Hamas highlights the hypocrisy of the moribund, never was, “peace process” regardless of Obama’s and Netanyahu’s posturing and naive declarations

Hamas highlights the hypocrisy of the moribund, never was, “peace process” regardless of Obama’s and Netanyahu’s posturing and naive declarations

By Helen Freedman
Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI)

As President Obama was giving his speeches of “solidarity” with Israel on the second day of his visit to that country, five rockets slammed into Sderot from Hamas in Gaza. Thank G-d, nobody was killed, but much damage was done, and the trauma of living under fear of rocket attacks was revived.

This was a message from Hamas, some suggest, that Mahmoud Abbas is NOT the “partner for peace” for the idyllic “two-state solution,” but that indeed, the terrorist organization of Hamas is that partner. The absurdity of this picture simply underscores the absurdity of the ongoing talk about the absolute necessity for an “independent and viable Palestine” within Israel.

Anyone understanding the geography of Israel understands that rockets launched from Judea and Samaria into Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and all of Israel, can be done within spitting range once the unidentifiable “Palestinians” have their independent state.

It was undoubtedly nice for Obama to have his campaign style speech at the huge convention center in Jerusalem, where Arab and Jewish students from Ariel University were excluded. That University is “over the green line.” So he bathed in the warmth of his charm offensive on the youngsters gathered at the center. Would his remarks and greeting have been as warm if he had done the proper thing and addressed the newly formed Knesset with all of Israel’s dignitaries? How cowardly can one person be?

Governor Huckabee, in addressing the issue of Obama’s ME visit, stressed that the “Palestinians have zero interest in negotiations.” Will Obama address the threat of Egypt’s Morsi, or will there be more money, planes and tanks supplied to that Muslim Brotherhood government? Will Syria’s Assad and the “red line” he crossed by using chemical weapons on his own people go unanswered by Obama, thereby revealing the U.S. as the “toothless tiger that talks big but doesn’t back it up”? Huckabee raises these questions as we see Iran threatening imminent destruction of Israel and continuing on to America.

Below is the report from Arutz Sheva news service on the bombing in Sderot today.

Rocket Victim: We’re ‘Victims of Obama,’ And Nobody Cares

by David Lev

Hamas on Thursday denied that it or any other Gaza terror group had fired rockets at Israeli targets in the midst of U.S. President Barack H. Obama’s visit to Israel. “Israel has fabricated these reports in order to mar the reputation of the resistance forces,” a spokesperson for Hamas said.

A rocket fired at Israel from Gaza caused heavy damage to a house in Sderot Thursday morning. A second rocket hit an open area near the Gaza border, and two other rockets aimed at Israel fell on the Gaza side of the border fence. There were no injuries, but two residents of the house were treated for shock.

Israel, for its part, said that the attack would not go unanswered, and that Israel would “choose the time and place for its response.” Israeli officials said that it was possible that Hamas was trying to elicit an Israeli response to the attack while Obama was in the region, creating a diplomatic crisis when the President visits Palestinian Authority-controlled areas Thursday and Friday. If that is indeed their intent, the officials said, then Israel could expect more rocket attacks during Obama’s visit.

Israeli officials added that they were interested in seeing if PA chief Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attacks when he spoke with Obama Thursday afternoon, something he had not done at all during the period leading up to Operation Pillar of Defense, when Hamas and other Gaza terror groups fired thousands of rockets at Israel.

In an interview on Israel Radio, Yossi Haziza, whose house was damaged in Thursday’s attack, said that while physical damage — to houses and people — could be repaired, the real damage by attacks like these was to the psyche of the victims. Haziza’s wife and child were sleeping at the time of the attack, and the shock of the attack caused them a great deal of fear that he was unsure they would ever be able to overcome.

“It could be that Hamas is doing this in ‘honor’ of Obama, sending him a message before he goes to Ramallah that he had better not forget about them,” Haziza continued. “But so what? Because they want to send a message to the president we have to suffer? Are our children supposed to be sitting ducks for diplomatic reasons? (Or their attackers completely eliminated right now and forever?)

