Michelle Obama takes gorging at public trough to new levels of expertise

Michelle O’s $800,000 Entitlement?

By M Catharine Evans
American Thinker
June 29, 2011


It’s evident by now Mrs. Obama will not yield to public opinion regarding her profligate globe-hopping. Michelle’s week-long junket to South Africa cost taxpayers nearly $800,000 according to an analysis by White House Dossier. The trip ended at a five-star hotel in the middle of a game preserve where rooms exceed $10,000 dollars per night. Michelle was accompanied by her daughters, brother Craig’s kids and granny who all enjoyed the “luxurious suites” and “one of the world’s finest art collections” at the Mateya.

The cost of local transportation, Secret Service protection, food for her family and staff members, and the cost of firing up “Air Force Two” not to mention the pre-trip preparations all contributed to the final amounts.

Mrs. Obama’s “goodwill tour” was supposed to “help youth leadership, health, education and wellness” in crime-ridden South Africa. The photos of her and the ‘fam’ showed them feeling “surreal” meeting Nelson Mandela, eating “fat cakes,” dancing and going on safari. A U.S. Embassy spokeswoman “made clear that the trip was partially a personal pilgrimage for the first lady.”

A visit to South Africa is important for them as a family. She’ll be visiting many Struggle-era landmarks, including the Apartheid Museum (and) the Hector Pieterson Memorial.

Obviously Michelle doesn’t give a whit that she’s fleecing average Americans. Or that draping Malia and Sasha in South African flags is downright bizarre for a first lady representing the United States. Or that eating fatty foods, but telling others to “eat your vegetables” is downright Dante-esque. She told a crowd of young people at the University of Cape Town her favorite food is French fries, “I can’t stop eating them.” Michelle just blew her credibility in her vanity campaign against obesity. 

The mainstream press won’t talk about Michelle Obama’s unnecessary expenses or duplicitous campaigns at a time when the United States is having a debt crisis. The same liberal media who tore Bush up for spending too much time at his ranch in Crawford or demonized Nancy Reagan for replacing the White House china is more than happy to keep quiet about Michelle’s extravagant WOD (wife of dictator) lifestyle.

The Obamas are living it up while more and more people go on food stamps, lose their jobs and only dream of the vacations they used to take. Nothing’s changed for Mrs. Obama since last summer when she took a “Mommy and me” trip to Spain with Sasha, one of eight jaunts in a 4-month period. She continues spending other people’s hard-earned money while carting her friends and family all over the globe.

The public is becoming increasingly disgusted with her defiant attitude of entitlement. Michelle couldn’t care less.



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Obama’s “Waterloo” – Debt-Limit Talks

GOP Should Make Debt Ceiling Crisis Obama’s “Waterloo”


By Jeffrey T. Kuhner
Washington Times July 18, 2011

Republicans have a golden opportunity to break Barack Obama’s presidency and that the debt ceiling crisis will be Obama’s “Waterloo.” Ambition cost Napoleon his empire. For Mr. Obama, the ‘big package’ strategy is the moment of colossal overreach. He wanted too much, too soon.

Now comes the long, humiliating and fatal retreat.” Kuhner further claimed that Obama is “not serious about confronting our debt bomb; rather, he seeks to consolidate his socialist revolution, paying for the expansion of the entitlement society.”

Republicans have a golden opportunity to break Barack Obama’s presidency, ensuring he will be a one-termer. Mr. Obama has backed himself into a corner on the debt-limit talks; the GOP can smash his re-election prospects if they have the will — and intelligence — to do it.

However, [Obama] understands one fundamental reality: European-style spending eventually requires European-style taxation. His aim has been to pile up such high deficits and debt so he can force America to accept massive permanent tax increases. Mr. Obama is using primitive class-warfare rhetoric, insisting on soaking “the rich.” He is not serious about confronting our debt bomb; rather, he seeks to consolidate his socialist revolution, paying for the expansion of the entitlement society.

Mr. Boehner should insist on a small deal — lifting the debt ceiling along with corresponding spending reductions. Every debt dollar raised should be coupled with a spending dollar cut. That way, the package pays for itself. More important, it places Mr. Obama in a no-win situation.

House Republicans will pass legislation that raises the debt limit. Therefore, they cannot be blamed for any economic fallout should America default. Mr. Obama can veto it, which means he will be solely responsible for the fiscal calamity. Or he can sign it — publicly standing down from his earlier threats. Thus, he will be denuded among his liberal supporters and the larger electorate, and shown to be a weak leader whose words mean nothing.

Either way, it will be his Waterloo — the effective end of his presidency. Ambition cost Napoleon his empire. For Mr. Obama, the “big package” strategy is the moment of colossal overreach. He wanted too much, too soon. Now comes the long, humiliating and fatal retreat.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist for the Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute



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1. Michele Bachmann’s Moment 2. The Liberal Elite’s ‘Next Jew.’

1. Michele Bachman’s Moment
By Donald Lambro
The Washington Times
July 4, 2011

2. Michelle Bachmann: The Liberal Elite’s ‘Next Jew.’
By Robert Avrech
The Jewish Press, June 24, 2011


1. By Donald Lambro

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has singularly achieved what most of her colleagues only dream of doing but never will: Breaking out of the anonymity of 435 House members to become a national political figure in her own right and a candidate for the presidency.

She didn’t do it by ascending the ranks of the House Republican leadership or by championing legislative crusades. No major piece of legislation bears her name. She has piled up no political IOU’s by doing favors and playing by party rules. She chairs no committees.

Since she won her 6th District seat in 2006 – the first Republican woman elected to the House from Minnesota – she has been in a hurry to make her mark. She soon learned that she wasn’t going to become known by sitting through hours of tedious, inconsequential hearings, or listening to boring House debate or by pursuing a go-along-to-get-along career and patiently “waiting her turn.”

And she soon learned that in the Old Boys Club in the House she wasn’t going to be handed anything, either. So over these past six years, she became a fixture on virtually every cable television and broadcast network talk show in the business, denouncing President Obama’s health care law, bashing his trillion-dollar deficits and big government in general.

She embraced the Tea Party movement from its birth, organized and keynoted their rallies at the Capitol, and became the leader of Tea Party-backed lawmakers who won House seats in 2010. Her tireless efforts made her widely popular among the GOP’s conservative base, though she still was seen as an outsider and to some degree a loose cannon among many in the leadership ranks. After she audaciously made an unexpected bid in January for the House Republican Conference chairmanship, the No. 4 post in the party’s hierarchy, she withdrew her name in the face of certain defeat.

When House Speaker John Boehner picked Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the powerful Budget Committee chairman, to deliver the GOP response to Mr. Obama’s State of the Union address, she decided to deliver her own response on behalf of the Tea Party Express. She had another purpose in mind and that was to tell her party’s leaders, “Don’t ignore me.”

With Tea Party support from across the country and a growing campaign war chest (raising $1.7 million in the first three months of this year, the most of any House member behind Mr. Boehner), she set her sights on running for president. But could she match the heavy hitters in the crowded field of candidates, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the party’s front-runner?

Her poised, self-confident performance earlier this month at the CNN presidential debate in New Hampshire knocked that question out of the park. She had polished her delivery on countless TV talk shows, and it showed in her unflinching, well-thought-out answers.

“This election will be all about economics. It will be about how will we create jobs, how will we turn the economy around, how we will have a pro-growth economy. President Obama can’t tell that story. His report card right now has a big failing grade on it,” she said.

