr. Calvin) jsk

1539 Jews expelled from Hungary
1546 Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism and dedicated anti-Semite dies
1553 – August – Pope Julius III ordered burning of the Hebrew Talmud
1567 Jews expelled from Genoa, Italy
1567 Jews, decreed by Regent Don Henrique, not allowed to settle in Brazil
1567 Jews to no longer aloud to settle in Brazil. Proclaimed by Don Henrique, Regent
1569 The Inquisition was established in South America
1569 Jews expelled from Papal State by Pope Pius V
1571 AD the Muslim Army/Navy was defeated by the Italians and Austrians as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to attack Southern Europe in the Battle of Lapanto.
1598 Jews were expelled from Genoa Italy
1648 Jews escaping from Russian Commander Chmielnicki massacres fled to a fortified castle in Polonnoye Ukraine where 10,000 were massacred.
1655 Peter Stuyvesant thwarted in his attempt to expel Jews from New Amsterdam by the Dutch West India Company
1656, March 13 Permission denied to build a synagogue in New Amsterdam (later NYC) by Governor Peter Stuyvesant.
1656 Jewish burial in a Jewish cemetery became legal in New Amsterdam. How good of the Goyim!
1656 Jewish community of Amsterdam excommunicated Baruch Spinoza
1670 Jews of Vienna, Austria – Emperor Leopold I expelled 4000 Jews unless convert, Great Synagogue burned down and replaced by church St. Margaret
1675 Death of Bogdan Chmielnicki, who was responsible for his Cossacks murder of 300,000 Jews
1683 AD the Turkish Muslim Army, attacking Eastern Europe, was finally defeated in the Battle of Vienna by German and Polish Christian Armies
1683 Sep 24 King Louis XIV—-expelled the Jews from all French owned land in America.
(Our “friends’ the French who also formed a separate Vichy France gov’t cooperating with Hitler in the killing of Jews during WW II!
(Did you bastards ever figure out why you hate Jews so much? Here is a French King expelling Jews from his ill-begotten land that he stole from the Indians in the New World. The only explanation to me is just plain jealousy of what we Jews routinely accomplish as a result of being smart, hard working, diligent, honest, moral, law abiding family oriented etc. Your problem, not ours)  Jerome S. Kaufman
1716 Jews expelled from Brussels
1727 Jews expelled from Ukraine by Empress Catherine I
1731 Vatican librarian Costanzi led search parties to all Jewish quarters throughout Papal States to confiscate Jewish holy books. This would continue for decades.
1737 NY Assembly disallowed Jews to vote.
1742 Jews expelled from Great Russia by Empress Elizabeth
1745 Jews expelled from Prague
1760 Death of Baal Shem Tov
1763 Cornerstone of Touro Synagogue laid in Newport, RI
1765 Chair created at Harvard College for study of Hebrew
1774 Jews expelled from Prague by Empress Maria Theresa