Professor Alan Dershowitz still does not get it

By Jerome S. Kaufman
January 31, 2013

Professor Alan Dershowitz still does not get it

Tuesday we had, in our synagogue, as guest speaker, Alan Dershowitz, renown Professor of Law at Harvard University Law School. Mr. Dershowitz gave an impassioned introduction to an important new educational institution, JerusalemOnlineU.com. It is dedicated to awakening the world to the fantastic achievements of the state of Israel and negating the malicious hatred and propaganda to which it is constantly subjected.

Mr. Dershowitz spoke of a worldwide major campaign to delegitimize Israel. The primary point of attack is in the field of academia on college and even high school campuses. Educators have been carefully selected by those in power to perpetuate the present far Left point of view with the demonization of Israel as its primary goal. Mr. Dershowitz pointed out that their students will be the leaders of tomorrow in positions of political power and professors themselves in educational institutions. They will also continue to control the media as replicas of the same clique that controls the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, PBS and a limitless number of other media institutions. JerusalemOnlineU.com addresses this problem head on.

The JerusalemOnlineU.com website describes itself as follows:

It is a leading online portal for Jewish distance learning with a vision to transform Jewish and Israel education for the 21st century, and to inspire, unify, and activate people of all ages as passionate supporters of Israel and the Jewish people.
Founded in 2009 by Rabbi Raphael Shore, JerusalemOnlineU.com is breaking new ground in outreach by creating original feature films, engaging film classes and courses, and experiential and interactive learning, all distributed via the internet, social media, television, grass roots campaigns and partnerships with mainstream pro-Israel and outreach organizations.

JerusalemOnlineU.com is a tax exempt organization. It has produced four 10-hour, online multimedia courses, has graduated more than 4,500 students, and is responsible for over 100,000 hours of Jewish and Israel learning by students worldwide. JerusalemOnlineU.com’s film education courses are currently available for College Students, High Schools, Adult Education and Organizations.

A superlative film, Israel Inside was shown after the introduction. The entire film is available online at www.israelinsidethemovie.com and viewing it is highly recommended.

After the film Mr. Dershowitz continued with his presentation:

He said, “We need strength. We need power to fight anti-Israel lies. I wish we did control the media, the Congress and the world as dedicated anti-Semites declare. But, obviously, we don’t.”

There are those that believe Jews and Israel will prevail because of some vague superior morality. Hardly. World events have proven that false. The Holocaust, the slaughters in Russia, China, Darfur, Cambodia, Rwanda and now Syria have proven that morality has no standing without the power to protect it.

Dershowitz continued that the Hebrew bible advises, time and again, that only when God has given the people strength will they obtain power. There is no question Israel must use its military strength and thank G-d for that strength. The truism continues, “If the Palestinians gave up their arms in the current conflict, there would be peace and if the Israelis gave up theirs there would be genocide.”

The session was then opened to written questions. The first question asked Professor Dershowitz to comment on the recent Israeli election?

Dershowitz said he was happy to see the electorate shift from the extremes more toward the center. Now Netanyahu has freer hands and could move more toward the center and perhaps bring the Palestinian Arabs back to the “peace process.” I personally was puzzled as to which “peace process” he was referring.

He went into his projection of what a peace process could look like. He would demand Israel security be guaranteed. In return, Dershowitz would expect Israel to stop building and expanding settlements in areas many consider part of an eventual PA State. He would arrange land swaps that would give Arab areas to the PA State and Jewish lands to Israel. He would also demand a demilitarized PA State. If Israel’s security were to be viable, Israel would of course, have to control the Jordan Valley and the Golan Hts. In any case, Dershowitz believes that Israel should persist in offering peace at every opportunity in order to curry favor with the nations of the world.

Terrific, but please don’t confuse me with the facts.