She officially announced her candidacy in Waterloo, Iowa, where she enjoys strong support from Tea Party conservatives and is virtually tied with Mr. Romney in early polls. “The surprise is that Mrs. Bachmann, who a Fox News host suggested Sunday may be ‘a flake,’ has quickly become one of the more sure-footed candidates in the race for the Republican nomination,” the liberal Washington Post reported in a front-page story Tuesday.

“She has built on momentum generated in a widely praised debate performance and has sent a jolt of energy through a GOP electorate that has been hungry for someone to be excited about,” the Post said.
But there are huge obstacles awaiting Mrs. Bachmann, not the least of which is historical precedent. No House member has won the White House since James A. Garfield was elected in 1880.

Historically, at least in the modern era, presidents by and large have been former governors who have had executive experience in running a government, balancing budgets, overseeing an economy, including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt.

It’s a huge leap to go from representing a single congressional district, where your only constitutional job is to vote, to running the United States of America. Mrs. Bachmann’s other hurdle may be putting together a heavy-hitting team of national security and economic advisers to help develop a governing agenda. Her speeches thus far have not spelled out in any detail how she would expand economic growth and create jobs or deal with the myriad foreign policy and defense-related issues that await the next administration.

She’s shown herself to be a fiercely independent woman who is running on a set of core values that have made America the most successful country in the world. She’s not going to be a pushover in the primaries to come.

Donald Lambro is a syndicated columnist and former chief political correspondent for The Washington Times.

2. Michelle Bachmann: The Liberal Elite’s ‘Next Jew.’
By Robert Avrech
The Jewish Press, June 24, 2011

… Michele Bachmann, the Republican congress woman from Minnesota and newly announced presidential candidate, is the Liberal elite’s next Jew. In the GOP debate last week, Bachmann dazzled she was articulate and knowledgeable. Clearly, she was enjoying herself: A majority of Americans want their politicians to be optimistic. Obama comes across as Jimmy Carter squared: petulant, dour, angry, resigned to an America mired in a future of diminishing returns.

Like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann is beautiful and glamorous, but not so glamorous that she threatens other women. Nor is she so sexy that she intimidates men. She dresses like a lady, modest but fashionable. I have never seen her in a pants suit. And she actually knows stuff. Unlike Obama, who seems to fashion himself a philosopher king – practical knowledge scorned – Bachmann is a skilled tax attorney and an entrepreneur.

It should come as no surprise that as a pious Christian, Bachmann, like Palin, is a huge supporter of Israel. My wife and I heard Bachmann at a Republican Jewish Coalition function last year and it was like listening to Golda Meir.

But here’s the main reason you can bet your bottom dollar the liberal lynch mob will go after Bachmann with jihadist fervor: Bachmann and her husband have raised five biological children. That’s way too many. Liberals cap families at 2.0 offspring. Anything more is so quaint and, well, churchy – and crowds the planet to boot.

Bachmann and her husband also raised 23 foster children. This, to the liberal mind, is unforgivable. Why? Because Michele Bachmann lives her conservative ideology by refusing to allow government to raise unwanted children. Parents who adopt children or take in and raise foster children are society’s greatest heroes. They repair the world. And for this, become an object of hate – A Jew to the jackals of the left.

Robert J. Avrech is an Emmy Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter arid producer. Among his numerous credits are “A Stranger Among Us” and “The Devil’s Arithmetic.” His novel “The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden” won the 2006 Ben Franklin Award for Best First Novel and the Association of Jewish Libraries Award for Notable Children’s Book of Jewish Content.

His website is Seraphic Secret (www.seraphicpress.com).



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How the Nazis escaped Europe – The Myth of the Odessa File

The Despicable, $$ oriented perfidy of Simon Weisenthal! (jsk)



An Interview with historian, Gerald Steinacher

By Elliot Resnick, Jewish Press Staff Reporter
July 13 2011

How did so many Nazis and Nazi collaborators manage to escape Europe after World War II? Who helped them flee and why? What routes did they take on their way to freedom?

These and other questions are answered in painstaking detail in a new book, Nazis on the Run: How Hitler’s Henchmen Fled Justice, by Gerald Steinacher, an assistant professor of history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The book, originally written in German, was translated into English by Oxford University Press and hit bookstores last month. The Jewish Press recently spoke with Steinacher.

The Jewish Press: According to your book, a great many Nazis escaped Europe through Italy. Why Italy?

Steinacher: Because the Allies were in Germany and Austria but had retreated from Italy. There was no Allied government there after December 1945, so once you were in Italy, you were free. This is one reason. The other reason is that for many people from Eastern and Central Europe the ports in Italy were just the closest in terms of geography.

Who gave Nazis the travel documents they needed to escape?

The International Committee of the Red Cross. They were in charge of giving documents to [the 12 million] Volksdeutsche – ethnic Germans – who were expelled from Central and Eastern Europe after 1945. But there was one condition for obtaining these documents, and this was that the person had to be stateless.

So war criminals like Eichmann, Mengele, and many others went to Italy and, once there, stated, “I’m an ethnic German from South Tyrol, Italy and I am stateless.”

Why would someone from South Tyrol, Italy be considered stateless?

That’s a good question. South Tyrol is a border region. It’s in Italy but it’s mostly German speaking. It was annexed to Italy after the first world war (it had previously been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for hundreds of years) and in 1939, as part of Hitler’s policy with Mussolini, the South Tyrol minority in Italy was given a choice: They could stay and become completely Italianized or they could become German citizens and move to the Reich or some newly annexed territory. Most of them became German citizens.

At the end of the war, this agreement between Hitler and Mussolini was not recognized by the Allies and these South Tyrolans were considered stateless like most ethnic Germans from Eastern and Central Europe.

But didn’t the Red Cross realize that some of these “South Tyrolans” applying for travel documents were in fact former Nazis?

They did. But you have to realize that the Red Cross had no, or at least not much, experience with issuing travel documents and they were completely overwhelmed. They told the Allies and the Italian authorities: “We don’t want to do this job anymore because we are not the police. We can’t screen the backgrounds of these people. We have to take for granted whatever these people tell us. If Adolf Eichmann tells us he is Richard Klement from South Tyrol and he’s stateless and he wants to go to South America to start a new life, we have to believe him.”

How many travel documents did the Red Cross issue?

Around 120,000-140,000 between 1945 and 1950.

How many “black sheep” were among them?

It’s extremely difficult to give exact numbers. One reason is definition. Are you only looking at Austrians and Germans who were perpetrators of the Holocaust? Then you have very small numbers. If you look at Austrians and Germans who were Nazis or in the SS, but maybe not technically or legally perpetrators of the Holocaust, then of course the numbers are much higher. And if you also include collaborators and fascists from all over Europe – from the fascist regimes in Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, Ukraine, or Vichy, for example – then you have tens of thousands of people. So it depends very much on definition.

What was the role of the Vatican in all this?

The Vatican relief commission for refugees worked in close cooperation with the Red Cross. A Nazi would come to the Red Cross with a reference letter from the Vatican commission, and say, “I’m stateless, this is my name, date of birth, location of birth” and so on, and the Red Cross officials wouldn’t ask questions because the recommendation came from the Vatican.

That’s how Franz Stangl, the commandant of the Treblinka extermination camp, escaped Europe.

Why would a Vatican official give Stangl a letter of recommendation?

