Summary of Holiday of Shavuos. Hashem chooses the Jews to receive his Torah


 The holiday of  Shavuot celebrates  3,330 years since Hashem’s rendezvous with the Jewish people at a humble  mountain called Sinai.

It was – the first and only time the Creator communicated  with an entire nation,  a mere fifty days after taking them from Egypt.  Hashem gave the Torah to the Jews, entrusting a nation of recent slaves with the  cosmic mission of bringing  Divine light to the universe. This moment and mission are celebrated on the holiday of Shavuos.                                                    

The Torah        

Torah is Hashem’s wisdom, an expression of His essence. He created the universe so that the Torah’ s ideals could be actualized                                                          

 The Torah, as we experience it, is Divine  wisdom distilled for consumption by the  human mind. By studying its laws, logic and  stories, it becomes possible to wrap our rational  minds around Divine concepts.                                                           

To nourish you mind and soul, study whenever you can — ideally a chapter each morning  and evening.                                                                                 

To start today, check out, , the #1 Judaism website on line.                                                                    

Counting the days to Hashem’s giving the Torah to the Jews                                                                              

Shavuot means “weeks,” referring to the  seven weeks our ancestors counted between Exodus from Egypt and the giving of the Torah. Today we count  as well, reciting a special  blessing and prayer  each of the 49 consecutive  nights between Passover  and Shavuot. This step-by-step process prepares  us to receive the Torah on the day of  Shavuot itself                                                

Cust0mary All Night long Prayer session

On the morning the Hebrews  were to receive the Torah,  our ancestors slept late. They sincerelY thought that they would be best able to receive the Torah if unconstrained by physical bodies —their souls could tap into sub-conscience realms beyond the mind.                                                  

In truth, Hashem  wantS us to be  present an awake in our service.  Instead                                   of escaping the physical world to reach holiness, we can use Torah to make the world  itself holy.                                                              

We compensate for our ancestors’ misjudgment by staying up the entire first night of Shavuot (Saturday Night, May 19, 2018)  studying Torah.  Many local Chabad centers will be hosting all-night Torah-fests, with                            .interesting lectures and discussion, plus lots  of delicious treats.                                                      

 Shavuot and Kids                                                          

Before giving the Torah, Hashem asked the Jews for a guarantor to ensure its perpetuation even as the demands of daily life overtook our focus. They suggested the elderly or the sages —people who had the time and energy                                to champion the Torah. But G-d wanted to know that everyone would hold the Torah  dear.

When they said “Our children will be our guarantors,” Hashem was satisfied that all through history, the Torah would be transmitted through our kids — our very future.                                   

Children naturally absorb the Torah’s moral concepts, which is why children of all ages, even infants, should go to synagogue to                           hear the reading of the Ten Commandments  on Shavuot (Sunday, May 20, 2018), reliving the event as we experienced it the first time.  

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