In his relentless pursuit of destroying the United States, Obama deliberately alienates our staunchest allies.


In his relentless pursuit of destroying the United States, Obama deliberately alienates our staunchest allies.


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Saudi Arabia has quietly reached out to our arch foe Russia in an attempt to temper Iran’s regional influence and reach a compromise on Tehran’s nuclear program, Middle Eastern defense officials told WND (World Net Daily).

The Saudi move already has resulted in the opening of back-door dialogue between the two countries aimed at possibly forging a new alliance, the officials said.

The talks may showcase Saudi desperation in light of the Obama administration’s rapprochement toward Iran, perhaps the House of Saud’s biggest competitor for influence in the Middle East and Persian Gulf.

Already, the shifting U.S. regional alliances have seen Russia’s military relationship with long-time U.S. ally Egypt grow ever closer.

The Obama administration has been cool to the secular, moderate government of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, which ousted the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies led my Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

Ever since the U.S. abandonment of Sisi’s regime, Egypt has grown increasingly closer to Russia, as evidenced by the $3.5 billion arms deal between Cairo and Moscow signed last year.

Earlier this month, Egyptian Defense Minister Sidqi Sobqi and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced in Moscow the expansion of Russian military cooperation, which will reportedly include a historic joint naval drill in the Mediterranean Sea.

Additionally, Egyptian soldiers and officers will reportedly train in Russian military academies, reported the Moscow Times.

Now the purported opening of a new dialogue between Moscow and Riyadh seems to continue the trend of former U.S. allies reaching out to the Russian axis.

There is much bad blood between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The Saudis have been backing the insurgency targeting the regime of Syrian President Basher al-Assad, known to closely cooperate with Moscow.

Moscow has long accused the Saudis of supporting Islamists operating in the Caucuses, primarily Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia, as part of an alleged destabilization campaign.

The Russians have also claimed the Saudis, working in conjunction with the West, have been attempting to lower oil prices in a scheme to damage the Russian economy.

The sour relations go back to the Cold War era, when the Saudis sided with the U.S. by supporting the American-aided mujahedeen in Afghanistan against the Russian invasion there.

II   Let’s take a quick  count of the US allies that Obama has deliberately alienated since he took office.

By Jerome S. Kaufman

1. The minute he took office Obama returned to England the treasured bust of Winston Churchill that was given to us by the British in appreciation of the fantastic victory our two countries had accomplished over Nazi Germany in WWII.   To Obama, Churchill represented the British colonialism against which his father, through his mother, had indoctrinated him.  

2. Obama Threw Eastern Europe Under the Bus.  The  Heritage Foundation criticized the Obama administration for abandoning its Eastern European allies. Obama gave up proposed missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic.  This emboldened Russia and increased our own vulnerability to Iran’s missile capabilities. The abandonment  certainly has done just that with Russia gobbling up Crimea and a large chunk of Georgia and the Ukraine with much more to come. The Baltic states now live in fear for their very existence now that the US military umbrella is gone.

3. Obama ruined our relationship with Syria by deliberately vacillating between supporting Bashar Assad or the Syrian people that had rebelled against him. Syria is now, in fact, a non-existent country. How far behind is Lebanon with the Islamic State on its borders and those of Israel? 

4. He destroyed the hard won victories and territories US Forces had accomplished in Iraq. The country is in complete disarray with control being contested by ISIS and Iran and the US no longer a consideration.

5. The Gulf Emirates no longer have any faith in our defending them against Iran and its impending nuclear power.

6. Obama will soon abandon Afghanistan  leaving it vulnerable to the guaranteed resurgence of the Taliban

7. Alienated the French.  U.S. attorney general Eric Holder,  in Paris for a terrorism summit, did not join world leaders German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  for the march and rally that drew a million people days after 12 French civilians were shot at the offices of satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. 

8. Obama is throwing our staunch ally Israel under the bus, allowing and promoting Iran’s development of  nuclear weapons and threatening to stop protecting Israel against the threats and insane rulings of the UN and the World Court.

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole iceberg portrays a US military force deliberately decimated by Obama with his complete plans  yet to be  fulfilled. Russia, China, Iran, the Islamic State are all well aware of this decimation and are taking full advantage — grabbing territories and killing people all over the world in their thirst to fill the power vacuum Obama cleverly created.



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