In this particular case the official was a bishop by the name of Alois Hudal, who was known to be very pro-Nazi. In 1937, Hudal had written a book by the title The Foundations of National Socialism, which he sent to Hitler with a dedication.

But members of the clergy helped Nazis for various reasons. Some of them did it because they were former Nazis; others because they were pro-fascist; and others out of religious motivations. They said we want to help these people come back to the herd. They got lost; we have to bring them back into the church and forgive them. Christian mercy also played a role. In fact, there were some clergy who helped Jews hide during the war and then helped Nazis escape after it – both times acting out of mercy.

What’s your take on Pope Pius XII?

Well, I don’t think he was “Hitler’s Pope,” but it’s clear that he was very anti-communist and anti-communism played a crucial role in all of this. The fear of a communist takeover in Italy was widespread after 1945. There was a strong communist party in Italy, and the possibility that Rome – the heartland of the Catholic Church – would become communist was a horror scenario for many people inside the Vatican. So there was a strong motivation to help anti-communists even if they had a Nazi background.

In 1945 the Nazis were gone, but the communist enemy was still there and more dangerous than ever before.

You write in the book that the CIA also helped former Nazis escape Europe. Why would the CIA do that?

Again, you have to keep in mind the background of the early Cold War. These Nazis were anti-communists and the new enemy was the communists. The United States thought some of these Nazis could be useful. They didn’t have experts on the east who knew the Ukrainian, Yugoslavian, Italian and French communists, for example. But there were people who knew these communists and these were former German intelligence officers.

In your book, you discuss a popular theory – which you call a myth – that former Nazis helped each other escape Europe after the war through an organization called ODESSA. What is this ODESSA myth?

ODESSA is short for Organization of Former SS Members. The ODESSA story came up in ’45, ’46 based on some reports from the CIC, the American counter intelligence corps. This was picked up by Simon Wiesenthal, the famous Nazi hunter, who proceeded to depict ODESSA as a worldwide organization, a kind of conspiracy of former SS members who had unlimited resources and bank accounts in Switzerland and gold and connections everywhere.

But this is a complete myth. There is no evidence of it whatsoever. Such a perfectly- and centrally-organized organization with these powerful means never existed. It’s an invention by Simon Wiesenthal and Frederick Forsyth, who wrote The ODESSA File, which was a best-selling novel – and later made into a movie – based on Wiesenthal’s reports.



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Glenn Beck visits Israel and speaks to the Knesset

Glenn Beck is a friend of Israel. He is a friend of the Jewish people

Glenn Beck visits Israel and speaks to the Knesset

By Ben Shapiro
July 18, 2011 – Daily Mailer, FrontPage

Comment by Gail Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator:

One huge mistake, exaggeration, mis-perception that has been cast against Glenn Beck is that Glenn said: [paraphrased] “He is for a two-state solution. The Palestinians should have a state BUT: [this part has been deleted by the MSM Main Stream Media] BUT, A STATE NOT IN ISRAEL BUT, WEST OF THE JORDAN RIVER.”

Since Glenn Beck’s dramatic rise to prominence two years ago, he has been portrayed by many members of the left as a kook. The members of the left condemning Beck most loudly, to my utter dismay, have been Jews. Jon Liebowitz, aka Jon Stewart, has dedicated his show to mocking Beck as a religious freak and a nut job; in his episode on Beck’s departure from his Fox News show, Stewart donned Beck-like glasses and then scoffed, “Glenn Beck was sent here by Jesus to take the 5:00 p.m. slot between Neil Cavuto and Shepard Smith for 27 months.”

Rob Eshman of the atrocious Los Angeles Jewish Journal said that Beck’s expose of self-hating Jew and anti-Israel fanatic George Soros was “the verbal equivalent of a Der Sturmer cartoon.” Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, which spends far less time targeting radical Muslims who want to murder Jews than commentators who love Israel, condemned that same Beck vs. Soros episode as “completely inappropriate, offensive, and over the top.” The Jewish Funds for Justice, a far-left Jewish organization, ran a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal taking on Beck.

Let me say this: I stand with Glenn Beck, and against these (frequently misguided and self-destructive) Jews and their organizations. Glenn Beck is a friend of Israel. He is a friend of the Jewish people. And anyone who argues otherwise is either lying or ignorant.

Beck possesses a moral clarity with regard to the Jewish State that has no equivalent in the leftist Jewish community. He recognizes that Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is not a conflict over land or over population exchange, but over fundamental values.

This week, Beck travelled to Israel, where he spoke eloquently about the Fogel family butchered in its sleep by Palestinian terrorists earlier this year. “There’s something bigger than politics here,” he stated. “I don’t think in my lifetime I’ve seen a more clear definition of evil that has been dismissed.” In fact, Beck dedicated several segments on his Fox News show to explicating the Fogel family slaughter, exposing the American people to the true face of moral monstrosity as embodied by the Palestinians who celebrate such murders.

In his speech to the Knesset, Beck explained that he understood the conflict between Israel and anti-Semites the world over: “I got my first death threat, because I came back and said the truth – the conflict is about the destruction of Israel and the end to the Western way of life …. What’s disturbing is that if a guy gets on television or the radio and says the truth, and that’s so unusual, then Israel and the Western way of life are in great danger.”

More impressive than his speech to Knesset is the fact that Beck does tell the truth to the American people about the Israel situation. Too many on the conservative side of the aisle – Israel supporters! – will not label the conflict in pure moral terms. They grant legitimacy to President Obama’s attempts to leverage Israel into concessions, or to the mad musings of Thomas Friedman, who believes that a few bucks can buy off Palestinian radicals. They pretend that if the conditions are made just right, then peace will be achieved.

Beck, on the other hand, sees the conflict as it is, in its stark contrast between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. And he stands with the forces of light in that battle. “Where you go, I will go,” he told Knesset, quoting the Book of Ruth. “Where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people are my people. Your God is my God, and where you die I shall die.”

Israel has never had friends before like Glenn Beck and the religious conservative movement in America. Jews are afraid to embrace Beck because he is so overtly religious, so utterly unafraid of mentioning God in public or with regard to Israel. That is why Jews should embrace him. The Judeo-Christian notion of God is the unifying factor between America and Israel.

Beck sees the war, even though many Jews do not. Some Jews are too cosmopolitan for Beck – Jon Stewart, for example, doesn’t bear any great love for Israel, since that would presumably be “ethnocentric” and unprogressive. Some Jews are too parochial, like Eshman, thinking that Beck represents an old-school religion that will result in pogroms, or at the least, closed country clubs.

Those Jews are dead wrong. Beck is an ally, and a very real one. He represents millions of Americans who ally with Israel and the Jews. Jewish Americans ought to roll out the welcome mat to Beck. He’s certainly rolled out the red carpet for Israel.

Article printed from FrontPage Magazine: http://frontpagemag.com



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Israel cabinet communique from PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel cabinet communique from PM Benjamin Netanyahu

At the weekly Cabinet meeting JULY 10, 2011

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks:

“Yesterday, a new state was born, South Sudan. I hereby announce that Israel recognizes the Republic of South Sudan. We wish it success. This is a peace-seeking country and we would be pleased to cooperate with it in order to ensure its development and its prosperity. Greetings to South Sudan.

Last week, we stopped the defiant fly-in against the State of Israel. We acted methodically and successfully in a variety of spheres – diplomacy, intelligence, public security, migration control and others, in order to frustrate this provocation. And indeed the provocation was foiled. The agents provocateurs who tried to enter the State of Israel, a considerable portion of them were stopped at their points of origin, some were stopped at Ben-Gurion International Airport and some, a minority, entered the State of Israel and were detained here.

