It’s all in a phrase – “Left Wing Narcissism”

By Jerome S. Kaufman

September 28, 2014

While watching the fantastic video featuring Melanie Phillips (See below), I heard her use an amazingly acute descriptive term. Her term was Left Wing Narcissism and it must  have been coined by Ms. Phillips who also coined the defining term, Londonistan, so precisely describing the Muslim take-over of London.

I guess the reason the term, Left Wing Narcissism rings such a bell with me is that it finally gives me a defining term to describe and understand many people including some in my own family. The term implies the condition wherein the facts have no bearing on thought or action. They just get in the way of engraved-in-concrete generalizations with which certain individuals are seemingly born. Intelligent discussion, respected literature, history or events that have followed subsequent to their birth evidently  have made no impression.

Under this aberration, there is, of course, no such thing as right or wrong. Everything is open to challenge and dubious question and finally,  it is concluded, simply revolves around one’s own innate irrefutable reaction and personal conclusion. So, no differentiation or judgement calls or beliefs need be  determined. It is all equivocal.

There is  still another buzz word utilized — “moral equivalency” for all conditions and situations. There are, of course, no real criminals or bad guys — just those poor folks that have been environmentally challenged with no real control over the understandable results.

Typically these individuals with Left Wing Narcissism also know, without any question of contradiction, that, “I am a nice person. I am not religious but I am ‘spiritual.’” And … please don’t get hung up trying to define exactly what those statements mean.

Naturally, everyone else who does not believe in these unintelligible generalizations is demonized as being inferior, racist, bigoted, chauvinistic, nationalistic, narrow, unsophisticated, uneducated, plain country, right wing extremists or just despicable Republicans.

Apparently even some “decent people” are perverted because they watch the right wing fanaticism of TV Fox News. The rest of us are smart enough to turn away from Fox like the plague. It is so unsettling. The only truly worthwhile TV station is, of course, MNBC featuring stars like Rachel Maddow of the perpetual snarled mouth; Christiane Amanpour who would obviously be more comfortable if she had stayed in Iran where she was born and where her soul still abides; Chris Mathews, who one wonders if he still gets shivers up his leg when the archetypical narcissist Barack Obama postures and nonchalantly tells limitless outright lies. Amazingly Obama himself has never progressed beyond his role as the consummate community organizer. He remains simply another politician, another Party hack devoid of moral confusion.

Then, finally there was Keith Olbermann who made one sick with his single minded hatred of anything Conservative or Republican. Fortunately for the viewing audience, he is now just an arrogant, abrasive sports commentator easily cancelled out as quickly as his obnoxious face hits the screen.

There are, of course, tons of other examples but I really just wanted to introduce you to this precise descriptive term, It may be of some help to you in your own friendly family conversations. But, I doubt it. So just keep the peace and debate the weather, the traffic, the price of gasoline, who won the ball game.  Discuss your other obnoxious relatives and when do we eat?

Thanks again to the incomparable Melanie Phillips.

Jerome S. Kaufman, Publisher/Editor Israel Commentator


Melanie Phillips’ video where the term originated as far as I know?


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