The Palestinians have not agreed to even one requirement of the infamous Oslo Accords or any other of the many peace offers made to them. They continue to demand the return of so-called refugees that now number in the millions and consist of three generations of people that have never had any connection to Israel.

The PA continues to educate its children to total rejection of any Israeli existence. Their maps do not have Israel included but rather an area consisting only of Palestine. The frequent costume of newly born babies has them outfitted in a suicide belt! Their athletic teams and town squares are named after terrorists. And, does Dershowitz truly believe the PA would ever agree to exist as a demilitarized nation?

Why does he persist in this nonsense? Does he really believe it will curry favor with the international community? Where has the “favor” been accumulated from 20 years of Shimon Pere’s pipe dream Oslo Accords and all the other peace proposals and Arab/Jewish co-existence over the last 150 years?

Has Dershowitz not learned anything at all from Israel’s suicidal concessions of Gaza and the Lebanese security zone? Have they not become entrenched areas of Arab terrorism? Is there any doubt any other territory relinquished would become exactly the same?

But, what was the worst part of Dershowitz’s lecture? He ignores his own quotations and admonitions from the Hebrew Bible, that morality only follows the possession of power. Furthermore there are severe consequences to Jews being naively mesmerized into the possibility that a peace process is possible when of course it is not. Jews are thus disarmed mentally and psychologically from the constant power, vigilance and preparedness that is desperately required.

Dershowitz and others with the same benighted mentality, make Jews suckers to a belief that can only result, G-d forbid, in another Holocaust but, this time, most likely the last one and occurring in G-d’s given homeland. That is the Arab ultimate and only understanding of peace.

To Methodist Ministers and other establishment anti-Semites of the Cloth

From: Zionist Organization – Michigan Region Newsletter

June 12, 2010

Dear Reverends,

I attended your peace forum on June 2nd. I’d attended other peace forums, lectures, programs, etc., in the past and found them to be gatherings of Israel bashers.

I appreciated the fact that your program did not descend to the level of hatred and purposeful misinformation about Israel that I found during these other programs, although Israel bashing groups were present. It was good to see that space was given to at least one pro Israel group amongst groups like Friends of Sabeel, Jewish Voice for Peace, and some of the other more questionably Jewish supportive organizations. I also liked the breakout sessions where all voices and views were allowed time to speak, something I’d never experienced at the other “peace” meetings.

The problem I found was that some of the information presented was inaccurate. Your main speaker, Sister Martha Larson, complained that Israel rejected the Goldstone report, but never mentioned that Goldstone has now also rejected the report.

She talked about Israeli commandos boarding the Mavi Marmara of the Gaza flotilla, but never mentioned that the commandos carried paint ball guns and were forced to fight for their lives against terrorists who tried to kill them.

She talked about the 70 UN resolutions against Israel, but never discussed the validity or the morality of any of them, or the fact that while Israel is pilloried by the UN, real human rights violators like Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Libya are routinely ignored as they murder thousands of their own citizens and work to destroy the one stable and free society in the Middle East: Israel.

It was also claimed that Gaza is one of the most crowded places on Earth. In reality, it isn’t even in the top ten. According to the United Nations (by way of Wikipedia), the Palestinian territories come at number 20 in population density. If you examine the list, it’s also obvious that crowded doesn’t necessarily mean poor, as some of the most crowded countries on Earth are also the wealthiest.

Then there were the minor absurdities, that Israel destroys mosques and that Jews demand sensitivity from Muslims on the Sabbath. In reality, when Jordan ruled E. Jerusalem, the Jordanians destroyed synagogues.

When Israel forced all Jews from Gaza, Palestinians destroyed the synagogues of Gaza along with greenhouses left by the Israelis that could have produced jobs and a boost to the local Gazan economy.

I found Sister Larson’s claim of the vast power of AIPAC (more than any of the thousands of other lobbies, including Arab and Saudi lobbies?) in influencing Congress highly offensive and reminiscent of white supremacists and neo-Nazis who are convinced we live under ZOG: Zionist Occupied Government.