I would like to thank our many friends around the world who helped us in this matter. I also thank Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, whom I asked to coordinate the effort in Israel and who did so very well. I also thank Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Interior Minister Eli Yishai and his people. Thanks, of course, to Israel Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino and the police, and to the security forces and the Population Authority personnel. I would also like to thank all of the Government officials who worked successfully on this issue.

I would also like to make it clear that Israel will continue to
frustrate provocations and attempts to break through our borders, whether by land, sea or air.

Today, the Cabinet will decide on the demarcation of Israel’s exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean Sea. This boundary will delineate the area in which the state enjoys exclusive economic rights, including the right to exploit the sea’s natural resources. The area that we are talking about borders on Lebanon and Cyprus to the north.

The outline that Lebanon submitted to the UN is significantly further south than the line Israel is proposing. It also conflicts with the line that we have agreed upon with Cyprus and, what is more significant in my eyes, it conflicts with the line that Lebanon itself agreed upon with Cyprus in 2007. Our goal is to determine Israel’s position regarding its maritime border, in keeping with the principles of international maritime law.

2. Prime Minister Netanyahu briefed the Cabinet on his visit to Romania and the Israel-Bulgaria inter-government meeting, and noted that both countries are interesting in developing their economic, security, technological and agricultural relations with Israel. He noted that the State of Israel’s relations with various states in the region, including Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria, are moving forward in a variety of areas and added
that these countries’ common interests are creating a new axis in the region.

3. Science and Technology Minister Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz briefed the Cabinet on his recent meetings in Germany with leading scientists ˆ including Nobel laureates ˆ from around the world. He also discussed the Israeli-German scientific forum, half of whose 200 members are Israeli and half German, and noted the prestige and esteem that Israel receives in the scientific field.

4. Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch briefed the Cabinet on the foiling of the fly-in this past weekend and discussed the inter-ministerial coordination and cooperation on the issue.

… Regarding the demarcation of the northern maritime boundary of the State of Israel’s coastal waters, and its exclusive economic zone, the Cabinet decided as follows:

The northern maritime boundary of the State of Israel’s coastal waters, and its exclusive economic zone, in the Mediterranean Sea is determined according to published geographic coordinates. A statement to this effect will be delivered to the UN by the accepted channels. The Foreign Minister shall have authority regarding implementation of this decision.

PM Netanyahu Meets with Greek President Karolos Papoulias
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Tuesday), 11.7.11, met with Greek President Karolos Papoulias and thanked him for Greece’s great help during the Carmel wildfire and in stopping the flotilla. The Prime Minister noted the deep friendship between Greece and Israel and added that bilateral economic and tourism cooperation should be strengthened and enhanced.

Regarding the flotilla, Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out that growth in the Gaza Strip stood at 25% and that all food items were entering the Strip. “Whoever wants to free Gaza must work to free it from the Hamas regime, which acts cruelly and harshly toward minorities ˆ and those who seek peace ˆ in the Strip,” he said.

Regarding the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he was ready to sit down with the Palestinians tomorrow morning and begin direct negotiations and expressed his regrets that they were refusing.

IMRA – Independent Media Review and Analysis
Website: www.imra.org.il



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Obama, his appointees and George Soros conspire to pervert US Constitution to Socialism


More White House Ties to Soros-Funded Organization

By Aaron Klein
The Jewish Press, July 8 2011

Still more White House officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder, have ties to an effort funded by billionaire George Soros to push for a new, “progressive” U.S. Constitution.

This column previously reported that President Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, maintained extensive ties to Soros’s funding, particularly with regard to a movement that openly seeks to create a “progressive” consensus on what the U.S. Constitution “should” provide by the year 2020.

Now, it has emerged that Lisa Brown, Obama’s staff secretary, served as executive director of the Soros-funded American Constitution Society, ACS, a progressive legal organization that was behind the Constitution scheme.

Also, Holder has been closely tied to the ACS, serving on the group’s board of directors and even keynoting its 10th anniversary national convention earlier this month. In 2008, Holder also keynoted its convention. At that event, he reportedly urged young lawyers to get involved in the liberal legal network, saying America would soon be “run by progressives.”

In April 2005, Sunstein opened up a conference at Yale Law School entitled “The Constitution in 2020,” which sought to change the nature and interpretation of the Constitution by that year. The event was sponsored by Soros’s Open Society Institute and the Center for American Progress, which is led by John Podesta, who served as co-chair of Obama’s presidential transition team. Podesta’s center is said to be highly influential in helping to craft White House policy.

The Yale event on the Constitution was also sponsored by the ACS, which has received more that $2.2 million from Soros’s Open Society since 2002.

Sunstein himself has been pushing for a new socialist-style U.S. bill of rights that, among other things, would constitutionally require the government to offer each citizen a “useful” job in the farms or industries of the nation. According to Sunstein’s new bill of rights, the U.S. government can also intercede to ensure every farmer can sell his product for a good return. It also is granted power to act against “unfair competition” and monopolies in business.

All this and more is contained in Sunstein’s 2004 book, The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’S Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever. In the work, Sunstein advanced the idea that welfare rights, including some controversial inceptions, be granted by the state.



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How the Exemplary Chabad Orthodox Jewish Movement originated

An entire Jewish infrastructure has sprung up from the Embers which were kept alive for 70 years.

How the Exemplary Chabad Orthodox Jewish Movement originated

Russia – The cradle of Chabad. Here Chabad was planted and nurtured; blossomed, flourished and struck its deepest roots. From Liozna and Liadi, from Lubavitch to the furthest reaches of the Pale of Jewish Settlement, Chabad was renowned, revered and cherished.

Czar Cathrine II (“The Great”) established the Pale of Settlement in 1791 as a territory for Russian Jews to live. Created under pressure to rid Moscow of Jewish business competition and “evil” influence on the Russian masses, the Pale of Settlement included the territory of present-day Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belorussia. More than 90% of Russian Jews were forced to live in the poor conditions of the Pale, which made up only 4% of imperial Russia. Still, the Jewish population in Russia grew from 1.6 million in 1820 to 5.6 million in 1910. Even within the Pale, Jews were discriminated against; they paid double taxes, were forbidden to lease land, run taverns or receive higher education.

A liberalization period in the 1860s, which granted Jews some privileges was reversed under the May Laws of 1882. These laws restricted Jews in the Pale to urban areas, which were often overcrowded and offered limited economic opportunities. In addition thousands of Jews fell victim to devastating pogroms in the 1870s and 1880s. The pogroms, boycotts and other anti-Semitic depredations Jews faced in the Pale led to mass immigration to the United States (two million between 1881 and 1914) as well as a string of other developments, such as the controversial Haskalah movement, which sought to modernize Jewish culture. Zionism also took hold in the Pale. Only after the overthrow of the Czarist regime in 1917 was the Pale of Settlement abolished.

The Early Years: By the early years of this century, Lubavitch emissaries had reached the furthest corners of the Czarist empire. Sent by Rabbi Sholom Dovber (known as the Rebbe Rashab, 1860-1920, fifth leader of Chabad), they visited and inspired Jews in even the remotest communities. The unlearned descendants of the “Cantonists” — Jewish children torn from their families to spend their lives as soldiers of the Czar, oriental Jews in Bukhara, the mountain Jews of Georgia and Daghestan, all welcomed Chabad emissaries sent to teach them Torah and raise their standards of Jewish practice.