1785 Jan 6, Death of George Washington’s Superintendent of Finance, A Jew, Haim Solomon,  during American Revolutionary War.
1789 The US Constitution went into effect as the First American Congress met in NYC Also George Washington (who I thought was wealthy) asked Richard Conway of Virginia to loan him 500 pounds so that he could go to NY and attend his own inauguration!
1791 Pale of Settlement – Dedicated land in Russia/Poland forced upon Jews as a large ghetto, by Empress Catherine. Jews were allowed no where else in Russia
1791 France’s decree of Emancipation but not specifically include Jews – At best – by connotation
1798 Rabbi Schneur Zalman was released from St Petersburg prison, Founder of Lubavitch dynasty and author of Tanya
1808 Napoleon required all Jews in France to use surnames
1811 Napoleon emancipated the Jew’s from the ghetto.
1812 Dec. 27, Death of Rabbi Schneur Zalman founder of the Lubavitch dynasty and author of Tanya
1814 The French Congress officially in 1814 made Jew’s full citizen but attempted via Napoleon to eliminate their Jewish identity and religion to become French citizens.
1815 Battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated by a coalition of British and European armies headed by the Duke of Wellington, brought an end to Napoleon’s empire
1816 Jews expelled from Lubeck, Germany
1819 Spain ceded Florida to US
1835 Jews of Hebron, Palestine attacked by Ibrahim Pasha and his army
1837 Jan 1 earthquake struck northern Palestine killing nearly 3000 Jews in Safed and Tiberias. Of course Arab propaganda always speaks of the Jews as if they just arrived in Palestine after WW II 1945 and the Arabs owned the land – which, of course, they never did.
1838 Arabs attack the Jews of Safed, Israel (By the way, Jews killed by Arabs in Israel 110 years before State of Israel founded)
1838-1933 Time of Rabbi Chafetz Chayim
1848 —Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published The Communist Manifesto, in London
1855 June 5 First Jewish Hospital in America, Jews Hospital of New York – Known today as Mt. Sinai Hospital all over the United States
1861 Pres. Abe Lincoln moved to change the law so that Jews could serve as chaplains in the army.
1865 Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Union Gen. Ulysses S Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia
1866 Congress passed he Civil Rights Act of 1866 over the veto of Pres. Andrew Johnson. It gave Blacks citizenship and was the basis for the 14th Amendment.
1868 Dec. Romanian Jews forbidden from being Drs., 1864 – Lawyers forbidden.
1868 The KKK lynched an innocent, Jew named S.A. Bierfield in Franklin. TN on some trumped up charge
1873 Yar ziet of first Jewish Mayor of London, Sir David Salomons
1881 Pogroms in Konotop and Waslikov Russia against Jews, continued for 3 years
1894 October 15, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew from the Alsatian region of France, was accused of spying for the Germans.
1898, Jan 13 Emile Zola published, J’accuse which slammed French officials for the anti-Semitic tones and false accusations of the Dreyfus trail
1897 Theodore Hertzl published Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) forecasting his future ambition for the Jewish people to escape persecution.
1899 Romanian Jews blacklisted from Universities
1901 Arabs attacked Jews of Gedera, Palestine
1902 Formation of Union of Orthodox Rabbis in US and Canada
1902 July 30  Anti-Semitic riots at funeral of Rabbi Jacob Joseph
1903 Russia outlawed Zionism and funding Zionism (First Zionist Congress with Theodore Herzl 1899, Herzl died July 3, 1904
1909 US ended direct control over Cuba
1909 Dagania Alegh (Jewish community) founded in Palestine
1909 Long before becoming Hitler’s  “Willing Executioners” of Jews  – Polish Legionnaires looted and burned Jewish section of Vilna during 4 day pogrom. Hundreds of Jews murdered and arrested and tortured.
1909 City of Tel Aviv founded in Palestine, became Israel 1948
1916 Louis Brandeis appointed by Pres. Woodrow Wilson1917, to Supreme Ct. Became its first Jewish member
1917 November 17 The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild declaring the right of the Jews to repossess their homeland in Palestine showing a boundary map extending all the way from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates River to the east as was described in the Hebrew Bible.