Also troubling were some of the handouts. The one that bothered me the most was not the most outrageous and libelous showing alleged Israeli torture of Palestinians (without asking what’s happening to Gilad Shalit, who is still being held prisoner in Gaza) but rather the “guide” to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict put out by the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

I’m not going to dissect the entire pamphlet, but only point out one egregious example of its dishonesty in its attempt at demonstrating a false moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians, and putting Israel in the worst possible light, by quoting one sentence regarding Israel’s war of independence: “War erupted and forces from six Arab states intervened.” Correction: War did not “erupt”. Nobody “intervened”.The nascent state of Israel was invaded by six Arab nations. Their aim was a second Jewish genocide.

This little pamphlet is full of misleading statements, false moral equivalence, and outright lies.  Another huge error made by one of your speakers (I forgot to write down which one) was the claim that the cradle of the three monotheistic religions was Jerusalem. The cradle of Islam was Saudi Arabia; Mecca and Medina.

What’s never mentioned by speakers at yours or any other of these peace gatherings is the fact that Israel is the only free and democratic state in the Middle East, the only country which allows freedom of religion for believers of all faiths, freedom for women, for gays and lesbians, for open politics. Would these freedoms hold in a Palestinian state? Examine Gaza for the answer.

Also, take a look at the violence in the surrounding Islamic nations (where Christianity is slowly disappearing) and how many hundreds, if not thousands of citizens are being murdered by their own governments, and then explain to me why Israel is THE nation singled out for scrutiny, subjected to BDS, and held to an impossible standard of decency while the previously mentioned nations are held to no standard.

Unfortunately, most of the people attending these events know very little of the reality of the situation in Israel, and so they swallow the misinformation spread by these organizations. It’s the only information they hear.

I would like to make two recommendations for future programs. First, anybody sponsoring these events needs a truer picture of Israel’s history. There is a local chapter of Stand With Us, an organization created to give more factual information on Israel. They can provide booklets and other information for free. Some of their material was available at your program at the Jewish Community Relations table.

There is another group called Our Soldiers Speak, made up of retired IDF soldiers. They are also very informative, and they’re not afraid of tough questions. Israelis are subject to much worse than an angry audience. For your own knowledge, I recommend reading ISRAEL, a History, by Martin Gilbert. It’s lengthy but detailed and Mr. Gilbert doesn’t shy away from showing that Israel was not perfect in the conduct of  their wars, like the rest of the world expects them, and only them, to be. It’s a very informative book.

Respectfully, (not my word – jsk)

Harry Onickel
Harry Onickel is one of Metro Detroit’s leading Israel advocates

The Death Throes of Israel’s self-hating Left

The B’Tselem Witch Trial

Redaction of the article, “The B’tselem Witch Trials”
By Noah Pollak
Commentary, May 2011

When the United Nations released the so-called Goldstone Report in September 2009, Israelis and their supporters around the world were astonished by the blunt words near its conclusion: “There is evidence indicating serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law were committed by Israel during the Gaza conflict, and that Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity.”

The report declared that virtually everything Israel had done during Operation Cast Lead—Israel’s attempt in late 2008 and early 2009 to stop Hamas’s rocket war on Israeli civilians—had been a crime. No single written attack on the Jewish state has been as damning, as prominent, or as influential. And yet the South African jurist Richard Goldstone and his team had only a few months to compile a report that runs to nearly 600 pages and makes hundreds of detailed accusations about the Israel Defense Force’s conduct of the war, and Goldstone himself made only a single four-day visit to Gaza.

Where did they secure the evidentiary rope with which to hang Israel? The report was largely compiled from material provided by what is often referred to as Israel’s “human rights community.” This vague euphemism refers to a coterie of groups and individuals that has evolved over the past decade into a highly politicized movement of dozens of nongovernmental organizations that operate in Israel and subject its government, military, laws, and people to relentless scrutiny and accusation.

