Oh my G-d, I just fell in love with Michael Moore! He is voting for DonaldTrump and tells very explicitly why

I hope you don’t mind the foul language Moore uses deliberately to make his point. For adults only. 

Mr Trump spoke at the Economic Club of Detroit (The most prestigious business club in the area). He told this very wealthy uptight auto crowd exactly what he would do to the Ford Motor Company if they closed one more of their plants and moved it to Mexico.  It was a very gutsy performance that no one in the world would make except the incomparable, no holds barred Donald Trump. He burned their ears and I don’t think they are running out this AM to vote  for Trump. But, he is addressing a far greater audience of working stiffs that are in bad shape under this administration whose terrible anti-business policies are guaranteed to continue under Hillary Clinton.

Jerome S. Kaufman


Published on Oct 25, 2016

Michael Moore Explains Why Donald Trump Will Win! And Why He Should! He speaks to the mindset of those economically left behind in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and many other Midwest states. To the elites on the right & left who think Trump supporters are stupid, please take a listen. It will help you




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