PM Netanyahu minces no words at UN speech – Describes Iran President Rohani as a clever wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I The brilliant PM Benjamin Netanyahu speaks before the United Nations. Please listen and watch the video below. Perhaps Winston Churchill and Demosthenes were his equal?

II Second Video below – The most exciting and encouraging video I have ever scene. US Bomber Force and IDF conduct joint exercise at Israeli Air Force Base! May not open but Netanyahu’s speech will.

PM Netanyahu minces no words at UN speech – Describes Iran President Rohani as a clever wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“I wish I could believe Rohani, but I don’t” Netanyahu said, speaking before representatives from the whole world. “Rohani is a wolf in a sheep’s skin”. Netanyahu called to keep the pressure on Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the UN general assembly this evening, giving a speech that was dedicated to his diplomatic fight against Iran and its nuclear program.

“Rohani, like the Presidents before him, is heading a dictatorship” Netanyahu said. “He led the national security council in Iran in the years in which the slaughter in the Jewish community in Buenos Aires and the terrorist attack against American soldiers in Saudi Arabia were committed. Are we to believe that he knew nothing of these attacks?”

The Iranian delegation to the UN general assembly left the hall in protest during Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech, which was broadcast live on Iranian television. Netanyahu stressed in his speech that Rohani was among those who planned Iran’s nuclear strategy. “He may not sound like Ahmadinejad, but with anything that concerns the nuclear program – the only difference between them is that Ahmadinejad was a wolf in a wolf’s skin and Rohani is a wolf in a sheep’s skin.”

“I wish I could believe Rohani – but I don’t”

“I wish we could believe that Rohani is being truthful, but we must focus on the Iranian’s actions, and there is great contradiction between his words and Teheran’s actions” Netanyahu continued. “Rohani stood on this stage and praised the Iranian democracy, but the regime he represents assassinates political opposition. He spoke of the tragedy in Syria, but the regime was directly involved in the slaughter Assad is committing against his people. He admonishes terror, but in the last three years alone the regime has initiated 25 terrorist attacks in cities across five continents. I would like to be part of the wave of conciliatoriness, but the only waves are waves of violence and terror. Ladies and gentlemen, I wish I could believe Rohani, but I cannot.”

Netanyahu continued with his indictment of the government in Teheran and attacked the policy of secrecy it has undertaken in the last few years. “In 2002 Iran was caught secretly building centrifuges in an underground facility in Natnaz. In 2009 it was caught again with a nuclear reactor for the enrichment of uranium near Kum. Rohani says that the purpose is not military, but does anyone believe that?”

“Why would a country that wants nuclear ability for peaceful purposes do so in secret?” Netanyahu asked the assembly. “Why would a country with natural resources such as oil need to invest in nuclear capabilities? Why would Iran develop ballistic missiles if not in order for them to carry nuclear war heads? Iran is developing missiles that will be able to reach as far as New York. Why are they doing so? The answer is simple – Iran is developing nuclear weapons.”

“The solution: a combination between sanctions and military threat”

“Subterranean nuclear reactors, advanced centrifuges, heavy water, and ballistic missiles – it isn’t hard to find evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, what is hard to find is evidence that they are not developing nuclear weapons. In my speech last year I determined a red line. Iran has been careful not to cross it, but has succeeded in staying close to it. Iran is interested in reaching a situation in which they can cross that red line without the international community being able to stop it.”

“There is only one way to stop Iran’s nuclear program – a combination of severe sanctions and real military threat. This idea bears fruit and a lot is done under the leadership of the United States. The sanctions hurt Iran terribly, the currency has plummeted and the banks are finding it difficult. The Iranian people are cracking under the burden and that is the reason Rohani began his smiling campaign – in order to remove the sanctions, but he is not interested in stopping the nuclear program in exchange.”

“Rohani’s tactics is to talk about peace and to pay lip service. He is interested in making sure that Iran still has the infrastructure to race towards the bomb whenever it might be convenient for him. He thinks he can continue in this way because he has succeeded in the past. He is even proud of it. In his book he boasted about managing to create a calm atmosphere while at the same time completing the work in Isfahan. Now he thinks he can do so again. Rohani is convinced that he can eat his yellow cake and leave it whole.”

“Northern Korea also said that it was developing a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes, and back then they were also empty statements meant to ease the sanctions. As dangerous as North Korea is, that danger pales in comparison to the danger Iran poses. Teheran has the ability to put the world in a chokehold in everything concerning energy stores. It will turn the Middle East into the most unstable and most dangerous and nuclear place in the world.”

“I know that many in the world think I am exaggerating. They hear the calls coming from Iran – calls of death to Israel and the US – and are convinced that it is rhetoric for internal purposes. Have they not learned anything from history? The last century taught us that when such a source wields such power – it ends in disaster.”

II Video – US Air Force Bombing Force with IDF at Israeli Nevatim Air Force Base – Conduct joint exercise in preparation for war!

Unfortunately, YouTube just took this video off their programming. Maybe you can find it on your own?

You may be able to watch it on my Facebook account, Jerome S. Kaufman (Israel Commentary). But, I think they took it off there too.

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====== US Air Force Bombers in Israeli Nevatim Air Force Base ======

US Air Force Bombers in Israeli Nevatim Air Force Base
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