And, as first pointed out by NGO Monitor, the Goldstone Report relied most heavily on the largest and most prominent among them: the group known as B’Tselem. More footnotes in the report, 56 in all, cite B’Tselem as a source than any other. Indeed, as Jessica Montell, B’Tselem’s executive director, has said, B’Tselem “provided extensive assistance to the UN fact-finding mission headed by Justice Goldstone—escorting them to meet victims in Gaza, providing all of our documentation and correspondence, and meeting the mission in Jordan.”

…The tactics of the ideological war this “human rights community” is waging are unmistakable. The groups relentlessly accuse Israel of committing war crimes, human-rights offenses, and violations of international law. They champion the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian narrative of victimhood and Israeli oppression. They supply the highly massaged “facts” and claims that animate journalistic, diplomatic, and political actmsm against Israel, such as the Goldstone Report.

They advocate for “lawfare” against Israeli officials—that is, prosecuting them for war crimes in European courts. And they argue either openly or by implication that Zionism itself—the existence of a Jewish state—is undemocratic, oppressive and racist.

This war of delegitimization is so dangerous because it is targeted precisely at the heart of Western support for Israel – the belief in Europe and especially in America that Israel is not only a legitimate nation/state but also an exemplar of Western liberal values, deserving of the free world’s support and its protection in the face of constant attacks.

The genius of the NGO movement is its promotion of Israelis themselves to make the case against Israel. Who better to convince Westerners that they are wrong to admire Israel than Jews feigning concern over Israel’s moral standing? The story of those Israeli Jews who have made careers out of attacking Israel’s right to exist, such as Biletzky and Yutachel, illustrates the degradation of the once mighty Israeli peace movement.

Originally the movement sought legitimacy and prominence in Israeli politics, and received it for a time—and because it was part of the political process, it was constrained by the need for electoral support and popular legitimacy. Yet the collapse of the Oslo Accords in 2000 and the Palestinian terror war that followed presented the peace movement with an existential crisis: With whom, exactly, were Israelis supposed to make peace?

The withdrawals from Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza five years later, and the entrenchment in the vacated territories of Iranian-backed terrorist groups further disillusioned Israelis and called into question central proposition of tile peace movement: That is, if Israel makes the right concessions, peace will follow. And so, over the past l5 years, the peace movement has fallen from a position of influence in Israeli politics to one, today, of irrelevance, an anachronism that no longer has realistic answers to Israel’s problems.

What remains of the (so-called) peace movement is a white-hot core of activists who refuse to acknowledge their failure and yet refuse to gracefully recede from the political stage. They have discovered an innovative formula for rebuilding their political relevance completely outside the democratic political arena; reconstitute themselves as NGOs and conceal their political agenda in the apolitical rhetoric of human rights and international law.

In this guise, the peace movement no longer has any need to win elections or offer a serious platform for governance. The NGOs instead position themselves as a blunt opposition force working against mainstream Israeli society, which is viewed as unsophisticated, provincial, racist, and stricken with “security hysteria”

This “human-rights community” has thus not only opposed every consensus Israeli security measure—Operation Defensive Shield during the intifada, the security fence to stop suicide bombers, the targeted killings of terror-group leaders, the Lebanon War, and the Gaza War—but has branded them war crimes and human-rights violations for which Israel should be punished.

In these circumstances, where there is no point in trying to succeed at the ballot box, leftist Israeli activism now directs itself internationally in the hopes that fomenting a narrative of Israeli criminality will invite enough sanction and condemnation from Europe, the United Nations, and America to force Israel to accede to the demands of these other wise powerless radicals.The policies they support would constitute nothing less than Zionism’s destruction. And they apparently have no compunction about seeking its destruction from without, since they have learned to their disappointment and rage that Israel is too strong a nation to allow itself to be destroyed from within.

Noah Pollak is the executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel. His piece “They’re Doing the J Street Jive” appeared in the April 2009 issue of COMMENTARY.