A Great Testimonial Confirming Steve Bannon’s Appointment – 9000 lawyers Signed a letter Opposing Him

NOVEMBER 21, 2016,

Nearly 9,000 attorneys from across the nation have signed a letter that opposes Steve Bannon from becoming President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist. Nearly 9,000 Attorneys Want to Keep Steve Bannon out of the White House.

Oh my goodness! Somehow I felt the same exhilaration as when I read that Senator Rand Paul, noted dreamer, pacifist, universalist, advocate of weakened US military presence and power, leader from behind as per Obama does not like John Bolton for Secretary of State. And I continue hope that declaration propels John Bolton into Pres-Elect’s choice as Secretary of State

By the same token, if nearly 9000 lawyers who are of a profession that has had this whole country in a vice lock grip for years are frightened of Bannon’s role, it must be a good appointment.

Personal Injury Lawyers. Hopefully no longer will we have to have a lawyer protect us if we happen to go into the wrong bathroom. Also,  the bathroom owner won’t have to have liability insurance with a slew of lawyers to defend him against lawyers for plaintives complaining of the lack of warning signs or obtaining slivers from the toilet seat in their derrière or even falling into it should the size be not appropriate for the plaintive’s derriere.

And, maybe even the lady that spilt hot coffee on herself would not have a case against the restaurant that made the coffee too hot?

Also, bankruptcy attorneys might not be able to determine the amount of their fee by exactly how much was still left in the company’s kitty.

Even divorce attorneys might have to settle their cases sooner since there was nothing to be gained by prolonging the agony of the combatants.

Even genuine tort reform might be passed limiting outrageous jury awards of millions of dollar awards to the plaintiff so that his attorney could first grab his 35% – 50% of the award, plus expenses, with the victim to have whatever is left – frequently a very small percentage of the total.

So, there are all kinds of possible reasons for almost 9000 lawyers to not like Bannon. They obviously feel mortally threatened. The jig might be up. All of which makes him an excellent choice for President Elect Donald Trump and the American people. Thank you very much.

As to the lawyer’s claims against Bannon – racism, anti-Semitism and other hate-based ideologies and views plus White and economic nationalism – whatever that is?  Below please find an article registering a completely different endorsement of Mr. Bannon from a man that has worked immediately with Mr. Bannon for years.

II If Steve Bannon is an Anti-Semite Why Can’t I Find Any Antisemitism?

Do the Democrats Really Care About Anti-Semitism? The record is clear.

Redacted from article by Robert Spencer

November 15, 2016

When is anti-Semitism not anti-Semitism? When it comes from the Left, of course.

President-elect Trump has enraged the establishment media by choosing Steven K. Bannon as his chief strategist, because Bannon, they claim on the flimsiest of evidence, is a white supremacist and an anti-Semite.

Meanwhile, that same media is hailing Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) for announcing his candidacy for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee – despite Ellison’s very real links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, two groups that are outdone by no one in anti-Semitism.

“A chorus of critics took to Twitter,” said the New York Times, “to lament what they said was a frightening normalization of the fringe views that Mr. Bannon promoted as the chairman of Breitbart News. The site has for years given voice to anti-Semitic, racist and white nationalist ideology.”

The evidence? Slim to none.

As David Horowitz pointed out Monday, the source for the claim that Bannon is anti-Semitic is “a one sentence claim from an angry ex-wife in divorce court no less, that Bannon didn’t want their kids to go to school with Jews.”

Horowitz noted in response that Bannon had wanted to produce a Horowitz biopic: “I find that particularly amusing since Bannon wanted to make a film to celebrate this Jew’s life.”

Horowitz also noted that CNN hit Bannon over “a headline at Breitbart.com calling Bill Kristol a ‘renegade Jew.’” Surely that proves Bannon’s anti-Semitism, right? Wrong. Said Horowitz:

“In fact, neither Breitbart nor Bannon is responsible for that statement. I, a Jew, wrote the article, which was neither requested nor commissioned by Breitbart.

And I wrote the headline: ‘Bill Kristol, Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew,’” because “Kristol and his friends betrayed the Republican Party, betrayed the American people, and betrayed the Jews when he set out to undermine Trump and elect the criminal Hillary Clinton.

Joel B. Pollak, senior editor-at-large at Breitbart News and an Orthodox Jew, declared: “I have worked with Stephen K. Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump’s new chief strategist and senior counselor, for nearly six years at Breitbart News. I can say, without hesitation, that Steve is a friend of the Jewish people and a defender of Israel, as well as being a passionate American patriot and a great leader.”

Meanwhile, the same Democrats who are howling about Bannon are applauding Ellison’s announcement that he is running for DNC Chair, despite the abundant evidence of Ellison’s links to anti-Semitic groups.

Ellison has spoken at a convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Yet ISNA has actually admitted its ties to Hamas, which styles itself the Palestinian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Justice Department actually classified ISNA among entities “who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood.”

That’s the real story of anti-Semitism in American politics this week. But the media propagandists are most certainly not going to pause in their hysteria over Trump and Bannon to take any notice of it. Their hypocrisy is obvious, their dishonesty unrelenting, and their moral authority absolutely nil.

Compiled by Jerome S. Kaufman, Publisher/Editor

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