1917 Dec. 9, British took Jerusalem from defeated Ottoman Empire WWI
1920 March 1. Legendary Jewish warrior and co-founder with Zev Jabotinsky of the first modern Jewish army brigade, killed while defending Tel Chai from Arab attack in Palestine which was under British rule.
1921 May 7, Arabs attacked the first Jewish settlement of Petach Tikva, killed 3 and drove them out. But, the Jews returned another day and the city now numbers in 2010 210,341, Baruch Hashem
1921 Arab riots in then Palestine killed dozens of Jews in Jaffa and Petach Tikva 27 years before there was a State of Israel. Fortunately there is a State now not dependent upon the British or the UN or the US.
1924 Nov 23, City of Herzliya, Israel founded in honor of Theodore Herzl
1929 Arabs attacked Jews throughout Palestine. Many Jews beaten and killed. The attack in Hebron was particularly brutal. Arabs using swords attacked men, women, children an students. 67 Jews including 23 Yeshiva students were killed.
1929 June 13 – corresponds to Hebrew calendar year 5689, Sivan 5
1930, Sep. In NYC schools, Hebrew was introduced into the curriculum as a foreign language.
1933 Jan 30 Hitler became Chancellor of Germany
1935 Sep 15, Nurenberg trials in Germany stripped Jews of their civil rights
1935 Sep 15, Hitler published Nuremberg Laws against Jews stripping them of all their civil rights
1935 Death of Colonel Alfred Dreyfus of French Army, falsely accused of treason and framed at trial. Finally exonerated through efforts of author, Emile Zola.
1936 Dec 26 – Palestinian Philharmonic (all Jews) played for first time under the baton of Arturo Toscanini (In what is now Israel).
Note: (Palestinian was the designation for Jews in the Holy Land, until Yasir Arafat was clever enough to abscond with the term and the Arabs of Palestine suddenly became the “Palestinians” instead of just plain Arabs and suddenly the Palestinian Jews became the invading Jews on “occupied “Arab Land” and the world bought into this gargantuan lie and the Jews did not even bother to vigorously dispute this obvious propaganda distortion that has proven so successful) jsk
1938 Evian Conference July 6 to 15 at Évian-les-Bains, France . Representatives from 32 countries and 39 private organizations and some 24 voluntary organizations, convened by Franklin Roosevelt, met formally to decide if the West would accept the displaced Jews of Europe,  They voted not to!  Golda Meir, the attendee from Palestine was not permitted to speak or to participate except as an observer. Some 200 international journalists gathered at Évian to observe and report the conclave.
This event should remain for the Jews a significant conference and all that Jews should need to know to formulate their own personal lives and that of the State of Israel. Thank you to C.B. Whyte for this entry. jsk
1938 Nov 9-10 Kristallnacht in Germany – Synagogues, shops, cemeteries, anything Jewish attacked in Germany and Austria. Jews beaten and murdered
1938 Nov.17 Italian version of Nuremberg laws published
1939 Poland – Hundreds of Jews slaughtered by Poles during Nazi organized pogrom. Jews, at the time, were well established and constituted 10% of the Polish population, apx 3 million of 30 Million
1940 Battle to defeat Britain  by the Germans
1940 Feb 200,000 Jews of Lodz, Poland moved into Baluty Ghetto prior to execution
1940 Lubavitcher Rebbe taken out of the Warsaw Ghetto brought to the US.
1940 Aug. 4 – Death of Vladimer (Z’ev) Jabotinsky – Ardent Zionist leader, orator, writer, linguist, poet, journalist, Founder of Revisionist Zionism, who spent years begging the Jews to leave Europe before it was too late and was despised for his efforts and called an alarmist. 6 million exterminated Jews resulted from ignoring his warnings. jsk
1941 June Vichy France warplanes bomb Tel Aviv, 20 Jews killed
1941 July – 200 Torahs gathered from synagogues in Poland and burned in special ceremony in Kovel, Poland Later that day,
Heinrich Himmler arranged for the creation of the Maidanek murder camp in Lublin Poland
1941 Nazis and Willing Executor Latvians killed 2300 Jews in Riga
1941 Sep 29 Babi Yar Ravine – It took Germans just 2 days to machine gun to death 33,771 Jews in this ravine near Kiev
1941 Dec 8, Birkeneku – 1500 older Jews from Riga ghetto slaughtered by SS in forest.
1941 June 22, Hitler turns against Soviet Union

