Joe Scarborough – The only news anchor I respect on MSNBC – calls out IRS.


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Joe Scarborough – The only news anchor I respect on MSNBC – calls out IRS.

By Billy Hallowell
May. 13, 2013

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tore into the federal government over the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups.

In addition to calling the admitted actions “mind-boggling,” the personality highlighted the assertion that “this government is using the Internal Revenue Service to target people with whom they disagree.” Others, like co-host Willie Geist, jumped in say that the collective actions constitute”tyranny.”

When it comes to political speech, it’s sacrosanct. Our founding fathers meant for it to be sacrosanct,” Scarborough said, going on the lambaste the IRS. “Liberal and conservative Supreme Courts alike do not allow the government to tread on political speech. There is a wall around that, and the wall has been knocked down by the IRS for several years now.”

Geist mirrored these sentiments, as did other “Morning Joe” panelists and co-hosts. While he noted that other claims about the government coming after guns have been overblown, the threat to free-speech posed by the IRS in this instance, in Geist’s view, is a true government-led assault.

“There’s been many overblown claims of tyranny and abuse of power from the government over the last few years. We’ve heard those. We’re coming for your guns — that kind of thing,” he said. “This is tyranny. If this is the government, a nonpartisan agency coming after specific groups, this time it’s real.”

Scarborough also called for Obama to “fire people” and to come out condemning the “unspeakable” actions of the IRS in the harshest terms possible. Rather than sitting back and ignoring the scandal, he implored the president to demand answers.



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