It’s Rosh Hashanah – A moment to remind the Jews and the Non-Jews how they treated the Jews over the centuries.

Every Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) Israel Commentary publishes a condensed outline reminding the Jews and Non-Jews of how the Non-Jews have treated us over the centuries.

And virtually nothing has changed as of this very moment — Rosh Hashanah September 14, 2015 (Jewish calendar year 5776).

The P 5+1 World Powers consisting of Obama’s fiefdom (the United States), the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany are in the process of delivering Israel (The Jewish Biblical Homeland) to the Iranians, on a plutonium nuclear platter for annihilation (G-d forbid).

Only this time, instead of the less efficient Nazi gas chambers, the Jew Haters are being given any number of nuclear bombs, a sophisticated missile system, a complete defensive system plus all the fringes that $150 billion dollars in cash plus all the income their bottomless oil industry can generate.

Thank you very much, you world class bastards.

A very condensed version of the world’s previous history of animus toward the Jewish people is listed below plus incidental commentary by Jerome S. Kaufman. The list has been redacted from a column compiled by historian, Jeff Reznik published weekly over the years in the Jewish Press.

Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor/Publisher
Israel Commentary

Please note that when it comes to the recording of the exact dates of events in ancient history, there are disagreements between various biblical and temporal sources. But, no matter. The end results are the same.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new about anti-Semitism. Successive Gentile and Muslim generations continue to use the Jew as a useful defenseless fall guy to blame for their own inadequacies — frequently when there is not a Jew in sight!

Biblical History:

According to Genesis 12:4, Abraham was told by G-d, “ Leave your country, your family and your father’s house, for the land I will show you. I will make of you a great nation: I will bless you and make your name so famous that it will be used as a blessing.”

Abraham was then seventy-five years old

When he got to Canaan G-d said to Abraham “It is to your descendants that I will give this land”
According to Genesis 21:5, Abraham was “one hundred years old, when his son Isaac was born unto him.”

Since Isaac was “sixty years old” when his own son Jacob was born (Genesis 25:26) and Jacob was “a hundred and thirty years old” when he stood before the Pharaoh of Egypt (Genesis 47:9), the total is found by adding 25 years for Abraham, 60 years for Isaac, and 130 years for Jacob, giving 215 years as the length of the period from Abraham’s arrival in the country until Jacob’s exit from it.

3700 years ago (1700 BCE). Abraham bought the cave in Machpaleh in Kiryat Arba facing Hebron, with surrounding land for 400 shekels from Ephron of the existing tribe, and buried his wife, Sara there. She had lived for 125 years, he lived 175 years. They had sons Isaac and Ishmael.

2121 BCE Jews entered biblical Canaan, their promised homeland, fulfilling G-d’s Biblical Promise.
At this point please try to ignore conflicting biblical dates. The basic story remains the same.

1556 BCE – Jacob finally left his father-in-law Laban’s home, taking Rachel and his entire family with him.

1555 BCE Birth of Benjamin, Jacob’s 12th son to Rachel and Jacob

1532 BCE Joseph, Jacob’s 11th son was released from Egyptian prison to begin the history of the Hebrews eventual exodus from Egypt to re-establish Israel’s homeland in Canaan.

1312 BCE Egyptians smitten with plague of darkness. One of the 10 plagues assessed upon them by G-d forcing them to let his people go, as  commemorated at the Passover service.

1312 BCE – Moses ascended Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah

1290 BCE Jews left Egypt – (Big debate over some of these BCE dates – obviously don’t always correlate.)

1274 BCE Death of Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron, age 126

1273 BCE Jews crossed Jordan to Jericho to receive G-d’s gift of Canaan to become Israel, homeland of the Jews.

1243 BCE – death of Joshua, Moses successor

722 BCE Assyrian conquest of 10 Israeli Tribes of North and their subsequent disappearance — the 10 lost tribes. Judah remained as the Southern kingdom and from where all subsequent Jews are descended

586 BCE First Hebrew Holy Temple destroyed by the Babylonians, The siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar in 588 BCE. King Darius later permitted the return of the Jews to Israel and the rebuilding of the Second Temple (Ezra 4:24).

