Obama, Holder, Napolitano – Surprise, Surprise – There is a nationwide, sophisticated Islamic Jihad network operating here in the US


In an interview on BBC Arabic radio, Dr Walid Phares said, “The ongoing investigation with three more suspects in the Boston Terror attack may lead to serious charges of aiding the main suspects or may not. But what this investigation is showing that more individuals, according to authorities, may have been part of a support network at various levels.

Authorities will inform the public about their findings, but on an analytical strategic level we can project that a wider Jihadi network is operating in the United States.” Phares said “to understand the Boston attack, you must link the patterns behind the Ft Hood Terror shooting, the Arkansas killing and dozens of attempts over the past few years. What the Administration and Congress must do is to launch a bipartisan strategic investigation into the Jihadi operations against the US homeland.”



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