Please see the movie, 2016 Obama’s America. It is a wake-up call.

Based upon the NY Times Best Seller by Dinesh D’Souza

President of King’s College in New York City, NY

Review by Jerome S. Kaufman

Please see the movie, 2016 Obama’s America. It is a wake-up call.

Dinesh D’Souza has written, produced and narrates a documentary that every voter must see. It is not emotional. It is not a diatribe against Barack Obama. Instead, it is an accurate well documented history of his life, including interviews with his family and acquaintances in Kenya, Indonesia, Hawaii and the United States. D’Souza makes no big deal of Obama’s birth certificate. He says records show he was born in Hawaii and leaves it at that.

It so happens that Israel Commentary reported on D’Souza’s original discussion in an article written March 25, 2011. Please read it now. It gives you background for the information presented in the film.

Barack Obama – A Terrifying Analysis

Unfortunately, every fear that D’Souza anticipated in his lectures and books have been realized under Barack Obama. Obama’s motivation and driving force is well described. He is the worshiper of his father, a life long time political radical, revolutionary and anti-colonialist. Immersed in this philosophy, Obama has been unbelievably successful wreaking havoc upon this country. He believes the US is the successor to all the big bad colonialists that his father despised. We, according to this misguided simplistic philosophy, are the source of all evil in the world.

Consequently, Obama spends a great amount of his time apologizing to the world and our enemies, for our success. He resents, with his whole being, our exceptionalism, our international prestige and the overall contentment and national pride of our citizenry. His wife, Michelle Obama, had the obscene temerity to state that, when her husband was elected to office was the first time she had any pride in this country!

An associated irony is that Barack’s half brother who has spent his life in Kenya, in abject poverty, firmly believes that the people of Kenya were far better off when the British, the “awful” colonial power, was in charge of the country! Many aware and honest citizens of other African countries say exactly the same thing. The glaring history of the many rapacious home grown African dictators is undeniable affirmation of this conclusion.

During the film, D’Souza gives an explicit list of Obama’s frightening success in initiating the destruction of this awful colonial power of which he happens to be the President.

The first thing he did was alienate our longest, most reliable ally in the world – the United Kingdom. He returned the bust of Winston Churchill that had been gifted to us by the British as a gesture of thanks for the work we had done together making the world safe for democracy – destroying Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The next act in his foreign policy portfolio was to alienate another of our key allies, Israel and its PM Benjamin Netanyahu on several different occasions – not to mention the luke warm support Obama has offered to Israel against our mutual enemy, Ahmadinejad and Iran’s nuclear weapon development. As a result, Obama’s approval rating in Israel hovers around a robust 10%.

Obama arbitrarily engineered the abandonment of our space program leaving us in the benign hands of the Russians and the Chinese. What does that do to our power in the world and our ability to protect US and world interests? He also somehow placed his own heritage into the mix by thanking the Muslims for their great contributions to the space program. Huh?

He has crippled our energy program by refusing to complete the Canadian Oil Pipeline in our backyard giving Canada no choice but to make a deal with the Chinese – the greatest threat to our military power. This, while we are trying desperately to curtail Chinese threats against our own key allies in Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and the rest of the Pacific.

With his hand picked Secretary of the Interior, Kenneth Salazar and his Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, he has crippled our ability to reverse our great dependency and that of our European allies, on Middle East oil. Along with the delusional Environmental Protective Agency, Obama’s fellow socialists have stifled drilling for oil and natural gas off the Atlantic coast, off of the Florida coast, in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska, thus increasing our Middle East dependency and national debt and keeping thousands of people out of work.

Inexplicably, unless one understands Obama’s basic destructive goal, with U.S. oil exploration and drilling slowed to a crawl, the president has given billions of US taxpayer money to Brazil to further their own off shore oil development!

D’Souza goes on to discuss Obama’s project of deliberately weakening our great economic power from within by drowning us in a sea of debt. Such a sea of debt makes economic progress virtually impossible. We are about to surpass our own Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In other words, we will shortly be spending more money than all the money this nation takes in on a yearly basis.

On September 4, 2012, the US national debt passed $16 trillion. On President Barack Obama’s watch, the debt has increased by 50 percent, in a sea of federal spending. That means he is on track to triple Bush’s debt increase in just eight years. Within a few years, at this rate, we will be in the same boat as Greece, Portugal, Spain and the rest of the European Union – unable to stay afloat.

Over 5 million workers have been added to the disability rolls since President Obama took office, January 2009. The number of Americans receiving disability is up by 23 percent. Less than one percent of the disabled ever return to work, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Why should they when their benefits about equal their normal wages?

National Unemployment 8.3%

145,000 more Federal employees paid for by the American taxpayer.

14.6 million Americans receiving government food stamps.

Obamacare costs, fully activated, will push our national debt through the roof.

$716 billion taken from Medicare to finance Obamacare and its thousands of pages of rules, regulations that I am sure Nancy Pelosi still has not read.

Gasoline prices were $1.95 a gallon. This price has now doubled in less than 4 years of Obama’s reign.

Above is just a fraction of the damage that has been done. But, please don’t believe me. Please go see the movie. It tells the story so much better plus beautiful scenes in India, Indonesia, Hawaii and a revealing interview with Barack Obama’s half brother in Nigeria.



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