The First World War plunged Eastern European Jewish communities into chaos, uprooting large populations and disrupting the traditional Torah education system. Then came the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

The Revolution and the Stalin Era: The Revolution opened a frightening new era. Religious education of the young was banned, practice of Judaism was systematically obliterated, and observant Jews — particularly chassidim — were persecuted, arrested, exiled, tortured and shot. To circumcise a child required enormous courage; observing Shabbat and kashrut (the keeping of the kosher laws) became virtually impossible for the Jewish masses — who had been largely Torah-observant before the Revolution.

“Schneersohns Don’t Run..:” Most Jewish leaders took advantage of any opportunity to leave the country. But the destiny of Chabad was inextricably bound up with Russian Jewry. The Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880-1950), son of the Rebbe Rashab, once told a Czarist police officer: “The Schneersohns don’t run away!” True to his word, he stepped into the gap as the only Jewish leader to remain active in the Soviet Union.

The Foundation: Throwing himself into the task at hand, the Previous Rebbe proceeded to build a widespread network of underground institutions — through the length and breadth of that vast land. Any vestiges of Jewish religious life in the Soviet Union today trace back directly to those foundations.

On a dark night in Moscow, in the winter of 1924, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, the sixth Rebbe of Lubavitch, made a covenant with a group of young men. They vowed to fight to the end to preserve their religion for the Jews of the Soviet Union, even if it meant losing their lives.

Under the Rebbe’s leadership, an organized underground of hundreds of Cheder (Hebrew) elementary schools, Yeshivas and Mikvahs (ritual baths – one of the essence of orthodox Jewry) sprung up, from St. Petersburg in the west to Tashkent in the east, these dedicated men and women managed to keep the spark of Yiddishkeit (Judaism) alive in hundreds of towns and cities across the land.

The communists persecuted, chased and harassed the Rebbe and his operatives. Often within days, a new Mikvah would be filled with cement. A report would arrive of a teacher sent to the firing squad, his young students sent to Siberia. Through the years of communism, hundreds of Chassidic activists were executed. Thousands more were arrested and sent to Siberia for years of hard labor.

In 1927, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak himself was arrested and sentenced to capital punishment. Through the intervention of the Governments of United States, Germany, and Latvia and petitions signed by hundreds of thousands of Jews across the Soviet Union, the sentence was commuted. The Rebbe was banished from Russia.

New Start: In 1950, his son-in-law, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, at 48 years old, became the Rebbe (The titular head of the Chabad movement). Under his guidance, the struggle intensified. Not a day would go by when the Rebbe would not struggle for the Jews of Russia. The Rebbe toiled endlessly for their physical and their spiritual well being. He sent couples, posing as tourists, as clandestine Shluchim (emissaries) bringing strength and determination to his Russian underground.

The couples would memorize hundreds of names and addresses. Russian border guards were left scratching their heads by Chassidic couples who would travel to Russia for a two-week stay, laden down with Kosher salami and Jewish books and films. The humanitarian aid was used to feed Jews in cities and shtetls across the land.

Perhaps more than anything else, the message the Shluchim brought the Jews of Russia was that someone on the other side of the curtain remembered and cared. Someone would not sleep and would not rest, until they would be freed from their bondage.
In 1989, the shackles began to break open with the fall of communism and Perestroyka. Immediately, the Rebbe began to dispatch Shluchim to bring Judaism above-ground.

With restriction on religion being officially released, the ashes, glowing for seventy years, finally burst into flame. The warmth of Judaism began to glow for the millions of Jewish men, women and children across Russia who didn’t even know the meaning of the word “Jew.” Schools, shuls, mikvas and community centers began to spring up. Once again, children were laughing in the hallways of Jewish schools. An entire Jewish infrastructure has sprung up from the Embers which were kept alive for 70 years.

Jerome S. Kaufman

(Article created from Chabad site and other sources online)



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Delighted apology – Walter Williams article a hoax!

Dear Readers,

Several readers of Israel Commentary reported to me that the article, supposedly by Walter Williams declaring that the Republican Party is doomed to defeat against Barack Obama, is a hoax. I am delighted to report that I just checked with the authority on veracity, Snopes.com and Snopes declared, as shown below, that the article was falsely attributed to Williams.

My apologies,

Jerry Kaufman

Claim: Dr. Walter Williams penned an opinion piece entitled “No Matter What,” about President Obama’a inevitable re-election.



No Matter What
(I titled it: The ignorant are going to bury us)
By Dr. Walter Williams

“Can President Obama be defeated in 2012? No, He can’t …”

Now we can say accurately, I hope, “Yes, he can.”

Jerry Kaufman



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US/Europeans/UN funneling $$ down bottomless Palestinian/Hamas drain?


By Peggy Shapiro


July 11, 2011

Dan Greenfield recently determined that the Palestinian Authority is facing another budget crisis and requesting additional funding from the West. Before we take out our overdrawn checkbooks, it might be time to look at some of the numbers and decide if we can afford to pour more money down the Palestinian Authority drain.
 Greenfield makes the point that the Palestinians are better off than some of the people who are footing most of the PA bills. 

Percentage of the population who live below the poverty line:

West Bank (under PA control) 16% 
Washington, D.C. 18.9%. 

Greece 20%. 

Israel 24%.


Palestinians are already receiving more money in international financial assistance than other groups who are struggling in far more dire circumstance. 

Per capita Foreign Assistance 2009:

Palestinian Authority $725.00
Afghanistan $219.00

Sudan $56.00
Central African Republic $53.00
Ethiopia $48.00
Democratic Republic Congo $34.60

Niger $31.20
 Bangladesh $8.00

In fact, the Palestinians are the top per-capita aid recipients in the history of the planet. It’s not just how much, but how long Palestinians have received international welfare that breaks all records. For 63 years, the US, European nations and the UN have been nonstop donors.  While all refugees in the world receive assistance for a few years from the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, Palestinians have their own, seemingly eternal source of UN welfare under the auspices of the United Nations Relief United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).  

Set up in 1949 with a temporary, three-year mandate (UNGA Resolution 302IV) to provide aid and jobs for 700,000 Palestinian refugees, UNRWA has grown into a permanent institution for the only people allowed to hold refugee status for over sixty years.  The number of “refugees” has inflated to 4,618,141 since refugee status is an inheritance which is passed on to all descendants and their descendants no matter where they live.
The Return on the investment to the Palestinian Authority is questionable at best.  It certainly hasn’t bought the peace it was expected to buy.

In 2007, eighty-seven countries and international organizations pledged $7.4 billion to the Palestinian Authority, an amount far in excess of any previous level of US or European aid to the Palestinians for the purpose of strengthening those Palestinians who favor peaceful coexistence with Israel.  

How much peace has $7.4 billion purchased? Not only has the Palestinian Authority formed a unity government with the terror group Hamas, it also passed a law in June which allows it to put imprisoned terrorists, even members of Hamas, on its payroll.

Rather than quell violence, foreign assistance to the Palestinian Authority has shown to correlate to an increase in violent attacks against both other Palestinians and Israelis.  
The billions of dollars, francs, marks, shekels and euros in Palestinian aid are not producing the desired outcomes and have had some dire consequences for the Palestinian people, who live with the resulting government corruption and culture of resentment and dependency. The welfare does not bring peace or prosperity to its recipients and we cannot afford to throw any more money down the Palestinian drain.



