Professor Steven Plaut, Haifa Univ., in scathing commentary on Likud and Israeli PM Netanyahu

Professor Steven Plaut, Haifa Univ., in scathing commentary on Likud and Israeli PM Netanyahu

Netanyahu appoints a Bolshevik Kommissar

Redacted from an article by Professor Steven Plaut, Haifa University, Israel

November 19, 2013

Whenever the Likud has been in power, the first priority on its agenda has been to implement the policies of the Labor Party and those to the left of it!

This is why Bibi “two states solution” Netanyahu appointed more leftist judicial activist judges than his Labor party predecessors did. (Not to mention his appointing far Left MK Tzipi Livni as his primary negotiator to deal with John Kerry and Mahmoud Abbas!)

This is why Netanyahu refuses to end agricultural bolshevism or break up the cartels and monopolies that operate in Israel, ironically including those for milk and for honey.

This is why freedom of speech for non-leftists has been curtailed under Likud administrations.

This is why Netanyahu scuttled laws that required disclosure of funding for leftist anti-Israel NGOs operating in Israel, along with other laws to defend Israeli democracy.

This is why Netanyahu did nothing to end the governmental funding for tenured treason.

Under Netanyahu governments, Israeli state prizes general go to anti-Israel leftists.

Leftist institutions are coddled and often funded with state money.

(This is also why he is allowing, before our very eyes, the Temple Mount, an archeological marvel that finally fell into Jewish hands after over 2000 years of exile and irrefutable proof of our biblical heritage, to be literally destroyed from its very foundations by Israel’s Arab enemies)

Evidently, Netanyahu thinks that such decisions make him popular among the Left and its captive media venues, and make him appear a supra-partisan statesman. (Thus immune to the vagaries of elections and, so far, he seems to be right)

One of the most aggressive enemies of freedom of speech and democracy under the Netanyahu governments has been Shai Nitzan. He served as the special button man for the Attorney General’s office in Israel to harass and persecute the “Right.” Nitzan repeatedly attempted to prosecute “Rightists” for daring to exercise freedom of speech, including Rabbis who expressed opinions not to the liking of the Left.

I personally think his very worst assault on democracy took place in the “Bukay Affair,” which is described at:

I issued my own calls for the dismissal of Nitzan as early as 2009. He interrogated Soviet-style a nationalist professor for things he said in the classroom and prosecuting teenage children for attending rightist demonstrations, while refusing to prosecute leftists and Arabs calling for murder and violence.

Nitzan is so openly leftist that he ruled that leftist portraits showing Netanyahu in SS uniform are protected speech while anything that implies disagreement with the theology of Yitzhak Rabin or anything that “insults” any leftist public official (like a Supreme Court judge or Shimon Peres) is “incitement” and a crime that must be prosecuted.

This morning the Netanyahu government announced that Nitzan is to be the next State’s Attorney, in essence the Israeli Chief Prosecutor.

The only conceivable reason for this seems to be that Uri Avnery or Tamar Goszansky (from the Israeli communist party) were not available to serve!

By Steven Plaut

II Moshe Feiglin: Shai Nitzan’s Appointment as Attorney General Destroys Public Trust

16 Kislev, 5774
Nov. 19, ‘13

The leftist who is the most radical of radicals, the man who took advantage of his public service position to promote a distinctly political agenda and illegally co-opt ever-increasing power, was appointed yesterday to be Israel’s next Attorney General. The selection of Shai Nitzan, the successor of Taliah Sasson in the blatantly political division of the Justice Department cryptically known as the “Department for Special Functions” has made a mockery of the very foundation upon which the justice system rests: public trust. This appointment proves once again that the justice system cannot heal itself. Instead, it has buried the most basic function of a state: its ability to judge its inhabitants. The Knesset must wake up and ensure that the selection of judges and justice system heads is transferred to the elected representatives of the public. This will be an important step in restoring public trust in Israel’s legal structure. It will also save Israel’s justice system, for the good of us all.



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