Israel Commentary The Rantings of Leon Panetta, Surrogate for Barack Obama

By Jerome S. Kaufman

Barack Obama,  via his mouthpiece,  Leon Panetta, demands Israel commit suicide to please Obama’s Islamic friends and pursue his own anti-American foreign policy.

I could not believe my eyes and my ears as I watched TV and listened to Obama’s mouthpiece, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta hysterically chastise  and threaten Israel, our only real ally and fellow democracy in the Middle East. He shrieked at Israel as if this exemplary, hugely successful  sovereign nation were an 8 year old boy that Panetta was about to take to the wood shed.

In remarks at a Brookings Institution conference, Panetta, in the most undiplomatic and disrepectful tones, called upon Israel to again start negotiations with the Palestinians. “Just get to the damn table” Panetta said during the event in Washington. “The problem right now is we can’t get them to the damn table to at least sit down and begin to discuss their differences.” He says Israel is becoming increasingly isolated and needs to ‘reach out and mend fences’ It’s not enough, he said, for Israel to rely on a strong military for security, diplomacy is also needed. Panetta said Israel could “reach out and mend fences” with countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Jordan, countries he said share an interest in stability in the Middle East.

Obviously, Panetta knows nothing about the history of the conflict, dating back well over a 100 years wherein the Arabs have never accepted the concept of a Jewish State or even one Jew in what they have deluded themselves into thinking is holy Islamic land.  Instead they have done everything to make war on the Jews since the middle of the 19th  century to prevent them from returning to their biblical homeland.

He and his mentor Obama obviously know nothing or more likely choose to ignore the fact that there have been severe regime changes in Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the man now in power, is a dedicated Islamist who despises the West, particularly Israel.  Furthermore, the secular military that ran the country in favor of the west,  has now been forced out of power.

In Egypt, Panetta and Obama have chosen to ignore the fact that the former Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak who was favorable to the US and Israel for the last 30 years is now on trial for his life and most likely will lose his head when the Moslem Brotherhood formally takes over, if not sooner. They also ignore the fact that a recent Pew Poll shows only 20% of Egyptians have a favorable view of America, 64% have no confidence in Obama (I’m with them) and 54% want to annul the peace treaty with Israel. (What a great time for Israel to give away more land!).

As to Jordan, you can bet your life that King Abdullah II prays for the ongoing support and strength of the Israelis. They have saved his life, his throne and that of his father, on several occasions. Without the Israelis backing him up, there is no doubt militant Islam with their huge resident belligerent Palestinian Arab population in Jordan behind them, will quickly take over his throne and place Abdullah’s head along side Hosni Mubarak’s on the chopping block.

At the end of his outburst, Panetta sugar coated his wood shed speech with the usual perfunctory lip-service remarks, which, at least in the past, have been sincerely spoken by previous American presidents. He emphasized that Israel will “always have the unshakeable backing of the United States.” Let us hope Israelis don’t hold their breath waiting for this backing to happen while Barack Obama is in the White House.

Obama’s true colors, lies and hypocrisy thus burst forth through the inane well planned destructive remarks of his obvious surrogate. By coincidence, In his usual narcissistic fog, Obama had just patted himself on the back as the “best Administration Israel ever had.” Most Iraelis, especially, after this unveiling will take great exception to this self-evaluation. Unfortunately, the useful idiot American Jews that attended Obama’s fund raiser in the heart of New York the previous evening, appeared to believe him and continue to pour big bucks into his overflowing never-ending political campaign coffers.

But, the crucial decisions and actions always remain in the hands of the Israelis, not in the hands of the ranting Leon Panetta or in the obvious hatred, disdain and duplicity of Barack Obama. Let us pray that a far greater power guides the Israelis to ignore this self-destructive advice and steers them to a position of strength, action and self-reliance – the only condition the Arabs, the Islamists and the rest of the world understand.



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