1941 June – Germans occupy Lithuania and begin the round up and slaughter of Jews with plenty of willing Lithuanian fellow executioners.
1941 July 7, Ukrainians joined the German’s party and murdered 1200 Jews near town of Otynia, Poland. So, do I really care if Russians kill Ukrainians or vice versa?  And, you can throw in the Pollacks, the Latvians, the Estonians, the Lithuanians, etc and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Makes me no never mind. jsk
1941 Sep 29 – Babi Yar ravine, near Kiev. Russia – over 2 day period, Nazis shot to death 33,771 Jews – the single largest mass murder of the Holocaust
1941 Oct 23 5000 Jews of Odessa, Russia were arrested and murdered in public parks. Later that day 19000 taken to the harbor and shot or burned alive.
Nov 4, 1941, 483 locals killed by Nazis ending the Jewish presence in village.
1941 Dec 10, Hitler declares war on US after Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941
1941, Dec. Weeks of rampage ended with the death of 32,000 Jews in Vilna, Poland
1942 The great Liberal hero, Franklin D. Roosevelt, relocated American Japanese citizens over to military
authority and forcefully placed them in detention camps for the duration.
1942. Sept Jews of Lida Poland Ghetto, 10,000 killed
1942, Feb. Himmler selects 80 Jews from Auschwitz for his skeletal collection museum at Univ. of Strasbourg. Murdered by lethal injection and then corpses burned to prevent damage to their bones to become part of Nazi planned Jewish museum of an extinct people they had deliberately exterminated. (Too bad we don’t have a museum of Nazi German bones to display – jsk)
1942 July – The German Nazi SS murdered 10,000 Jews in the ghetto of Minsk, Byelorussia.
1942 Aug 21 SS Nazis murdered 2750 Jews of Lancut, Poland in Falkinia forest
1942 – 600,000 Jews murdered in Hungary by the Hungarians as 1943 After the beginning of WWII in 1941, the Allied fleet had regained the Mediterranean as its own lake.
1941, June 11 French warplanes bombed the Jewish city of Tel Aviv!!
1942, October Norway – all Jewish men arrested and shipped to Auschwitz Concentration camp
1943 – early. Germans surrendered to Russians at Stalingrad and I have an idea the Russians treated them a little different than the Americans. I hope so. jsk
1943 Oct 14 Jewish uprising in Sobibor death camp under leadership of Alexander Pechersky. 200 Jews, 11 SS Nazis killed while 400 Jews escaped. (For the moment. Only 60 totally got away according to documentary on PBS April2017)
1944 600,000 Jews killed in Hungary by Hitler’s Germans and Hungarian Willing Executioners. The Hungarian Gov’t March 2014, 70 years later, still denies complicity
1944 – March 7, 99,941 Jews gassed in Auschwitz during that day
1944 October – Anne Frank transferred from Auschwitz to Bergen Belsen where she died.
WWII – Total casualties for World War II totaled between 50 – 70 million people, 80 percent of which came from only four countries – Russia, China, Germany and Poland . Over 50 percent of the casualties were civilians, with the majority of those being women and children.

