Paris and the world bleed to death while avoiding the politically incorrect term, “Islamic Terrorism”

II Pertinent quotations from Mohammad’s Koran. “Allah Akhbar – Allah is Great”

By Dennis L. Greene

Israel Commentary consultant

The disease of the Middle East is Islam. All of Israel’s problems can be traced back to it and its sociopath prophet. All questions can be answered with a quote from Mohammad.

Why do Muslims attack Jews and Christians?

[at‑Taubah 9:29] Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax (Jizya) in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

(Jizya:  A per capita punitive tax levied upon all non-Muslims that elect to maintain residence in Muslim countries without converting to Islam.  The tax is a means of punishing and weakening the infidel to the point of being unable to continue resistance to conversion.  In other words, oppressive and impoverishing. Sharia Law also prescribes that it be administered with a beating.)

Why do they focus on Jews?

We prescribe to the children of Israel that whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men; and certainly Our apostles came to them with clear arguments, but even after that many of them certainly act extravagantly in the land.

[al‑Ma’idah 5:33] The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom;

The Hadith (Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar) Volume 4, Book 52, Number 176: Allah’s Apostle said, “You (i.e. Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, ‘O ‘Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.'”

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177: Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

Why are they obsessed with Israel in particular?

[al‑Baqarah 2:191] And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.

Why do Arab Muslims turn on black fellow Muslims in places like Darfur?

Surah 3, verse 106: On the day when (some) faces shall turn white and (some) faces shall turn black; then as to those whose faces turn black: Did you disbelieve after your believing? Taste therefore the chastisement because you disbelieved.

The Arabic language has no word for Negro, only “abid” which literally means slave. Peter Jennings reported that the Arabs yelled “Death to the slaves!” as the slaughtered the blacks in Sudan. It actually translates more like “Kill the N—–‘s” What fools the blacks following Farakan are!

Why are they so willing to die?

Surah 8, verse 16: “If any do turn his back to them on such a day ‑ unless it be in a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own) ‑ he draws on himself the wrath of Allah, and his abode is Hell ‑ an evil refuge (indeed)!”

Why do they ignore the Oslo and other accords?

[al‑Baqarah 2:225] God will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts; and He is Oft‑forgiving, Most Forbearing.

Why do the behead?

[Muhammad 47:4] Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward either grace or ransom till the war lay down its burdens. That (it is the ordinance). And if Allah willed He could have punished them (without you) but (thus it is ordained) that HE may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He rendereth not their actions vain.

Why are they prone to massacres?

[8:67] It is not fitting for an apostle that he should have prisoners of war until he hath thoroughly subdued the land. Ye look for the temporal goods of this world; but God looketh to the Hereafter: And God is Exalted in might, Wise.

This is a continuation of a religious war that began in the seventh century. Until we face this reality, any and all peace plans are doomed to fail.

Too many Americans treat the Constitution as if it came from Moses. We fail to appreciate the uniqueness of Islam as being more extreme and political than any other religion by a wide margin. For the future of the western civilization, not just Israel or the USA, we must face this reality and the threat it implies.

The radical Muslims are not ISIS but those who reject the literal readings. The danger is that so-called moderates teach their children that Mohammad was Allah’s prophet, so what is to prevent them from reading the above at face value and acting accordingly?

Netanyahu (and Obama) are just one link in an endless chain of fools who refuse to face the reality that Islam is at war to subjugate the world and exterminate the Jewish race. It is not a radical interpretation or hijacking. The above quotes couldn’t be more clear.

Mohammad was a preincarnation of Hitler. Both were sociopathic megalomaniacs dedicated to genocide of the Jews and subjugating the world. Islam, like a cancer, has destroyed every society it touched. It is metastasizing into America, and our local fools who treat the Constitution as religious dogma are welcoming the fifth column.

Because Muslims profess a god who superficially resembles ours, we seem paralyzed in dealing with them. It is a flow of our Christianized culture that believes good will can win them over despite the number of severed heads. They don’t understand the “Old Testament” and the lesson of the Amalkites. Islam has declared an unlimited fight to the death, and we have no choice.

Dennis L Greene. (

III  Marco Rubio Reacts to Paris Islamic Terrorism killings

November 15, 2015

The horrific attacks in Paris Friday night should be a reminder of the scale of the conflict we’re in, Marco said this morning. “What we’re involved in now is a civilizational conflict with radical Islam,” Marco said. “This is not a geopolitical issue where they want to conquer territory, and it’s two countries fighting against each other. They literally want to overthrow our society and replace it with their radical Sunni Islamic view of the future.”

What drives these Islamist radicals? Why have they set out to destroy the West?

“They do not hate us because we have military assets in the Middle East — they hate us because of our values,” Marco said. “They hate us because young girls here go to school. They hate us because women drive. They hate us because we have freedom of speech, because we have diversity in our religious beliefs. They hate us because we’re a tolerant society.

This is a clash of civilizations. And either they win, or we win.”

(To my mind, Marco Rubio is the man with this unadulterated, politically incorrect view that we must have in the White House in order to save our country and the world from the worst existential threat we have had since Nazi Germany WWII.) jsk

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