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Commentary from a brilliant, erudite Viet Nam veteran

This letter to me is just too full of factual material, much of it beyond my knowledge or comprehension, to simply discard. Many of you will get far more out of it than I.


By Jerome S. Kaufman

Dear Dr. K:

Commentary from a brilliant, erudite Viet Nam veteran

Hoi An, south of Danang middle of N/S at mouth of Cua Dai River (discovered in 15th-16th century by Portugal), would be worth seeing it any time but I have not gone back to Asia even to Hong Kong in South China Sea (also home of Paracels and Spratly Islands – specks for which the People’s Republic of China bullies Philippines and Vietnam and all countries resource-hungry for oil that we never discovered before 1975 American pull out from RSVN).

Carmen and I watched the film, Exodus again on PBS and remembered Otto Preminger for his boldness then in casting Paul Newman with Eve Marie Saint romantically and Ben Caanan(sp?), actor Lee J. Cobb, as Paul’s father of Irgun brother(—–) against Haganah brother (Paul). (The book, Exodus was written by Leon Uris.)

It was emotional how Israel was re-formed from the British Mandate by Zionists as a country after WWII from (erroneously – designated ) “Arab” land of a Palestine leader/land owner of a nearby Kibbutz, who was killed by orders of the Grand Mufti (with crypto-Nazi help) for dealing with the Jews.

The British were well remembered by General Allenby and his aide, Peter Lawford, an American playing anti-Semitic U.K. general’s aide. Lawford says to Newman that he can spot a Jew from afar as Newman asks Lawford to help remove cinder from Newman’s eye. (Who could blame Peter Lawford for not figgering Paul Newman was a Jew – jsk). So you have two Americans – Newman and Lawford – playing respectively, a Sabra and a Britisher.  The Sabras won.

I have now integrated my views of Obama by stories of Dinesh D’Souza (see Israel Commentary, A Terrifying Analysis – http://israel-commentary.org/?p=4) and Jack Cashill and Janny Scott. You know of him first and his logical connection of son to father.  

Second is author of thesis that Bill Ayres was author of Obama’s “auto” biographies, another researched Cashill theses.  Janny Scott takes NYT feminist research approach to mother of Obama. She (Scott) gives her devotee friendly perspective of Obama’s mother. I think you will find an interesting composite of the three with what you obviously know/see/think evidenced by the large amount of pertinent material found on your Israel Commentary blog.  I still have Netanyahu’s powerful address to Congress as televised from your blog. ( http://israel-commentary.org/?p=595)

An octogenarian friend introduced me to Louis L’Amour and I accepted after resisting.  This is to my benefit as it prevented me becoming an Obama/Anthony curmudgeon.  I recommend Louis L’Amour’s memoir, Education of a Wandering Man, after you have read any other work by him.  Daniel Boorstin writes preface to L’Amour’s memoir so even academia recognizes L’Amour. I would speak of Shakespeare and Michener and L’Amour in the same paragraph except that I find myself being presumptuous and limiting by my own praise.

In any event, I am smiling not crying, notwithstanding the gripping (to whom?) Casey Anthony saga, overwhelming our misguided except commercially, media. The Anthony family lends new meaning to the term, ‘dysfunctional,’ making it an understatement from hyperbole.

Dan Corbett



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Selling Liberal Jews a Bill of Goods – Another Caroline Glick masterpiece

Redacted from article by CAROLINE B. GLICK
June 24, 2011

Just before Obama snowballed his Jewish donors in Washington, Yale engaged in a similarly transparent bid to romance its Jewish supporters. This week we have been witness to two transparent attempts to sell liberal American Jews a bill of goods. And from the looks of things, both were successful.

The first instance of liberal American Jewish credulity this week unfolded in Washington. At a five-star hotel, eighty Jewish donors shelled out between $25,000-35,800 to attend a fundraiser with US President Barack Obama.
The second instance Yale University launched new program on anti-Semitism after Jews decry Yale closing anti-Semitism study center.

As has become his habit, Obama opened his remarks by talking about his commitment to Israel’s security. And as has become his habit, Obama went on to say that it is his job to force Israelis to bow to his demands because he knows what is best for Israel. Speaking of his ongoing efforts to force Israel to concede its right to defensible borders before entering into negotiations with the Hamas-Fatah unity government, Obama said, “There are going to be moments over the course of the next six months or the next 12 months or the next 24 months in which there may be tactical disagreements [between the US and Israel] in terms of how we approach these difficult problems.”

Obama went on to say that he expects his American Jewish supporters to take his side in his attacks on Israel. As he put it, the quest for peace between Israel and the Hamas-Fatah government is “going to require that not only this administration employs all of its creative powers to try to bring about peace in the region, but it’s also going to require all of you as engaged citizens of the United States who are friends of Israel making sure…that you’re helping to shape how both Americans and Israelis think about the opportunities and challenges.”

And how did the Jewish donors respond to Obama’s presentation? They loved it. They were, in the words of Obama donor Marilyn Victor, “re-assured.” Speaking with Politico, New York businessman, Jack Bendheim said, “I think he nailed and re-nailed his commitment to the security of the State of Israel.” Other attendees interviewed in the article echoed his sentiments. Imagine how they would have swooned if Obama had confessed a secret love for bagels and lox.

What does Obama have to do for these liberal American Jews to accept that he is no friend of Israel’s? Apparently the answer is that there is nothing Obama can do that will convince his many American Jewish supporters that he is not Israel’s friend. They will never believe such a thing because doing so will require them to choose between two unacceptable options. The first option is to admit to themselves that in voting for Obama, they are voting against Israel.

Just hours before Obama snowballed his Jewish donors in Washington, Yale University engaged in a similarly transparent bid to romance its willfully gullible Jewish supporters. Yale University’s announcement two weeks ago that it was shutting down the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism (YIISA) unleashed a storm of protest. Students, faculty, alumni and major Jewish organizations all expressed anger and disappointment with Yale’s surprise move.

Yale justified its decision on the basis of two falsehoods. First it claimed that YIISA had failed to undertake sufficient top quality scholarship. Yet in the wake of the announcement dozens of leading scholars of anti-Semitism co-signed a letter authored by Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld, who directs Indiana University’s Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism, praising the YIISA as “a pioneer in advancing research on contemporary manifestations of anti-Semitism.”

The second reason that Yale claimed it was closing YIISA was because there was insufficient faculty and student interest in its programs. This falsehood was ridiculous on its face since several dozen Yale faculty members served on YIISA’s various academic committees and boards of advisers.

The main suspicion provoked by Yale’s decision to close YIISA was that it was doing so to appease Islamic critics. YIISA’s Director Prof. Charles Small focused its attention on contemporary forms of anti-Semitism. Since the most dangerous form of contemporary anti-Semitism is Islamic anti-Semitism, Small made Islamic anti-Semitism a focus of YIISA’s research activities. The concern arose that Yale closed YIISA in order to end campus research and discourse on the topic.

Monday Yale tried to quell the controversy surrounding its decision to close YIISA by announcing that it was forming a new institute called the Yale Program for the Study of Anti-Semitism. Yale announced that its tenured professor Maurice Samuels will serve as director of the program. Samuels is a scholar of French literature. In his acceptance announcement Samuels addressed Yale’s critics promising that, “YPSA will discuss both contemporary anti-Semitism and historical anti-Semitism.” He also said that in the coming year YPSA will hold a major conference on the topic of French anti-Semitism. Samuels’ statement is notable for two reasons.