1945 An Arab League was formed for the first time with adaption of a Charter in Cairo. The main purpose was to oppose the re-birth of the Jewish State, Israel. They failed!
1945 April 12, Buchenwald murder camp liberated by US Army. From 1938-1945 238,000 Jews were held there. 56,000 murdered.
1945 Feb 12 Death of Hadassah founder Henrietta Szold
1945 May 2 – Goebbels and wife Magda poisoned their 6 children and then committed suicide.
1945 May 4, Germany surrenders unconditionally.
1945 May Dachau Concentration Camp liberated.
1945 -Traitor French Marshall Phiilippe Petain, Head of the French Nazi Supporter Vichy government during WW II arrested, tried for treason
1946 42 Jews of 200 killed by Pollocks when they returned to Kielce to claim their homes then occupied by Poles.
1946 June, British arrested 100 Jewish Agency leaders in Palestine – hundreds of others rounded up, called Black Shabbos.
1946 League of Nations assembled in Geneva for last time. Replaced by United Nations in Washington DC following WWII with the US footing about 25% of annual bill!

1947 Nov 29 – UN agreed to partition Palestine between Jews and Arabs with the Jews getting the short end, as usual, and given a sliver piece of territory that the UN thought would never survive the onslaught by surrounding Arabs they had armed to the teeth.  But this time the Jews depended upon themselves and they, thanks to G-d, prevailed over 5 Arabs armies surrounding them.

UN Resolution 181 – The Partition Plan
November 29, 1947

In 1947 the British put the future of western Palestine into the hands of the United Nations, the successor organization to the League of Nations which had established the “Mandate for Palestine.” A UN Commission recommended partitioning what was left of the original Mandate – western Palestine – into two new states, one Jewish and one Arab. Jerusalem and its surrounding villages were to be temporarily classified as an international zone belonging to neither polity.
What resulted was Resolution 181 [known also as the 1947 Partition Plan], a non-binding recommendation to partition Palestine, whose implementation hinged on acceptance by both parties – Arabs and Jews. The resolution was adopted on November 29, 1947 in the General Assembly by a vote of 33-12, with 10 abstentions. Among the supporters were the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as other nations including France and Australia. The Arab nations, including Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia denounced the plan on the General Assembly floor and voted as a bloc against Resolution 181 promising to defy its implementation by force.

The resolution recognized the need for immediate Jewish statehood [and a parallel Arab state], but the blueprint for peace became a moot issue when the Arabs refused to accept it. Subsequently, realities on the ground in the wake of Arab aggression [and Israel’s survival] became the basis for UN efforts to bring peace

1947 Dec. Jordanians laid siege to Jerusalem, 40 Jews killed at Haifa oil facility

1948 May 14 – Declaration of Israel Independence, Yom Ha’Atzmaut, The Jews re-establish their biblical home returning from the Diaspora Exile imposed by the Romans following their defeat of the Hebrews 70 AD and finally 135 BE with the defeat of the Maccabees
1948 May 15  Five Arab nations (Egypt,Jordan,Syria,Iraq,Lebanon) attacked immediately attempting to annihilate reborn Jewish State.
1948 800,000 Jews driven out penniless, their properties confiscated by the gov’t of Arab nations in which they had lived for thousands of years. At most apx. 400,000 Arabs left Israel and swelled to millions under UNESCO, a unique UN relief program just for Palestinian Arabs unlike no other refugees and displaced persons following WWII. jsk
1948 Dec. 16 Operation Magic Carpet – Thousands of destitute Yemenite Jews rescued via multiple air transport flights to their reborn sanctuary for the Jewish people — Israel

