Special review of the film, “Clinton Cash” by Elaine F. Miller – Wake up America before it is too late.

CLINTON CASH, a documentary, based on the book by Peter Schweitzer, narrated by Peter Schweitzer, written for the screen and produced by Dan Fleurette and Stephen K. Bannon, directed by MA Taylor

I started off my Sunday morning by logging on to the image of a man, a Justin Trudeau look-alike, identified as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manger, Robby Mook, speaking with CNN’s Jake Tappert. Astoundingly, I heard him blame the Russian’s for hacking into the Democratic National Committee  emails and releasing them in order to benefit Trump.

It went downhill from there.

To grab a handle on things I decided to watch the broadcast of the documentary, CLINTON CASH on Bretibart.com.

I needed to watch videos of dog rescues after that.

After I watched it, I watched it again.

I recommend that anyone who watches it, grab a pencil and a sheet of paper, in fact several sheets of paper.

The amount of information in this 104 minute documentary is overwhelming.

It profiles a number of foreign countries and interests who have enriched Bill and Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation.

CLINTON CASH is basically a crime thriller without the denouement, The Clintons have not been called to task. The Clinton Foundation is still up and running.

Narrated by Peter Schweizer, the author of the book, CLINTON CASH, upon which this documentary is based, it has a driving score and high production values. It delivers 104 minutes of cold, hard facts, which, under any other Administration (in my opinion) would have led to a criminal indictment by the IRS, Justice Department and a number of other federal agencies.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

CLINTON CASH shows how the Clintons did it

They received money through multimillion donations to The Clinton Foundation or as speaking fees to Bill while Hillary was Secretary of State and then to her, when she left office.

These interests include matters dealing with exploitation of natural resources, disaster relief, nuclear arms, etc.

The foreign countries include Rwanda, Nigeria, South Sudan, the Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Sweden, Columbia, Brazil, Canada, India, Russia, Kazakstan, India, et al.

The foreign people and entities were: Paul Kagame, President Rwanda,Jarch Capital, Lucas Lindin, Ericsson,Gilbert Goury, General Sani Abacha, Caracol, Dahlberg, Denis O/Brien, Digital, TD Bank, Frank Guitar, Amar Singh, Sant Chattel, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Ian Teller, Frank Holmes, Salida Captal, Rosatom, Renaissance Capital, et al.

CLINTON CASH shows that following donations and speaking fees to The Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton, respectively, Hillary Clinton ordered the reversal of several State Department policies which were in some case, rejection of principles long avowed by the Clintons themselves relating to such matters as the environment, human rights, etc..

The volume of cash flowing towards the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, as detailed in CLINTON CASH was staggering and the above list is not conclusive.

CLINTON CASH should be mandatory viewing for all elected officials. It should be screened in schools.

CLINTON CASH reveals the compromise of American interests and security to a degree unknown in our history. That it was done by a former President and his wife while Secretary of State, make it all the more shocking.

Peter Schweitzer and the filmmakers have done us a great service and we owe it to them and ourselves to spread the word.

The Clintons should be speaking Russian by now.

Physically sick.

Completely devoid of character, morals.

THIS is the reason I wouldn’t do criminal law.

I didn’t want them in my office.

Very, very, powerful.

You must run this forever.

She must not get into the White House

I wonder, have either of them or their wanna-bees disputed anything in the film?

Today, her campaign somehow told Jake Tapper that the Russians were behind the release of the Democratic National Committee emails!

Either he is the most psychotic liar ever or he hasn’t read the book


Elaine F. Miller is a practicing attorney, political commentator and poet on the side

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