520 BCE Second Temple completed. Begun 537 BCE

515 BCE Esther meets King Achashveiros and saves the Jews from extinction by the evil Haman (Celebrated in the Jewish holiday of Purim)

4 BCE (Before the Christian Era) Death of king Herod who had been appointed by the Romans to rule over the Jews.

5th CE Persia – Religious persecution prevented Jews from saying their daily prayers

70 CE (Christian Era) – Romans conquered Israel completely, destroyed the Second Temple and forced the 2000 year plus Jewish Diaspora in which most Jews still live.

Following the Diaspora and later Spanish Inquisition of 1492, many Jews began new lives throughout the countries along Mediterranean Sea, primarily in lands dominated by Arabs.

After the 1948 war of Israel’s Independence, near 800,000 Jews were forced by the Arabs to emigrate from these areas penniless, leaving behind the wealth and possessions accumulated over hundreds of years. As a result of this later history, the number of Jews in the Diaspora and those in Israel are now reaching parity.

354-430 CE St. Augustine Confessions, 12.14:
How hateful to me are the enemies of your Scripture! How I wish that you would slay them (the Jews) with your two-edged sword, so that there should be none to oppose your word! Gladly would I have them die to themselves and live to you!” (Hmm… No wonder Christians grew up to hate Jews for centuries!) jsk

732 CE Muslim Army which was moving on Paris was defeated and turned back at Tours, France by Charles Martell

1095 Nov 26, First Crusade began (1096-99) Despite the French community’s initial fears, it was villages in Germany that bore the brunt of the Crusaders’ wrath, where entire Jewish communities being deliberately slaughtered and their wealth and possessions confiscated.

1096 Crusaders kill 297 of the 300 Jews in German town of Eller in a 2 day massacre

1099 First Crusade attacks Jerusalem

1147 Second Crusade to Jerusalem (Now “The Holy Land” not “Judea” to Christians as a result of Christ, the Jewish carpenter having been born there)

1163  China – Kaifeng’s Jews built a large and beautiful synagogue, which was subsequently renovated and rebuilt on numerous occasions throughout the centuries. At its peak, during the Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644), the Kaifeng Jewish community may have numbered as many as 5,000 people.

1189 London. Prominent Jews barred and attacked attempting to attend coronation of Richard Lion Hearted,  30 killed, began in Norwich Eng.

1190 Crusaders arrived in Stanford, England on the way to the Holy Land where they brutalized, stole all the Jew’s money and murdered hundreds of the “Murderers of our Lord” officially called “Christ Killers”  en passant.

1209 Pope Innocent III launched a crusade against the town of Beziers, France. 200 Jews were killed

1221 – Jews of Erfurt Germany falsely accused of ritual murder, synagogue stormed, Jews given choice of conversion or death, tortured, killed, synagogue burned down.

1244 Pope Innocent IV – ordered 24 cartloads of the Talmud burned

1253 Pope Innocent IV allowed expulsion of Jews from France

1260 Jews expelled from England in 1260 and would not be allowed to return until 1656

1267 Jews of Silesia forced to wear skull cap in public appearances

1269 – King Louis XI ordered all Jews in France to wear a yellow badge

1270 Oct 18 – Bloody Christian Crusades ended with treaty signed by King Louis and the Berbers.

1278 Jews were ordered to attend theological sermons, delivered by Christians, by decree of Pope Nicholas III

1283 Jews of France forbidden to repair their synagogues by decree of King Phillip the Bold

1290 Jews expelled by Edward I from England

1322 Jews expelled from France again

1348 Black Plague arrived in France. The Jews were made the scapegoat, accused of poisoning wells. Several Jewish communities were massacred.

1348 Jews of Zurich, Switzerland accused of ritual murder, driven out and murdered.

(Ritual Murder: The absurd ridiculous malicious lie that Jews routinely kill Christian children to get blood to make Matzos.)

