Navy Commander Duane Sand – If he’s important to Dick Morris, he’s important to us. Contribute, please.


Dear Fellow American,

Navy Commander Duane Sand – If he’s important to Dick Morris, he’s important to us. Contribute, please.

If you want to help elect a man to the U.S. Senate with the steel in his spine to stand up to the Left’s radical agenda…then I’d like to tell you a few things about my friend, U.S. Navy Commander Duane Sand.

Duane is running for the open U.S. Senate seat in North Dakota that is being vacated by Democrat Senator Kent Conrad. I can’t overstate this point…This is a MUST WIN seat for Republicans. If Duane does not win this seat, it’s almost 100% certain that Republicans will not pick up the 4 seats they need to win a majority in the US Senate.

And that’s why I’m writing on behalf of Duane: because I believe the candidates we support today will determine what type of Party we will be for years to come. Will we choose to “go along to get along” and hoist the white flag of surrender to the far-left, jobs-killing agenda of President Barack Obama and Senator Harry Reid or will we continue the fight for limited government, low taxes, strong families, and a robust national defense that have made America great?

Conservatives’ chances of winning in North Dakota are very good at the moment. Obama’s negatives have seeped into the fabric of the Democrat Party. His incompetent handling of the economy, his weakness in foreign policy, and his addiction to government spending have all left an indelible stain on the party’s image.

Duane Sand, a US Navy officer with 22 years of service, is not one to throw his hands up and surrender! No, Duane has learned from his years of active duty service that you don’t win by retreating — you win by going on offense.

That’s why I’m personally involved in raising support for Duane’s race — and why I’m asking you today for help. America faces many challenges today that can be solved with the help of an experienced U.S. Navy Officer like Duane Sand.

So please support him and lend him a hand financially in his race for the U.S. Senate by donating $100, $75, $50 or even $35 TODAY. Thank you in advance!

Dick Morris

Duane Sand for US Senate

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