Senator Marco Rubio — A Breath of Fresh Air — the Next President of the USA

By Jerome S. Kaufman

Editor/Publisher Israel Commentary 

Monday, April 13, 2015

I had the great privilege of watching Senator Rubio declare himself a candidate for the awesome responsibility of President of United States of America and I loved every minute of it.

He is a great speaker –  bright, clean-cut, handsome, a beautiful wife and family and he did remind me of our last member of the Court of King Arthur  —  John F. Kennedy!  

He began by saying, “I have come here to make an announcement as to how I can best serve you.”  What a novel idea in the present political climate. I thought it was all about serving the politician and his Party. 

His speech was clear, precise, factual, direct, no fumbling around.  No tele-prompters or excessive use of notes. He did not read his speech. It came from the heart. Most important I did not see the awful narcissistic mannerisms of the present office holder.

But, what did he say?

1. He is the proud son of immigrants. He is thus a first generation American and from those have come some of our most dedicated, productive and successful political servants. His dad was a bar tender, his mom was a domestic servant. How basic can you get?  

He grew up the son of refugees who I am sure kissed the ground of this country the moment they arrived for having the good fortune to finally arrive in this wonderful land. The Jews called it, the Goldina Medina, the Golden Land of Freedom and Opportunity. I am sure the waves of Cubans, Irish, Italians, Poles, Russians, Slavs,  and so many others dreamed of it in the same way. 

2. He said that unfortunately, the American dream has gone awry over the last 6 plus years. Too many Americans are now beginning to doubt whether that dream is still possible to achieve in the Goldina Medina.  Hard working families are now living paycheck to paycheck. Young Americans are not able to start a career or family because they owe thousands of dollars in student loans or have useless degrees that do not lead to jobs.  Small business owners and the middle class are made to struggle under onerous taxes, more government regulation and hostile interference. 

We have been steered off the course where prosperity is dependent upon our ability to compete on the world stage.  Modern jobs require special skills and far different education than those of the past.  Our educational system is frozen in old formats that are no longer pertinent. They are ineffective, expensive and inaccessible to those that need it most. 

On the world scene our current President likes to lead from behind. How that is supposed to work is beyond explanation. The President never seems to have understood that when America ceases to lead, worldwide chaos is the result. 

We are years past any form of isolationism or disregard of the rest of the world. The world has shrunk. Even worse, for another inexplicable reason,  the present administration has chosen to favor out enemies and betray our staunch allies. He has deliberately weakened our military, diluted our patriotism and destroyed our ability to contain and defeat our enemies wherever and whenever necessary.

Major changes are essential to our very existence. We must reform our tax costs, reduce the myriad numbers of mindless regulations. We must control spending and modernize our immigration laws, and repeal and replace the bankruptcy upon us because of an overly ambitious and poorly devised Obamacare. Nancy Pelosi’s recommendation for Congress to sign the law before they read it and figure it out later was the lousiest piece of advice of the century.

If we can correct all these things and modernize our educational system the American work force will find millions of higher paying jobs. It should also be our goal to return to the times when a high school graduate actually came out knowing something and had the necessary skills to go right to work and make some badly needed money.

And let us remember that the family, not the government, is the most important institution in this country and all human life deserves the protection of our laws.  And, parents, not outsiders with their own agendas, must be allowed to determine the education most appropriate for their children. 

Worldwide, America must once more accept the mantle of global leadership. We must abandon this nation’s dangerous concessions to Iran and Obama’s mindless  hostility to Israel.  We must no longer remain passive in the face of Chinese and Russian aggression. We must reverse the hollowing out of our military and give our men and women in the military the resources, the care and the gratitude they deserve.

Furthermore we cannot ignore the human rights violations and disregard of democracy in Cuba and so many other countries round the world. Our enemies are testing us in all of the above  and we are flunking their tests badly.

We must correct all these problems to make our own nation safer and our people more prosperous. There is now a generational choice as to what kind of country we will now be.  We no longer can afford the leaders from yesterday taking us back to the solutions of yesterday. Yesterday is over.  If we fail our children, they will be the first generation to inherit a country worse off than the one that was given to their parents!

We must change the decisions we are now making by changing the people who are making them. I find comfort in the ancient biblical command:

Be  strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed for G-d is with you wherever you go.

 Senator Marco Rubio Presidential Announcement Full Speech (C-SPAN)

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