1349, Jan. 17 Jews of Basile Switzerland burned alive when they refused to convert to Christianity

1349 Aug 24 – 6000 Jews tortured and murdered in  Mainz Germany accused of causing Black Death epidemic,

1349 Feb 14 – Jews of Strasbourg Alsace were falsely accused of poisoning wells. 2000 men, women and children were placed in a huge pyre and burned to death.

1391 5000 Jews killed in Seville, Spain

1391 Anti-Semitic mobs murdered 250 Jews in Barcelona and Toledo

1394 Jews expelled from France again by King Charles VI

1396 – Jews in Austria have their civil rights suspended

1415 CE – Pope Benedict XIII – bull condemning the Torah

1427 – Jews expelled from Berne Switzerland

1492 Jews expelled from Spain and Sicily (100,000)

1492 Aug. Christopher Columbus, many historians believe was Jewish,  sailed with many Jews likely aboard escaping the Spanish Inquisition. The navigators of the three boats were all Jews, a profession to which Jews gravitated at the time.

1496 Jews expelled from Burgsdorf, Switzerland

1498 Death of Tomas de Torquemada, Leader of the Spanish Inquisition

1516 – Ghetto established for Jews in Venice, Italy

1517 October 31 Martin Luther Protestant Reformation Day – Church of All Saints in Wittenberg. A failure by Luther (and later John Calvin 1536) to reform Christianity’s warped view of their spiritual brethren — the Jews.
He initially had a benevolent attitude toward Jews, denouncing the church’s demonization of them. Later in life, however, Luther turned against the Jews with passion when they refused to bow to his new religion. His curses rained upon them, especially at Easter, in direct sermons for centuries and laid the groundwork for the German Nazi genocide centuries later — with the enthusiastic help of the nations of Europe

1526 Maria of Hapsburg expelled the Jews from Bratislava, Hungary

1536 John Calvin – founder of Calvinism, published Protestant Systematic Theology in Latin. His comments on Jews: “Their rotten and unbending stiff-necked-ness (for not accepting Christ) deserves that they be oppressed unendingly and die in their misery without the pity of anyone.”

1539 Jews expelled from Hungary

1567 Jews expelled from Genoa, Italy

1567 Jews, decreed by Regent Don Henrique, not allowed to settle in Brazil

1569 The Inquisition was established in South America

1569 Jews expelled from Papal State by Pope Pius V

1571 The Muslim Army/Navy was defeated by the Italians and Austrians as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to attack Southern Europe in the Battle of Lapanto.

1648 Jews escaping from Russian General Chmielnicki massacres fled to a fortified castle in Polonnoye Ukraine where 10,000 were cornered and massacred.

1655 Peter Stuyvesant thwarted in his attempt to expel Jews from New Amsterdam by the Dutch West India Company

1656, March 13 Permission denied to build a synagogue in New Amsterdam (later NYC) by Governor Peter Stuyvesant.

1656 Jewish burial in a Jewish cemetery became legal in New Amsterdam.

1656 Jewish community of Amsterdam excommunicated the great philosopher Baruch Spinoza

1670 Jews of Vienna, Austria – Emperor Leopold I expelled 4000 Jews who would not convert. Great Synagogue burned down and replaced by church St. Margaret

1675 Death of Bogdan Chmielnicki, who was responsible for Cossacks murder of 300,000 Jews

1683 the Turkish Muslim Army, attacking Eastern Europe, was finally defeated in the Battle of Vienna by German and Polish Christian Armies

1695 Sep 12 – New York Jews were denied petition to worship openly as Jews.

1716 Jews expelled from Brussels

1727 Jews expelled from Ukraine by Empress Catherine I

1731 Vatican librarian Costanzi led search parties to all Jewish quarters throughout Papal States to confiscate Jewish holy books. This would continue for decades.

