Inane Discussion with Chris Wallace and George Clooney

Fox News, Sunday, March 18, 2012

Compiled by Jerome S. Kaufman from various previous Israel Commentary articles and Internet sources.

At least Chris Wallace was honest enough to admit to George Clooney that the only reason Fox was airing their interview about South Sudan was the celebrity of Clooney. And … Clooney was honest enough to admit his role.

Terrific! Now what?

Where was the beef? There was no beef. All we saw were groups of G-d forsaken or should I say man-forsaken scared people without food, without shelter, without defense, without protecting forces, hiding from those who had only one goal in mind and have had for years – to annihilate the people of South Sudan.

Yes, I could almost use the word “holocaust.” But, to my mind  “holocaust” means  annihilating a people only because of who they are – no other purpose. The prime example is the German Nazis killing of Jews with the enthusiastic assistance of most of the rest of “Christian” Europe, and with the only qualification the victims be Jews. South Sudan is different in that there are several purposes for killing these defenseless people – at least in the minds of their murderers.

First, a brief history authored by Daniel Pipes in Israel Commentary:  The beautiful unappreciated, unreported history of Israel in South Sudan | Israel Commentary, January 3, 2012.

“Today’s Sudan took shape in the nineteenth century when the Ottoman Empire controlled its northern regions and tried to conquer the southern ones. The British, ruling out of Cairo, established the outlines of the modern state in 1898 and for the next fifty years ruled separately the Muslim north and Christian-animist south. In 1948, however, succumbing to northern pressure, the British merged the two administrations in Khartoum under northern control, making Muslims dominant in Sudan and Arabic its official language.

Independence from Britain in 1956 brought civil war, as southerners battled to fend off Muslim hegemony. Fortunately for them, Israel’s Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s “periphery strategy” translated into Israeli support for non-Arabs in the Middle East, including the southern Sudanese. The government of Israel served through the first Sudanese civil war, lasting until 1972, as their primary source of moral backing, diplomatic help, and armaments.”

Sudan’s civil war continued intermittently from 1956 until 2005. Over time, Muslim northerners became increasingly vicious toward their southern co-nationals, culminating in the 1980-90s with massacreschattel slavery, and genocide.”

The other paradigm to consider is, “Follow the Money.” Sudan is a treasure trove of oil resources, Although both countries are now independent, they remain interdependent in  terms  of the oil industry. About 75 percent of oil production (depending on specific field allocations) originates from the South, while the entire pipeline, refining, and export infrastructure is in the North. This situation has caused contention between the two countries over pipeline and export transit fees with the North attempting to solve the problem by simply annihilating the South and confiscating its superior oil resources.

To thwart these hundreds of years of Muslim aspiration, there was an election in the South. A referendum took place in January 2011 in which the people of South Sudan voted to secede from Sudan. In July 2011, Sudan became two countries: Sudan and South Sudan. The capital of Sudan is Khartoum and the capital of South Sudan is Juba.

Predictably, Sudan has deliberately ignored the election and is now waging an intense, virtually unopposed war on South Sudan attempting to fulfill their age old aspirations. The United Nations estimated that more than 2,300 South Sudanese have died in tribal and rebel violence this year alone.

On November 11, 2011, it was reported that Islamic North Sudan bombed free Christian South Sudan. How many millions of Christians, animists, and black moderate Muslims have to be slaughtered in the jihadi war in Sudan before the international community finally wakes up to its own vital interests and stands against this slaughter in the name of Allah?

What is the possible solution?

For the West, this means coming to the aid of  a loyal ally and a genuine bulwark against Islamic ambition. The crippling of the superior military of the North would be a great start. But, the South Sudanese must first survive. Otherwise we have nothing to  talk about. Then the vital contributions of agriculture, health, and education and the basic components of military defense.  A successful South Sudan could eventually become a regional power and a stalwart, important ally of the West.

Unfortunately none of the above discussion remotely entered the inane interview on Fox News. I expected a whole lot more from Chris Wallace. The contribution of the dilettante political activist, George Clooney, was as anticipated.

Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor

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