Lest the Nations of the World forget …..

From this weeks Torah portion                                                                        

Fifth Book of Moses, D’VARIM (DEUTERONOMY) Parsha EIKEV  18-25

… 18 Therefore impress these, My words upon                                                            

your very heart: bind them as a sign on your                                                            

hand and let them serve as a symbol on your 


19  and teach them to your.children reciting them 

when you stay at home and when you are away,

when you lie down and when you get up; 

20 and inscribe them on the doorposts                                                           

of your house and on your gates  

21 to the end that you and your children may endure, 

in the land that the LORD swore to your fathers to assign

to them, as Iong as there is a heaven over the earth     

22  If, then, you faithfully keep all this Instruction 

that I command you, loving the Lord your                                                               

God, walking in all His ways, and holding fast to Him 

23 the Lord will dislodge before you these nations. 

you will dispossess nations greater and more numerous than you. 

24  Every spot on which your foot treads shall be yours;                                                        

your territory shall extend from the wilderness to the Lebanon

and from the River, the Euphrates, to the Western Sea. 

25 No man shall stand up to you: the Lord your God will put                                                            

the dread and the fear of you over the whole land in which 

you set foot, as He promised.

Additional Notes:

The original British Mandate that the League of Nations designated as the future Jewish homeland followed G0d’s exact description of the land as described above – from the Mediterranean Sea all the way to the Euphrates River in current Iraq.  And, north to south from the Lebanon to the wilderness of Arabia.

The British and French, with their overwhelming political ambitions following their defeat and dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire after WWI made short order of this map, dividing it up to suit themselves. And the world, including the Arabs, have suffered the consequences ever since. (Jerome S. Kaufman   www.israel-commentary.org) 

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