1737 New York Assembly disallowed Jews to vote.

1742 Jews expelled from Great Russia by Empress Elizabeth

1745 Jews expelled from Prague

1763 Cornerstone of first American synagogue, Touro Synagogue laid in Newport, R

1765 Chair created at Harvard College for study of Hebrew

1791 Pale of Settlement, Russian forced upon Jews by Empress Catherine. Jews allowed no where else in Russia

1774 Jews expelled from Prague by Empress Maria Theresa

1798 Rabbi Schneur Zalman was released from St Petersburg prison, Founder of Lubavitch dynasty and author of Tanya

1808 Napoleon required all Jews in France to use surnames

1811 Napoleon emancipated the Jew’s from the ghetto

1814 The French Congress officially in 1814 made Jew’s full citizen but attempted via Napoleon to eliminate their Jewish identity and religion to become French citizens.

1815 Battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated by a coalition of British and European armies headed by the Duke of Wellington, brought an end to Napoleon’s empire

1816 Jews expelled from Lubeck, Germany

1835 Jews of Hebron, Palestine attacked by Ibrahim Pasha and his army

1838 Arabs attack the Jews of Safed, Israel (By the way, Jews were killed by Arabs in Israel 110 years before State of Israel was ever founded)

1855 June 5 First Jewish Hospital in America, Jews Hospital of New York – Known today as Mt. Sinai Hospital all over the United States

1861 Pres. Abe Lincoln moved to change the law so that Jews could serve as chaplains in the army.

1868 Dec. Romanian Jews forbidden from being Drs., 1864 – Lawyers

1868 The KKK lynched a Jew named S.A. Bierfield in Franklin. TN on some trumped up charge later proven false.

1873 Death of first Jewish Mayor of London, Sir David Salomons

1881 Pogroms in Konotop and Waslikov Russia against Jews, continued for 3 years

1897 Theodore Hertzl published Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) forecasting the grave necessity of a Jewish Homeland where Jews would finally be freed from persecution and deliberate slaughter and ostracism.

1894 October 15, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew from the Alsatian region of France, was accused of spying for the Germans and falsely imprisoned.

1899 Romanian Jews blacklisted from Universities

1901 Arabs attacked Jews of Gedera, Palestine

1902 Formation of Union of Orthodox Rabbis in US and Canada

1903 Russia outlawed Zionism and funding Zionism (First Zionist Congress with Theodore Herzl 1899, Herzl died July 3, 1904)

1909 Dagania Alegh, first recent settlement founded in Palestine

1909 Long before becoming Hitler’s  “Willing Executioners” of Jews  – Polish Legionnaires looted and burned Jewish section of Vilna during a 4 day pogrom. Hundreds of Jews murdered and arrested and tortured.

1909 City of Tel Aviv founded in Palestine that became Israel 1948

1917 November 17 The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild declaring the right of the Jews to repossess their homeland in Palestine. It presented a biblical boundary map extending all the way from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates River to the east well into the land now called Iraq.

1917 Dec. 9, British took Jerusalem from the defeated Ottoman Empire

1921 May 7 Arabs attacked the first Jewish settlement of Petach Tikva, killed three people and drove them out. But, the Jews returned after 1948 and in 2010 numbered 210,341 Jews. (Thank G-d)

1921 Arab riots in then Palestinians killed dozens of Jews in Jaffa

1924 Nov 23, City of Herzliya, Israel founded in honor of Theodore Herzl

1929 Arabs attacked Jews throughout Palestine. Many Jews beaten and killed. The attack in Hebron was particularly brutal. Arabs using swords attacked men, women, children an students. 67 Jews including 23 Yeshiva students were killed.

1935 Sep 15, Hitler published Nurenberg Laws against Jews stripping them of all their civil rights

1935 Death of Colonel Alfred Dreyfus of French Army, falsely accused of treason and framed at trial. Finally exonerated through efforts of author, Emile Zola.

1936 Dec 26 – Palestinian Philharmonic (all Jews) played for first time under the baton of Arturo Toscanini (In what is now Israel).

