I almost never agree with Congressman Charley Rangel except right now

By Jerome S. Kaufman


Rangel’s quote from an article by Wesley Pruden, editor emeritus of Washington Times

The cliché about “no American boots on the ground” as promised by Barack Obama, does not impress Charlie Rangel, the Democratic congressman from Harlem, who brought to the discussion a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star home from Korea . “You cannot be a little bit pregnant in international conflicts,” he says, “and once you get in, all these resolutions mean nothing.” He doesn’t think most members of Congress “have any skin in the game.”

He makes the obvious point that the makers of war are rarely the fighters in the war. “You know, they (usually) don’t get these volunteers for combat from Harvard or Yale,” he says. “They get them from communities like mine … if members of Congress thought for one minute that (the country would be) drafting their kids and their grandkids, you would not see this overwhelming sense of patriotism that you see.”

Israel, among many other nations, has found that using a corollary of Congressman’s statement is often dramatically successful. The Arabs have a lethal habit of placing missile launching systems in innocent citizen’s confiscated homes or churches or schools — where ever innocent civilians will be killed in the greatest number. The media is then furnished with multiple videos of the victims which are then triumphantly presented on media’s TV screens as evidence of Israel’s inhumanity.

To stop this carnage and subsequent media programming, Israel on occasion takes it upon itself, I believe, but cannot confirm, the task of assassinating a few Arab terrorist leaders. Not surprisingly, lickety split, Arab peace proposals, transient as they may be, suddenly appear upon the table!

An example of this strategy appears in the Bible at a time when the Hebrews were repeatedly attacked by the Philistines. A proposal was brought forward pitting the Philistine representative, Goliath against the young sheepherder David who was later to become King David. Much to the Philistine surprise their champion was knocked off by little David and the harassment of the Hebrews suddenly stopped.

Taking a lesson from the Hebrew Bible, maybe we could get Obama on the field against Bashar al Assad? Of course, the bare chested Putin would not be allowed into the contest unless we could bring along Mike Tyson or the latest champ, out of retirement. It might well be the end of the controversy? In addition, any of the Shiite vs. Sunni sheiks still in their centuries-old disputes could be on the undercard of the fight. And, a huge TV audience could be guaranteed by yet another Obama tax hike or Obama economic supplement plan.

Zowie! We might then not have any of Charley Rangel’s local boys or any other American boys and girls in the contest and … I congratulate Congressman Rangel for presenting this trenchant idea.

Jerome S. Kaufman



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