Outrageous! Is there no limit to the Israeli/Jewish need to self-destruct?

Legislation to remove Jews from Hebron – the burial place of our forefathers – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, abandoning to the Arabs

Please send your protest to MKs in Israel and your friends, family there.


By Yehudit Tayar

Official Spokesperson for Judea and Samaria   

Bet Horon, North Judea, Israel 90935,

November 21, 2018

Looking up to to blue sky with the fluffy clouds and waiting for the blessed rains that we so need. So many prayers that we direct to the L-rd of Israel and we see miracles so many times despite the challenges, the pain of loss and the continued hatred directed against us.

Today I heard such a moving account that just north of the City of David Jerusalem, a piece of metal was discovered from 3,000 years ago that it turns out was donated as “half a shekel” for the constru
ction of our Holy Temple. It will be shown during Chanukah in the Valley of Zurim.

On the contrary I received notification of a special meeting (because by law they are not allowed to have a conference on the subject) in this conference members of the Knesset of the “mixed or combined party” along with Meretz in the Knesset along with “Breaking the silence, Peace Now, Yesh Din – yes I am serious- in the Knesset -are having to do with what they declare “war crimes” in Judea and Samaria and Gaza. Many Arab residents of Hevron were invited – their attendance is dependent if the Civil Administration gives them permission to enter Israel.

The three members of Knesset who are arranging this”meeting” wrote on the invitation ” Already for 50 years a small group of settlers are in the heart of the “Palestinian ” population in Hebron and are leading the Israeli government to implement a cruel separation, physical and legal on the “Palestinian ” population.  HUH!

Hundreds of soldiers are sent to actively implement the separation, an enormous budget is being invested in this tiny group, at the expense of the population in Israel.” (quoted by them)

The bottom line and directive is to uproot the Jewish residents of Hebron from the City of our Forefathers.

You ask yourself how can members of the Israeli Knesset be allowed to direct this treasonous demand ? Actions of this must be prevented and if not they all should be expelled from the Knesset – this is what we pay their salaries for? To try to destroy our heritage? 

The time has come for Israel to realize that the final demand will be to uproot all of the Jews from our eternal Homeland – and they will not stop with Hevron, Judea, Samaria Jerusalem – they intend to exile us from our Land. 

We must all unite against this plan and do all we can no matter where we live in Israel or abroad to ensure the eternal presence and life of our Nation in our Land forever more.

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