Prop. 2 – Unions Bosses driving jobs out of Michigan – except, of course, their own.

Detroit News Editor, Nolan Finley warns citizens re: Prop. 2 Collective Bargaining Agreement

And … a similar warning applies to your State, too

Prop. 2 – Unions Bosses driving jobs out of Michigan – except, of course, their own.

October 14, 2012

In the little time remaining Gov. Rick Snyder should wipe everything else from his schedule and spend every minute campaigning to defeat Proposal 2. The success of his administration and the future of the state depend on it.

Snyder should view Prop 2 as a referendum on his performance, the equivalent of a recall election. If it passes, the so-called collective bargaining amendment would wipe away nearly all of the reforms he’s managed to put in place the past two years to make government less costly and the business climate more friendly. The governor’s “relentless positive action” will be stopped in its tracks.

Snyder is a keep-on-the-sunny-side guy. He’s not given to frightening voters with doomsday pronouncements. But he needs to scare the beejabbers out of Michigan voters on Prop 2. There’s nothing more terrifying than to think of the state again under the dominance of labor vampires intent on draining taxpayers dry.

Prop 2 would do that. Nearly 150 laws dealing with public service employees — everything from what merits a dismissal to how much they pay for health care — will be undone and tossed on the bargaining table. The lost reforms will cost Michigan $1.6 billion that will be transferred from taxpayers to the pockets of public employees.

That money has to come from somewhere. The choices will be either higher taxes or fewer services. Schools will have to increase class size and cut academic programs.

Prop 2 will return Michigan to the previous Governor Jennifer Granholm era (irrational, bent out of shape Liberal that helped put MI in the awful economic position it is now – jsk) when a governor, who danced to the unions’ tune let the state become an economic backwater.

Snyder has started to fix Michigan. The Tax Foundation reported that the state has moved up sharply on the list of states with the most friendly business tax climate. A more attractive business climate means more jobs. That goes away if Prop 2 passes. There would be almost nothing Snyder can do to make things better in Michigan.

He needs to say that loudly, with a tinge of anger, and over and over. He needs to recruit national heavyweights — Chris Christie comes to mind — to come support him on the campaign trail. He needs to be on the stump and on the TV every day until Nov. 6, speaking wherever he can get an audience, doing interviews and delivering the message that Michigan can either have a governor who pursues future prosperity for the state, or, Prop 2 and its stagnant past.

Polls show this contest to be neck-and-neck. They also show that a large number of the undecided voters are Republicans and Independents. That’s who Snyder can best speak to. He has been campaigning against Prop 2, and helping to raise money to defeat it. He needs to do much more. He needs to become the face of the anti-Prop 2 effort, and make this about his agenda.

This is no less a gubernatorial recall election than the one in Wisconsin this summer. Snyder must campaign as if he were fighting for his political life. In reality, he is.

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