Obama’s Phony Global Warming Agenda — Another Fantasized, Self-Proclaimed “Victory”

Obama’s Climate Trick

Summary of the fascinating, informative seven page study found in the Capital Research Center pamphlet, Green Watch

By Marlo Lewis

The Obama administration announced that 2014 was “the hottest year on record” by a margin of O.O4 degrees (four one- hundredths of a degree) compared to 2005 — a fake fact that was repeated in hundreds of “news” media, virtually none of whom, it appears, bothered to check out the claim.

A simple check would have revealed the problem with the administration’s assertion — that, as every scientist should know, the supposed increase, which is the basis for the claim of a “record” temperature, is too small for science to measure. It t would be as if government experts announced that the average height of ten-year-old boys in America had increased in the past nine years from 55 inches to 55.OO765 inches. How could you possibly measure such a thing so precisely? The answer is, you couldn’t.

How insignificant is O.O4 degrees? Regarding the worldwide temperature in 2014, the difference between the official estimates made by NASA vs. the National Oceanographic and AtmosphericAdministration-two parts of the Obama administration-is two-and-a-halftimes as big as the amount of the supposed 2005-2014 increase.

By the way, even a O.O4 degree increase, the Obama administration’s latest fake fact, doesn’t serve their case very well. That’s because a O.O4 degree increase in the past nine years would mean that that warned-about two-degree increase, now projected to take place by the year 2050, would take 450 years to occur!

The Global Warmers’ climate predictions — literally, the only scientific standard by which to determine whether the Warmers are correct — have been proven wrong once again, even based on the figures they provide.

As one might expect, the White House used the “hottest on record” report to justify the EPA’s so-called Clean Power Plan, part of its War on Coal. But the backlash against the Plan is growing.

Lawrence Tribe, a strong supporter of the President (and one of Mr. Obama’s professors at Harvard Law School) wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the Plan is unconstitutional and the EPA does not have the authority to re-engineer the nation’s electric generating system and power grid.

“Frustration with congressional inaction cannot justify throwing the Constitution overboard to rescue this lawless EPA proposal-especially when the EPA itself . . . has touted its proposal as ‘an investment opportunity’ that isn’t really about pollution control at all.”

The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), pledged to do all he could to stop the regulations, declaring that a White House “crusade” had devastated his state’s economy. 

Murray Energy, the nation’s largest privately held coal-mining company, asked a federal court to block the rules as a violation of the Clean Air Act, and 12 state governments filed a similar lawsuit. At least 26 state governments have urged EPA to withdraw the rules.  The American Legislative Exchange Council, which represents conservative mainstream state legislators, has drafted model resolutions and legislation to be used by lawmakers to fight the EPA plan.

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), a former utility regulator, said the Plan would raise electricity prices and threaten the power grid. “EPA personnel are environmental regulators, not electrical engineers, and have no experience in or knowledge of the construction and operation of power grids,” he wrote, and the agency “failed to heed the advice” of people with such experience.

While campaigning for President, Barack Obama declared that, under his energy plan, electricity prices would “necessarily skyrocket.” Sure enough, the U.S. Energy information Administration projects that coal plant closures, driven by the Plan, could drive natural gas prices up 150 percent by 2040, causing electricity prices to climb 22 percent.

The Plan is part of a pattern of ultra-regulation. Between January 20, 2009, when the President took office, and December 23, 2014, the EPA issued 3,120 new final regulations filling 27,854 pages, almost 28 million words  43 times as long as the Bible.

Ideologically, government environmental regulators appear to be closely aligned with the President. Shortly before the election, the Center for Responsive Politics analyzed contributions by federal employees to candidate and political campaigns. Unsurprisingly, 91 percent of EPA employees who made contributions made those contributions to Democrats. Employees of the Departments of Energy and the Interior, which deal with environmental issues, also contributed to Democrats at a rate of more than 90 percent.

Marlo Lewis, Ph.D.,  is a senior fellow in energy and environmental policy at The Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington. D.C.

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