Professor Alan Dershowitz still does not get it

By Jerome S. Kaufman
January 31, 2013

Professor Alan Dershowitz still does not get it

Tuesday we had, in our synagogue, as guest speaker, Alan Dershowitz, renown Professor of Law at Harvard University Law School. Mr. Dershowitz gave an impassioned introduction to an important new educational institution, It is dedicated to awakening the world to the fantastic achievements of the state of Israel and negating the malicious hatred and propaganda to which it is constantly subjected.

Mr. Dershowitz spoke of a worldwide major campaign to delegitimize Israel. The primary point of attack is in the field of academia on college and even high school campuses. Educators have been carefully selected by those in power to perpetuate the present far Left point of view with the demonization of Israel as its primary goal. Mr. Dershowitz pointed out that their students will be the leaders of tomorrow in positions of political power and professors themselves in educational institutions. They will also continue to control the media as replicas of the same clique that controls the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, PBS and a limitless number of other media institutions. addresses this problem head on.

The website describes itself as follows:

It is a leading online portal for Jewish distance learning with a vision to transform Jewish and Israel education for the 21st century, and to inspire, unify, and activate people of all ages as passionate supporters of Israel and the Jewish people.
Founded in 2009 by Rabbi Raphael Shore, is breaking new ground in outreach by creating original feature films, engaging film classes and courses, and experiential and interactive learning, all distributed via the internet, social media, television, grass roots campaigns and partnerships with mainstream pro-Israel and outreach organizations. is a tax exempt organization. It has produced four 10-hour, online multimedia courses, has graduated more than 4,500 students, and is responsible for over 100,000 hours of Jewish and Israel learning by students worldwide.’s film education courses are currently available for College Students, High Schools, Adult Education and Organizations.

A superlative film, Israel Inside was shown after the introduction. The entire film is available online at and viewing it is highly recommended.

After the film Mr. Dershowitz continued with his presentation:

He said, “We need strength. We need power to fight anti-Israel lies. I wish we did control the media, the Congress and the world as dedicated anti-Semites declare. But, obviously, we don’t.”

There are those that believe Jews and Israel will prevail because of some vague superior morality. Hardly. World events have proven that false. The Holocaust, the slaughters in Russia, China, Darfur, Cambodia, Rwanda and now Syria have proven that morality has no standing without the power to protect it.

Dershowitz continued that the Hebrew bible advises, time and again, that only when God has given the people strength will they obtain power. There is no question Israel must use its military strength and thank G-d for that strength. The truism continues, “If the Palestinians gave up their arms in the current conflict, there would be peace and if the Israelis gave up theirs there would be genocide.”

The session was then opened to written questions. The first question asked Professor Dershowitz to comment on the recent Israeli election?

Dershowitz said he was happy to see the electorate shift from the extremes more toward the center. Now Netanyahu has freer hands and could move more toward the center and perhaps bring the Palestinian Arabs back to the “peace process.” I personally was puzzled as to which “peace process” he was referring.

He went into his projection of what a peace process could look like. He would demand Israel security be guaranteed. In return, Dershowitz would expect Israel to stop building and expanding settlements in areas many consider part of an eventual PA State. He would arrange land swaps that would give Arab areas to the PA State and Jewish lands to Israel. He would also demand a demilitarized PA State. If Israel’s security were to be viable, Israel would of course, have to control the Jordan Valley and the Golan Hts. In any case, Dershowitz believes that Israel should persist in offering peace at every opportunity in order to curry favor with the nations of the world.

Terrific, but please don’t confuse me with the facts.

The Palestinians have not agreed to even one requirement of the infamous Oslo Accords or any other of the many peace offers made to them. They continue to demand the return of so-called refugees that now number in the millions and consist of three generations of people that have never had any connection to Israel.

The PA continues to educate its children to total rejection of any Israeli existence. Their maps do not have Israel included but rather an area consisting only of Palestine. The frequent costume of newly born babies has them outfitted in a suicide belt! Their athletic teams and town squares are named after terrorists. And, does Dershowitz truly believe the PA would ever agree to exist as a demilitarized nation?

Why does he persist in this nonsense? Does he really believe it will curry favor with the international community? Where has the “favor” been accumulated from 20 years of Shimon Pere’s pipe dream Oslo Accords and all the other peace proposals and Arab/Jewish co-existence over the last 150 years?

Has Dershowitz not learned anything at all from Israel’s suicidal concessions of Gaza and the Lebanese security zone? Have they not become entrenched areas of Arab terrorism? Is there any doubt any other territory relinquished would become exactly the same?

But, what was the worst part of Dershowitz’s lecture? He ignores his own quotations and admonitions from the Hebrew Bible, that morality only follows the possession of power. Furthermore there are severe consequences to Jews being naively mesmerized into the possibility that a peace process is possible when of course it is not. Jews are thus disarmed mentally and psychologically from the constant power, vigilance and preparedness that is desperately required.

Dershowitz and others with the same benighted mentality, make Jews suckers to a belief that can only result, G-d forbid, in another Holocaust but, this time, most likely the last one and occurring in G-d’s given homeland. That is the Arab ultimate and only understanding of peace.



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One thought on “Professor Alan Dershowitz still does not get it”

  1. Reader’s comment

    You are 100% correct. While we love Alan Dershowitz and applaud his courage on many issues, when it comes to the issue of Judea and Samaria he is fearful of coming out as a full courageous Jewish leader. Perhaps he is fearful for his academic position, perhaps he wants to maintain an aura of  reasonableness, of even-handedness, or of calm professionalism as he swims about in the world of rabid leftists. Whatever the reason, he is killing us with his hypocrisy and lack of full Jewish leadership.  If he is conflicted because he seeks to balance and reconcile his life in two competing worlds, the non-Jewish world and the Jewish one, then he has no credibility in commenting on the issue of Judea and Samaria and the Palestinians. He should recuse himself from this issue.

    As a frontline branch of the oppressive, imperialistic arab nation, the Palestinians have no credibility in calling for peace with the Jewish People. Their leader during WWII, the Mufti Husseini (Arafat’s relative) collaborated with Hitler and supported the Holocaust and its expansion to the Middle East. Their culture today is no different, as they brainwash their children in school to hate and kill Jews. This child abuse alone is the prime example of their culture of hate against the Jews, and says it all.
    The great Alan Dershowitz is wrong on this one and a bit insane to think there could ever be a de-militarized palestinian state. Does he mean like Gaza (and how Israel struggles to maintain an arms embargo around Gaza but they still smuggle in missiles and their components)?   Sad case.

    Can you send him this email exchange and see if responds?  By the way both he and Kahane graduated from BTA H.S. in Brooklyn, as did I. The 2 debated the issue years ago. I think you can find it on youtube.

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