1949 Jan 29 France recognized the re-born State of Israel France was very helpful to the desperate nation in its original battle for survival against the attack of 5 Arab armies May 1948 and they lost FOREVER.
1949 March 10. IDF liberated Eilat
1949 Cheshvan – Jewish Population in Israel reached 1 million people.
1949 March David Ben-Gurion formed Israel’s first government.
By 2013, the population of Israel reached over 6 million proud Jews,   Baruch Hashem.
1950 The passing of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the Sixth Lubavitcher Rabbi,
1951 Jan 17, The succession of Rabbi Menachim Mendel Schneerson as Seventh Lubavitcher Rabbi, above’s son-in-law, delivered his first Maamar confirming his succession. Lyubavichi is a village in District of Smolensk, Russia. existed since at least 1654, had 2500 residents in 1857, large market place, declined with onset of Communism,
1951, May 3 The Israeli Knesset designated this day as Holocaust Memorial Day, Yom HaShoah, under PM David Ben Gurion
1952 Dec. 26 Israel’s first ambassador to Japan presented his credentials to the Emperor (Can you imagine if Abraham, Isaac, Jacob witnessed that one!!) jsk
1953 February Soviet Union recalled its ambassador and cut off relations with Israel which had just been reborn May 14, 1948
1953 March 5 Joseph Stalin Russian Dictator and killer of millions of innocent people dies.And may his soul rest in Gehenim.
1958 Oct 14 – Cornerstone for Israel Legislature, the Knesset laid in Jerusalem
1960 Adolph Eichmann captured in Argentina , Buenos Aires, where had lived for years, hanged in Israel May 31, 1962, sentenced to death Dec. 15, 1961 for crimes against the Jewish people and humanity
1961 July 31. The one millionth immigrant arrived in Israel. Israel reborn in 1948. Up until that time, Britain severely limited the number of Jews they would allow into their biblical homeland. In the meantime, not one so-called Palestinian refugee was absorbed by the 21 huge, sparsely populated Arab states that surrounded Israel. They preferred to keep them as political ploys paid for in camps financed by the UN and mostly the US!  jsk
1963 December 5 Herbert Henry Lehman – died (March 28, 1878 – December 5, 1963) First Jewish Governor of New York (1933-1942) He also represented New York State in the United States Senate from 1950 to 1957.
1967 Six Day War – June 6 – June 11, 1967 – After just 36 hours of fighting, the IDF were deep into Sinai, captured Gaza, Kalkilya, Jenin in Samarian Hills and surrounded Jerusalem. I
June 28, 1967 Israel regained and annexed Jerusalem after over 1900 years of exile following Roman Conquest and Diaspora began 70 CE
1967 Feb Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, known as father of atomic bomb died in Princeton, NJ age 62
1969 Death of Levi Eshkol – former Israel PM (right after Ben Gurion)
1970 Libya All Jewish property confiscated and Jews driven out penniless, no compensation ever paid
1971 East Pakistan declared its independence from Pakistan and took the name Banglidesh and India and Pakistan have been fighting over it ever since.
1973 Oct 26. General Ariel Sharon trapped the Egyptian Third Army on the Eastern side of the Suez Canal. Sharon allowed them to surrender in honor and retreat to Egypt.
Israeli PM Menachim Begin snatched defeat from this great victory in the 1979 agreement with Jimmy Carter and Anwar Sadat of Egypt.
1973 Nov. 6 – New York City elects its first Jewish mayor, Abraham D. Beame
1973 Henry Kissinger, First Jewish Secy. of State sworn in, under Nixon
1974 Pakistan recognized independence of its former eastern province, Bangladesh
1975 Nov 10 General Assembly of United Nations declared Zionism a form of racism
1976 Entebbe rescue of over 100 Jews in airport Uganda.  Jonathan Netanyahu, Bibi’s older brother killed.
1977 Nov. 20 Egyptian Pres. Anwar Sadat addressed Knesset,
1977 Dec Menachim Begin met with Sadat at Ismalia, Egypt.
1978 Sep 17 – Carter/Begin/Sadat Camp David talks ended. Peace agreement with Egypt was signed , a few months later and Anwar Sadat assassinated in Egypt by Arabs (Muslim Brotherhood) opposed to peace with Israel.
1979 Shah of Iran deposed and Ayatollah Rubollah Kbomeini welcomed back after 15 years of exile
1979 Iran’s new Islamic govt. quickly severed all relations with Israel and pledged support for the Palestinian
Arabs. who suddenly had a new identity of their own. They were just Arabs originally from all over the Middle East, until the Jewish State was re-born
1980 Israel’s embassy in Egypt, the first of its kind in any Arab country, was established in 1980, soon after the Camp David peace treaty was signed in 1979
1981 June 7, Israel destroys Iraq nuclear weapon, Sivan 5
1981 March 23 Arabs attack Jewish residents of Jerusalem
1984 Feb, Italy and the Vatican signed a revised pact under which Roman Catholicism ceased to be the state religion of Italy.
1886 The First Jewish settlement of Petach Tikva built with the return of more Jews to their homeland was attacked by Arabs and driven out long before as their history testifies there was ever a newborn State of Israel that obviously the Arabs will never accept. And Israelis and Diaspora that naive Jews wishfully home will happen are out of their minds. So, what else is new? jsk