Note: (“Palestinian” was the designation for Jews in the Holy Land, until Yasir Arafat was clever enough to abscond with the term and the Arabs of Palestine suddenly became the “Palestinians” instead of just plain Arabs. Ipso facto, the Arabs became the “Palestinians” and the Jews became the invading European Jews on “occupied “Arab Land. ”
And the world bought into this gargantuan lie and the Jews did not even bother to vigorously dispute this obvious propaganda distortion that has proven so successful)

1938 Evian Conference July 6 to 15 at Évian-les-Bains, France .
Representatives from 32 countries and 39 private organizations and some 24 voluntary organizations, convened by Franklin Roosevelt, met formally to decide if the West would accept the displaced Jews of Europe,  They voted not to!
Golda Meir, the attendee from Palestine was not permitted to speak or to participate except as an observer. Some 200 international journalists gathered at Évian to observe and report the conclave. This event should remain for the Jews a significant conference and all that Jew’s need to know to formulate their own personal lives and that of the State of Israel.

1938 Nov 9-10 Kristallnacht in Germany – Synagogues, shops, cemeteries, anything Jewish attacked in Germany and Austria. Jews beaten and murdered at will.

1938 Nov.17 Italian version of Nurenberg laws published. Jews stripped of their civil rights

1939 May Nurenberg Laws in Germany, stripping Jews of their civil rights

1939 Sep 4 Hundreds of Jews slaughtered during a pogrom organized by the Nazis in Poland

1940 May 1, Churchill replaced Chamberlain

1940 Battle of Britain raged against the Germans

1940 Feb 200,000 Jews of Lodz, Poland moved into Baluty Ghetto prior to execution.

1940 Lubavitcher Rebbe taken out of the Warsaw Ghetto brought to the US.

1940 Aug. 4 – Death of Vladimer (Z’ev) Jabotinsky – Ardent Zionist leader, orator, writer, linguist, poet, journalist, Founder of Revisionist Zionism, who spent years begging the Jews to leave Europe before it was too late and was despised for his efforts and called an alarmist. 6 million exterminated Jews resulted from ignoring his warnings.

1941 June Vichy France warplanes bomb Tel Aviv, 20 Jews killed

1941 July – 200 Torahs gathered from synagogues in Poland and burned in special ceremony. Later that day, Heinrich Himmler arranged for the creation of the Maidanek murder camp in Lublin Poland

1941 Aug 21 – 18,000 Jews arrested in Hungary and deported to Poland. Many murdered right on the spot. Others marched 10 miles and made to dig their own mass graves.

1941 Nazis and Willing Executor Latvians killed 2300 Jews in Riga

1941 Sep 29 Babi Yar Ravine – Took Germans just 2 days to machine gun to death 33,771 Jews in this ravine near Kiev

1941 Dec 8, Birkeneku – 1500 older Jews from Riga ghetto slaughtered by SS in forest.

1941 June 22, Hitler turns against Soviet Union

1941 June – Germans occupy Lithuania and begin the round up and slaughter of Jews with plenty of willing Lithuanian fellow executioners.

1941 July 7, Ukrainians joined the party and murdered 1200 Jews near town of Otynia, Poland. (So, do I really care if Russians kill Ukrainians or vice versa?  And, you can throw in the Pollacks, the Latvians, the Estonians, the Lithuanians, etc and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Makes me no never mind.) jsk

1941 Sep 29 – Babi Yar ravine, near Kiev. Russia – over 2 day period, Nazis shot to death 33,771 Jews – the single largest mass murder of the Holocaust

Nov 4, 1941, 483 locals killed by Nazis ending the Jewish presence in village.