First, if it is true, then the only difference between YPSA and YIISA is the director. And the only thing Yale was really interested in doing was firing Small. To offset criticism of its transparent move, Yale has been waging a whispering campaign against Small. Yale administrators have been insinuating that because the university did not hire him as a regular member of the Yale faculty that Small is not an academic, or somehow not good enough for Yale. But Small was in fact, on the Yale faculty. He was a lecturer in the Political Science department and ran one of Yale’s post-doctorate and graduate studies fellowship programs. Despite his intensive work building YIISA, Small taught a heavy course load.

Their willingness to support Yale’s bid to curtail research and discussion of Islamic Jew-hatred and allow Yale to scapegoat Small demonstrates an affliction common to liberal American Jews today. It is the same affliction that makes them unable to countenance voting for a Republican.

That affliction is class snobbery. By insinuating that Small is not up to Yale’s academic standards, Yale was able to rally the Jewish members of its larger community by appealing to their snobbery. The fact that Yale didn’t mind Small serving as a dissertation advisor to its doctoral candidates is immaterial. The facts be damned.

The same Ivy League snobbery that makes it socially unacceptable to vote for a Republican – and certainly not for a Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann despite their deep-seated and consistent support for Israel – is what allowed Yale to get away with ending its study of Islamic anti-Semitism by besmirching Small’s academic achievements and good name. Remove him from the club, and you end opposition to his academically unjustifiable firing.

The great circus master P.T. Barnum said famously that there is a sucker born every minute. Liberal American Jews aren’t born suckers. They become suckers out of their own free will.




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17 year old Michele Bachmann on an Israeli Kibbutz!

From: Queen of the Tea Party

The presidential campaign of Michele Bachmann

Redacted from a fascinating, in-depth article

The Weekly Standard
July 4, 2011

… Energetic, charismatic, intelligent, and attractive, the 55-year-old Bachmann is no stranger to publicity. Since she arrived on the national scene in 2007, her prominence in the conservative movement has skyrocketed. In the world of talk radio and cable news, she possesses something like Most Favored Guest status. She plays the outside game, using media appearances to further the right’s agenda. She’s been featured in calendars of female conservative superstars. There’s even a Michele Bachmann action figure.

… Bachmann is a far more serious candidate for the Republican nomination than her reputation would suggest. She’s a talented fundraiser who raised $13.5 million for her 2010 reelection campaign. She’s a television star who appropriately tailors her message to her audience. Her combativeness will delight conservatives eager to fight Barack Obama. Her movement credentials—she founded the House Tea Party Caucus—put her at the cutting edge of right-wing politics. And in a primary campaign where authenticity counts, no other candidate has Bachmann’s unique history: an Iowa native who put herself through law school, raised her five children and took in 23 foster children, and has never lost an election for state or federal office.

Since 2009, millions of Americans have attended rallies, joined Tea Party groups, and become involved in politics. They’re scared for the future of the country, and they want to stop America’s decline. Many of these activists are parents or grandparents who simply weren’t political before government policies drove them into the arena. Michele Bachmann is uniquely positioned to speak to these voters—because she’s one of them.

… Michele Amble was born on April 6, 1956, in Waterloo, Iowa, the second of four children and the only girl. Her childhood was modest. Her parents owned a small home and rented out the top floor for income. Her father was studying to be an engineer. When Michele was four, the family moved into a three-bedroom rambler. “It was probably lower middle class,” she said, “and then, as families do, we moved up to middle class.” She was baptized and raised in the Lutheran church.

The Ambles come from Norwegian immigrants who arrived in America in the middle of the nineteenth century. They trace their roots in Iowa back seven generations. They were Democrats. The one Republican Michele knew well as a child was her paternal grandmother, a devoted Wall Street Journal and Time magazine reader who, like her other grandparents, worked in a factory. David Amble, Michele’s father, was the first in the family to go to college.

… She’d attended church as a child without really hearing what was said. Then, when she was 16, she made a commitment. She considers herself an evangelical Christian. As an adult, she’s attended both a Lutheran church and a nondenominational Christian church.

Her faith led her to some interesting places. The summer after she finished high school, Michele went to Israel and worked on a kibbutz. The trip was sponsored by Young Life, a Christian ministry. “I always had this love and appreciation for Israel because I was a Christian,” she said. “It’s the foundation of our faith. All of the Bible is about Israel.” She wanted to see the land for herself. What she found wasn’t a high-end vacation destination. She remembers the hurly burly of Ben Gurion airport, 1974: heat, soldiers with guns, customs officers at card tables on the tarmac. Chickens were everywhere. “It was pretty grubby,” she said.

The youth housing on the kibbutz was called the ghetto. Lizards climbed the walls. She would wake up at 4 a.m. and get on a flatbed truck that was pulled by an old diesel tractor. They would drive out to cotton fields to pull weeds. Armed soldiers escorted them wherever they went.

The experience has never left her mind. “If you consider what it was like in 1948,” she said, “and literally watch flowers bloom in a desert over time—I don’t know if any nation has paralleled the rise of Israel since 1948.” A member of Christians United for Israel, she’s one of Israel’s strongest supporters in Congress. One Jewish Minnesota Republican has told me of speeches at local Republican Jewish Coalition events where Bachmann has brought cheering audiences to their feet.

When she returned to the States, Michele enrolled at a community college near Anoka. Money was tight. She’d often work three jobs—school bus driver, restaurant hostess, all sorts of things. The following summer she went to Alaska, where she worked for an uncle who lived in the Aleutian Islands. Alaska’s oil boom was just beginning, and geologists scoured the rocks for signs of petroleum. Michele tarred roofs, cleaned fish, washed dishes, and cooked meals.

… And then went on to college, a husband, multiple kids and foster children and finally politics where she has now become deservedly, one of the front runners for the Republican nomination.

… Mrs. Bachman now uses television appearances to make news. When Bachmann walked onstage at the CNN debate in Goffstown on June 13, she had a plan. The stage was made of shiny metal, and surrounded by huge electronic screens filled with bright and endlessly changing graphics. The moderator, John King, asked each candidate to deliver a short introduction. Then the questions began. The first topic was economics. What would each candidate do to create jobs and growth?

Herman Cain answered first. Then Rick Santorum, then Tim Pawlenty, then Mitt Romney, then Newt Gingrich. Finally it was Bachmann’s turn. “Before I fully answer that,” she said, “I just want to make an announcement here for you, John, on CNN tonight.” Her eyes lit up.

“I filed today my paperwork to seek the office of the presidency of the United States,” she said. “And I’ll very soon be making my formal announcement. So I wanted you to be the first to know.”
Applause broke out. Bachmann beamed. The other candidates smiled nervously. And grassroots conservatives across America understood: The queen of the Tea Party had arrived.

(Please read the rest of this fascinating story in the Weekly Standard. July 4, 2011) jsk

Matthew Continetti is opinion editor of The Weekly Standard and author, most recently, of The Persecution of Sarah Palin.



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To Methodist Ministers and other establishment anti-Semites of the Cloth

From: Zionist Organization – Michigan Region Newsletter

June 12, 2010

Dear Reverends,

I attended your peace forum on June 2nd. I’d attended other peace forums, lectures, programs, etc., in the past and found them to be gatherings of Israel bashers.