1990, Nov 5 Rabbi Meir Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defense League, who was shot to death in a Manhattan hotel by Arab terrorist El Sayyid Nosair, a member of terror cell of Abdul Rahman World Trade Center bombing master-mind
1990 Israeli PM Yitzhak Shamir , leader of right wing Likud party, was chosen to form a government after Labor Party Shimon Peres failed to form a coalition (the usual story of defeat with this faux Israeli hero , self described)
1993 -Islamist extremists exploded a bomb in the parking garage of New York’s Trade Center killing 6 people and injuring more than 1000 others and on 9/2011 the twin towers of the World Trade Center , 18 years later,
the US FBI and other intelligence agencies had still failed to recognize the constant presence and danger of Islamic Terrorism and we suffered the consequence of 3000 American lives lost and our entire ability to live without fear in our own country was dismantled —probably never to return unless some truly politically incorrect drastic actions are taken. Go TRUMP!

2003 Jubilant Iraqis celebrated the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime beheading his statue in Baghdad

1995 Oct 23 Jerusalem US Embassy Relocation act became law. Called for a US Embassy to be built in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. To date the statute has not been implemented because Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have signed semi-annual waivers to delay implementation on national security grounds. Nonsense! The refusal is the direct result of US State Dept. inherent prejudice against the Jewish State and misconception that the Arabs are our better allies!

1995 Nov. 4, PM Yitschak Rabin assassinated

1996 Dr. Jack Kevorkian acquitted of assisted suicide for helping two suffering patients kill themselves

1999 President Bill Clinton impeached over lies over Monica Lewinsky involvement

2000 John Paul II (The “Good Pope” as far as I am concerned) He ask G-d’s forgiveness for the sins of the Roman Catholics throughout the ages including the great wrongs perpetrated against the Jews. women, and minorities From Today in History (SunSentinel March 12 2017)

2003 – Space shuttle Columbia broke up during re-entry killing all seven of its crew – Commander Rick Husband, pilot Wm. Mc Cool, Michael Anderson Kalpana Chawla, David Brown Laurel Clark and Ilan Ramon the first Israeli in space.
2003 Pres. GW Bush girding he nation for war said Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had shown utter contempt of the world community and had to be held accountable after the invasion and conquest of Kuwait, robbing its banks gold and its oil wells.
2011 – Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak forced out of office after 30 years of autocratic rule. Military took over. Open elections were held and the Egyptians put in power the Muslim Brotherhood who they quickly learned to despise and the military took back over within a year with General Sisi in power and a much better ally to US and Israel

2013- Pope Benedict XVI stepped down The first Pontiff in 600 years to do so

II Chronology of Ages in Jewish History
From: To Pray as a Jew by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin, 1980, Library of Congress
Period of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) : 2000 -1700 B.C.E
The Exodus from Egypt: circa 1280 B.C.E.
The Period of King David: 1005-965 B.C.E.
Period of the First Temple: 928-586 B.C.E.
Period of the Second Temple: 515 B.C.E – 70 C.E. (Roman Conquest and Diaspora)
Period of the Mishnah (Tannaitic Period): From the beginning of the first century C.E. until about 220 C.E.  Some refer to this period as the early Talmudic period.
Period of the Gemara (Amoraic Period): From the beginning of the third century C.E. until 500 C.E. Some refer to this period as the later Talmudic period. Post-Talmudic Period [Savoraim]: 500-640 C.E.
Period of the Geonim [the heads of the Talmudic academies]: From 640 C.E.-1038 C.E.
Period of the Early [Rabbinic] Authorities {Rishonim): From the beginning of the eleventh century C.E. till the end of the fifteenth century.ell
Period of Latter-day [Rabbinic] Authorities {Aharomm): From the beginning of the sixteenth century C.E. until the present day.

Compiled by Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor/Publisher

PS Anyone who would like to add some significant, well documented historical events, please send entries to me at: and I will be happy to include them in this very bare outline.  

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