Response to Isi Leibler’s “Habait Hayehudi – Religious Zionism at the Crossroads”

From: Jerome S. Kaufman
January 1, 2013

Dear Mr. Leibler,

Your latest commentary on Habait Hayehudi and Naftali Bennett simply reflects the same kind of wishful thinking dealing with the Arabs, the United States and the rest of the world that you have exhibited many times before. There was never any chance of obtaining real peace with the Arabs or of satisfying the rest of the world who, in their heart of hearts, resent Israel’s success.

As to the United States, if you take away the State Department and the Obama administration – the rest of the country and the Congress are overwhelmingly on the side of Israel. If the whole discussion, starting with Israel’s Six Day War, G-d given victory of 1967, had proceeded from a position of strength, understanding that the land obtained was supposed to have been Jewish in the first place, Israel would never be in this difficult position.

The Shimon Peres of the world along with the Chaim Weitzmanns the Abba Ebans the Benjamin Netanyahus, the Ehud Baraks and you have never truly understood Jewish political and biblical rights to the entire land and delude themselves as to the motivation of the rest of the world. You grossly overrate yourselves as to the Jew’s ability to somehow, with proper obeisance and cleverness, woo these people to our essential position. This is a concept I believe naive nonsense and wishful thinking with no history of success in the last 3000 years.

You and I have had this discussion before, You don’t truly appreciate the crucial importance of Judea and Samaria to a strong enduring, growing, safe Israel and never will. The gargantuan self destructive failure of giving up Gaza and the retreat from the Lebanese Security Zone has somehow never penetrated your innate prejudice against the religious or your considerable brain, I am sorry to say.

And, may Hashem help us. He is the only one upon whom we can rest any hope and faith. The Bible admonishes us very clearly, to never trust our leaders, and current events and your current article are obvious proof of this irrefutable truth.

Happy New Year,

Jerome S. Kaufman, Publisher/Editor
Israel Commentary

Mr. Leibler’s article appeared in Jerusalem Post and Israel Hayom December 30, 2012



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