I appreciated the fact that your program did not descend to the level of hatred and purposeful misinformation about Israel that I found during these other programs, although Israel bashing groups were present. It was good to see that space was given to at least one pro Israel group amongst groups like Friends of Sabeel, Jewish Voice for Peace, and some of the other more questionably Jewish supportive organizations. I also liked the breakout sessions where all voices and views were allowed time to speak, something I’d never experienced at the other “peace” meetings.

The problem I found was that some of the information presented was inaccurate. Your main speaker, Sister Martha Larson, complained that Israel rejected the Goldstone report, but never mentioned that Goldstone has now also rejected the report.

She talked about Israeli commandos boarding the Mavi Marmara of the Gaza flotilla, but never mentioned that the commandos carried paint ball guns and were forced to fight for their lives against terrorists who tried to kill them.

She talked about the 70 UN resolutions against Israel, but never discussed the validity or the morality of any of them, or the fact that while Israel is pilloried by the UN, real human rights violators like Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Libya are routinely ignored as they murder thousands of their own citizens and work to destroy the one stable and free society in the Middle East: Israel.

It was also claimed that Gaza is one of the most crowded places on Earth. In reality, it isn’t even in the top ten. According to the United Nations (by way of Wikipedia), the Palestinian territories come at number 20 in population density. If you examine the list, it’s also obvious that crowded doesn’t necessarily mean poor, as some of the most crowded countries on Earth are also the wealthiest.

Then there were the minor absurdities, that Israel destroys mosques and that Jews demand sensitivity from Muslims on the Sabbath. In reality, when Jordan ruled E. Jerusalem, the Jordanians destroyed synagogues.

When Israel forced all Jews from Gaza, Palestinians destroyed the synagogues of Gaza along with greenhouses left by the Israelis that could have produced jobs and a boost to the local Gazan economy.

I found Sister Larson’s claim of the vast power of AIPAC (more than any of the thousands of other lobbies, including Arab and Saudi lobbies?) in influencing Congress highly offensive and reminiscent of white supremacists and neo-Nazis who are convinced we live under ZOG: Zionist Occupied Government.

Also troubling were some of the handouts. The one that bothered me the most was not the most outrageous and libelous showing alleged Israeli torture of Palestinians (without asking what’s happening to Gilad Shalit, who is still being held prisoner in Gaza) but rather the “guide” to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict put out by the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

I’m not going to dissect the entire pamphlet, but only point out one egregious example of its dishonesty in its attempt at demonstrating a false moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians, and putting Israel in the worst possible light, by quoting one sentence regarding Israel’s war of independence: “War erupted and forces from six Arab states intervened.” Correction: War did not “erupt”. Nobody “intervened”.The nascent state of Israel was invaded by six Arab nations. Their aim was a second Jewish genocide.

This little pamphlet is full of misleading statements, false moral equivalence, and outright lies.  Another huge error made by one of your speakers (I forgot to write down which one) was the claim that the cradle of the three monotheistic religions was Jerusalem. The cradle of Islam was Saudi Arabia; Mecca and Medina.

What’s never mentioned by speakers at yours or any other of these peace gatherings is the fact that Israel is the only free and democratic state in the Middle East, the only country which allows freedom of religion for believers of all faiths, freedom for women, for gays and lesbians, for open politics. Would these freedoms hold in a Palestinian state? Examine Gaza for the answer.

Also, take a look at the violence in the surrounding Islamic nations (where Christianity is slowly disappearing) and how many hundreds, if not thousands of citizens are being murdered by their own governments, and then explain to me why Israel is THE nation singled out for scrutiny, subjected to BDS, and held to an impossible standard of decency while the previously mentioned nations are held to no standard.

Unfortunately, most of the people attending these events know very little of the reality of the situation in Israel, and so they swallow the misinformation spread by these organizations. It’s the only information they hear.

I would like to make two recommendations for future programs. First, anybody sponsoring these events needs a truer picture of Israel’s history. There is a local chapter of Stand With Us, an organization created to give more factual information on Israel. They can provide booklets and other information for free. Some of their material was available at your program at the Jewish Community Relations table.

There is another group called Our Soldiers Speak, made up of retired IDF soldiers. They are also very informative, and they’re not afraid of tough questions. Israelis are subject to much worse than an angry audience. For your own knowledge, I recommend reading ISRAEL, a History, by Martin Gilbert. It’s lengthy but detailed and Mr. Gilbert doesn’t shy away from showing that Israel was not perfect in the conduct of  their wars, like the rest of the world expects them, and only them, to be. It’s a very informative book.

Respectfully, (not my word – jsk)

Harry Onickel
Harry Onickel is one of Metro Detroit’s leading Israel advocates



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Jesus weighs in on Obama’s deliberate destruction of the US economy

Letter from the publisher, Whistleblower Magazine June 2011


By Joseph Farah

Copyright 2011 WorldNetDaily, WND. com inc.

America’s money system is on the verge of collapse, and, as much as I hate to say it, it deserves to fail. Even though I, too, will be hurt by a collapse of the dollar, which seems all but inevitable sometime in the next few years, the fiat money system we use in our country is neither sustainable nor moral.

I say this not based on my ideas of what is just, but on God’s ideas. Most people tend to overlook what the Bible says about money. It has much to say. In fact, Jesus had more to say about money and possessions than any other topic including faith, hope, heaven and hell combined. There are more than 2,350 verses in the Bible referencing money and possessions.

The Bible condemns the kind of money system we use in the US, one in which the value of money is constantly changing and subject to manipulation — and which today, of course, is on the verge of collapse.

Consider the following biblical verses:

• “A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just
weight is his delight.” “(Proverbs 11:1)

• “Divers weights, and divers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the LORD.” (Proverbs 20:10)

• “Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment, in meteyard, in weight, or in measure. Just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin, shall ye have: I am the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt.” (Leviticus 19:35-36)

• “Are there yet the treasures of wickedness in the house of the wicked, and the scant measure that is abominable? Shall I count them pure with the wicked balances, and with the bag of deceitful weights? For the rich men thereof are full of violence, and the inhabitants thereof have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth.” (Micah6:10-12)

When the Federal Reserve can produce trillions of dollars out of thin air and add it to the money system, that action changes “the weights and measures” we use to buy and sell. More money in the system by definition devalues the currency that was already in the system. Its called inflation – which Ronald Reagan called “as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber, and as deadly as a hit man.”

As a result of such rank dishonesty, we are close to the end of our rope. Our monstrous national debt, our insane deficit spending, the Obama administrations maniacal insistence on ever more borrowing, spending, indebtedness, taxes and regulations is strangling productive Americans to death. Simultaneously, the Federal Reserve, to keep the charade going a little while longer, inflates our currency so that all of our dollar-denominated holdings are worth less and less with each passing day.

With the US dollar about to lose its all-important status as the world’s reserve currency, we should have no reasonable expectation that our economy will do anything but tank ever further for the foreseeable future. That’s why sensible Americans need to take what steps they deem prudent so they can weather the coming storm. That’s what this issue of Whistleblower, JuneUS 2013 is all about.

Hopefully, we will elect a worthy president in 2012.

Hopefully, the suffering we’re enduring now and in the coming
months will wake up enough voters to enable us to change

Hopefully, we can recapture our founding fathers vision and stay true to it. And…

Hopefully, we’ll have the sense, as Steve Forbes urged recently, to get the US dollar back on the gold standard, as it was throughout the many decades when it was the strongest currency in the world.

We made a huge mistake in 1971 going off the gold standard. Let’s learn from our mistakes before we lose our economy completely, and with it, our country.

Until next time,

Joseph Farah, Publisher



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