1941 Dec 10, Hitler declares war on US after Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

1941, Dec. Weeks of rampage ended with the death of 32,000 Jews in Vilna, Poland

1942. Sept Jews of Lida Poland Ghetto, 10,000 killed

1942, Feb. Himmler selects 80 Jews from Auschwitz for his skeletal collection museum at Univ. of Strasbourg. Murdered by lethal injection and then corpses burned to prevent damage to their bones to become part of Nazi planned Jewish museum of an extinct people they had deliberately exterminated. (Too bad we don’t have a museum of Nazi German bones to display – jsk)

1942 July – The German Nazi SS murdered 10,000 Jews in the ghetto of Minsk, Byelorussia.

1942 Aug 21 SS Nazis murdered 2750 Jews of Lancut, Poland in Falkinia forest

1942 – 600,000 Jews murdered in Hungary by the Hungarians

1942 Sep 6 4000 Jews taken from Wolbrom ghetto in Krakow Poland and sent to Belzec murder camp.  2000 old people  were shot dead in forest before making trip

1943 After the beginning of WWII in 1941, the Allied fleet had regained the Mediterranean as its own lake.

1942, October Norway – all Jewish men arrested and shipped to Auschwitz concentration camp

1943 Oct 14 Jewish uprising in Sobibor death camp under leadership of Alexander Pechersky. 200 Jews, 11 SS Nazis killed while 400 Jews escaped.

1944 600,000 Jews killed in Hungary by Hitler’s Germans and Hungarian Willing Executioners. The Hungarian Gov’t March 2014, 70 years later, still denies complicity

1944 – March 7, 99,941 Jews gassed in Auschwitz during that day

1944 October – Anne Frank transferred from Auschwitz to Bergen Belsen where she died.

1945 April 12, Buchenwald murder camp liberated by US Army. From 1938-1945 238,000 Jews were held there. 56,000 murdered.

1945 Feb 12 Death of Hadassah founder Henrietta Szold

1945 May 2 – Goebbels and wife Magda poisoned their 6 children and then committed suicide.

1945 May 4, Germany surrenders unconditionally.

1945 May Dachau Concentration Camp liberated.

1946 42 Jews killed by Pollocks when they returned to Kielce to claim their pre-war homes then occupied illegally by Poles.

1946 June, British arrested 100 Jewish Agency leaders in Palestine – hundreds of others rounded up, called Black Shabbos.

1947 Nov 29 – UN agreed to partition Palestine between Jews and Arabs with the Jews getting the short end, as usual, and given a sliver piece of territory that the UN thought would never survive the onslaught by surrounding Arabs they had armed to the teeth.  But this time the Jews depended upon themselves and they, thanks to G-d, prevailed over 5 Arabs armies surrounding them.

1947 Dec. Jordanians laid siege to Jerusalem, 40 Jews killed at Haifa oil facility

1948 May 14 – Declaration of Israel Independence, Yom Ha’Atzmaut

1948 May 15 5 Arab nations (Egypt,Jordan,Syria,Iraq,Lebanon) attacked Israel immediately attempting to annihilate the reborn Jewish State.

1948 800,000 Jews driven out penniless, their properties confiscated by the gov’t of Arab nations in which they had lived for thousands of years. At most apx. 400,000 Arabs left Israel and swelled to millions under UNESCO, a unique UN relief program just for Palestinian Arabs unlike no other refugees and displaced persons following WWII.

1948 Dec. 16 Operation Magic Carpet – Thousands of destitute Yemenite Jews rescued via multiple air transport flights to their reborn sanctuary for the Jewish people — Israel

1949 March 10. IDF liberated Eilat

1949 Cheshvan – Jewish Population in Israel reached 1 million people, now, 2015, over 6 million

1949 March David Ben-Gurion formed Israel’s first government, Baruch Hashem.

1950 The passing of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the Sixth Lubavitcher Rabbi

1950 Aug 24   The Jews finally created a safe haven of their own – The Re-creation of the State of Israel  May 14,1948 following the War of Independence. The last of 45,000 Yemenite  Jews, escaped the Arab persecution of centuries and arrived in Israel during the successful air lift of waves of Israeli planes bringing them back to their ancient homeland via Operation Magic Carpet

1951 Jan 17, The succession of Rabbi Menachim Mendel Schneerson as Seventh Lubavitcher Rabbi, above’s son-in-law, delivered his first Maamar confirming his succession. Lyubavichi is a village in District of Smolensk, Russia. existed since at least 1654, had 2500 residents in 1857, large market place, declined with onset of Communism,

1951, May 3 The Israeli Knesset designated this day as Holocaust Memorial Day, Yom HaShoah, under PM David Ben Gurion

1952 Dec. 26 Israel’s first ambassador to Japan presented his credentials to the Emperor (Can you imagine if Abraham, Isaac, Jacob witnessed that one!!)

1953 February Soviet Union recalled its ambassador and cut off relations with Israel which had just been reborn May 14, 1948

1958 Oct 14 – Cornerstone for Israel Legislature, the Knesset laid in Jerusalem

1960 Adolph Eichmann captured in Argentina , Buenos Aires, where had lived for years, hanged in Israel

May 31, 1962, sentenced to death Dec. 15, 1961 for crimes against the Jewish people and humanity

1961 July 31. The one millionth immigrant arrived in Israel. Israel reborn in 1948. Up until that time, Britain severely limited the number of Jews they would allow into their biblical homeland.
In the meantime, not one so-called Palestinian refugee was absorbed by the 21 huge sparsely populated Arab states that surrounded Israel. They preferred to keep them as political ploys paid for in camps financed by the UN and mostly the US!

1963 December 5 Herbert Henry Lehman – died (March 28, 1878 – December 5, 1963) First Jewish Governor of New York (1933-1942) He also represented New York State in the United States Senate from 1950 to 1957.

1967 Six Day War – June 6 – June 11, 1967 – After just 36 hours of fighting, the IDF were deep into Sinai, captured Gaza, Kalkilya, Jenin in Samarian Hills and surrounded Jerusalem.
June 28, 1967 Israel regained and annexed Jerusalem after over 1900 years of exile following Roman Conquest and Diaspora began 70 CE

1969 Death of Levi Eshkol – former Israel PM (right after Ben Gurion)

1970 Libya All Jewish property confiscated and Jews driven out penniless, no compensation ever since

1973 Oct 26. General Ariel Sharon trapped the Egyptian Third Army on the Eastern side of the Suez Canal. Sharon allowed them to surrender in honor and retreat to Egypt. Menachim Begin snatched defeat from this victory in the 1979 agreement with Jimmy Carter and Anwar Sadat of Egypt.

1973 Nov. 6 – New York City elects its first Jewish mayor, Abraham D. Beame

1973 Henry Kissinger, First Jewish Secy of State sworn in, under Nixon

1975 Nov 10 General Assembly of United Nations declared Zionism a form of racism

1976 Entebbe rescue of over 100 Jews in airport Uganda.  Jonathan Netanyahu, Bibi’s older brother killed during the rescue.

1977 Nov. 20 Egyptian Pres. Anwar Sadat addressed Knesset,

1977 Dec Menachim Begin met with Sadat at Ismalia, Egypt.

1978 Sep 17 – Carter/Begin/Sadat Camp David talks ended. Peace agreement with Egypt was signed a few months later and Anwar Sadat assassinated in Egypt by Arabs opposed to peace with Israel.

1980 Israel’s embassy in Egypt, the first of its kind in any Arab country, was established in 1980, soon after the Camp David peace treaty was signed in 1979

1981 June 7, Israel destroys Iraq nuclear weapon

The above dates were compiled from entries, over several years, by and published in the Jewish Press.

Perhaps this is an appropriate time to quote from the most important prayer in the Hebrew Liturgy – The Shemoneh Esrei. It is recited by observant Jews three times a day. One prayer  within is the Birkat Haminim. It is quite simple and direct and simply asks Hashem:

“May all the enemies of the people of Israel, your Nation, be cut down and completely destroyed”

And, let us say, Amen.

Commentary by Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor/Publisher of Israel Commentary

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